Sunday, March 4, 2012

Adult Site Refuses to Send Adult DVD to Customer Because Area of Customer Residence is Considered "Sexually Conservative."

Yeah. Sounds like a bad headline from a bad blog, but it really happened. From all places, a popular online ADULT SHOP! Adam & Eve recently refused to send me two DVD's I wanted to order (err... research only you understand. :P) because I live in a "sexually conservative area."


Let me say that not everyone will consider this "censorship," but this is MY blog and this is one place I'm allowed to give my views and bugger what anyone else says. To my mind, they're censoring what I can and can not watch by refusing to sell to me. What's next? They'll refuse to sell to me because my race or gender is considered "sexually conservative?"

Here is the response I TRIED to send to them, but their e-mail bot didn't like it. probably because it was a bit long. I'm currently revising it though I'm having trouble containing my fury over this:

you've GOT to be kidding me!!

"At this time, we are unable to send any XXX books, magazines or videos to your address. Your statewide community has been considered sexually conservative and our lawyers have advised us against it. Keep in mind that this is not a matter of legislation and that both the billing and shipping addresses must be in a non-conservative area. However, you can still order adult toys, lingerie, novelty items and lotions from our online catalog. "

DOOD!!! REALLY?? if you package it DISCRETELY, what's the issue? If this company policy continues to  be in effect, i guess I'll take my shopping (of all natures) elsewhere. I thought I only had to worry about pay pal and the friggin government censoring my reading and viewing. I had no idea the adult market would actually censor me. to say i'm disappointed is a gross understatement.

thanks for helping promote censorship.

They state clearly that it's "not a matter of legislation." My guess is they are doing the same thing paypal/credit card companies are doing. Cutting their losses. "Sexually Conservative" translates to "high return rate."

Of all things I expected, THIS was the last. The friggin adult industry refuses to send me my porn (uh... did i mention this was research only.. yeah.. *snicker*) because I live in an area that is "sexually conservative." IS THERE AN AREA IN THE FRIGGIN COUNTRY THAT WILL PROUDLY WAVE THEIR FREAK FLAG AND SAY, NO! WE'RE NOT SEXUALLY CONSERVATIVE!! ORGASMS! WE WANT MULTIPLE ORGASMS!!!!!

I've ordered from Adam & Eve for years. YEARS. Before they had an online catalog, I ordered from them. Yet now they're refusing to send me DVD's? I'd love to think there was something more sinister at work, that there is a higher up in the government trying to crack down on adult sales and suppress anything to do with sex, but I know it's all about the money.

And apparently... money from "sexually conservative" areas are not good enough for them.I just love being censored because of where I live.

As of this post, I've been unable to submit my complaint to Adam & Eve. Not certain if their e-mail is down or what, but I've shortened and shortened the content and it does nothing. IF I am ever able to get a message to them and they respond back, I'll keep you posted.