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Titan -- Xpresso Book Blitz


by Harley Wylde
(Hades Abyss MC, #5)
Published by: Changeling Press
Publication date: October 16th 2020
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance


Delilah — I love my family. I really do. But having three older brothers and an overprotective father doesn’t make it easy to have a life. They’ve run off every guy I’ve ever tried to date. It’s time I made a life of my own, even if that means I have to leave home to do it. I never thought I’d end up in yet another town with a motorcycle club, or that I’d be working out of their clubhouse as a webcam girl. I enjoy the freedom, and the money. No one would ever believe I’m technically a virgin. I haven’t even been really, truly kissed much less done anything else with a guy before. When the club President, Titan, kissed me, then issued a challenge, how could I possibly refuse?

Titan — I no longer looked at the girls frequenting the clubhouse the same way I had before. Being a dad changed my perspective, especially since I had a daughter. I still had fun, but it had lost its appeal. Then she walked in. Too young. Too innocent. Until she asked to join the webcam girls. The thought of strange men watching her made my hands clench. It was safer if only I had access to the feed, or so I told myself. Really, I’m just being a possessive bastard. Delilah will be mine, whether she realizes it or not. One kiss is all it takes for me to know she belongs to me. When she’s taken, I know I’ll do whatever it takes to get her back, and I’ll bury anyone who’s hurt her. Delilah is mine, and I will kill to protect her.

WARNING: This book contains strong language, graphic sex and violence, and spanking. There are scenes some may find difficult to read. It also has a dog who’s too smart for his own good, a sweet yet sassy heroine, and a hero who knows there’s nothing more valuable than love and family.

Harley is the international bestselling author of the Dixie Reapers and Devil's Boneyard series.

When Harley is writing, her motto is the hotter the better. Off the charts sex, commanding men, and the women who can't deny them. If you want men who talk dirty, are sexy as hell, and take what they want, then you've come to the right place.

Harley Wylde is the "wilder" side of award-winning science fiction/paranormal romance author Jessica Coulter Smith. For fans of Gay Erotic Fantasy Romance, Harley/Jessica also writes as Dulce Dennison.

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© 2020, Harley Wylde

I quickly cleaned myself up and shut down my computer before exiting my office. The rooms where the girls held their shows had a small bathroom where they could shower and change after. I didn’t lurk in the hall like a creeper, but I did stick to the end of the bar nearest the rooms while I nursed a beer. When Delilah came out, her cheeks rosy and a smile on her lips, I wanted to wrap her in my arms and kiss the hell out of her.

“Have a good show?” I asked with a wink.

Her smile broadened. “Always. I wasn’t too loud, was I?”

“If you get a salute from every guy in here, then it just means you’re doing your job right. We don’t have to watch. Just listening to you is enough to make men want to fuck you.”

Her cheeks went crimson and she ducked her head, but not before I saw a pleased little grin on her lips. She was a contradiction. Bold and sassy enough to do a live webcam show of her getting herself off for money, but in person she seemed almost shy at times. It was cute as fuck, just like her. I reached out and ran my fingers through her hair, unable to help myself.

“I like it,” I said. When she’d first arrived, her hair had been a medium brown, not too far off from the color of my hair. Since I’d last seen her, she’d dyed it black with purple streaks. It made her look as pale as Snow White, and her vivid blue eyes stood out even more.

She came a little closer, her fingers tightening on the strap of her bag giving an indication she might be nervous. “Thank you. Not just for the compliment, but for giving us a safe place to work. I know the club takes a cut, but it’s better than trying to do this at the apartment. I’d be scared someone would find me.”

“Not going to let anything hurt you, angel.” I stroked my finger down her nose, then leaned back a little so I wouldn’t be tempted to do far more. Shit. She had to be half my age. The fact she never tried to get a drink, other than asking for a bottle of water or a soda, made me wonder if she was even twenty-one. I knew she was legal or she wouldn’t be able to do the webcam show at all.

Missy had come to us with the idea a year ago and she’d hashed out the details with the club officers. We got twenty percent from each girl to not only offer protection, but Missy also paid Wizard to set up the site and the programming required for it to work. The woman had started her own company and she’d been smart about it. For a fee, Wizard tracked all the people using the site and made sure it remained operational. How she handled payment to the girls working for her was her business and hers alone.

I always felt bad taking any money from Delilah. Hell, I was the only one paying her. When she paid her twenty percent each week, it was like she’d paid me to watch her get off. Shit. And now I was getting hard again.

“I also wanted to thank you for not… not making me feel like…” She bit her lip and looked away.

“Like a whore?” I asked.

She gave a jerky nod and glanced at me. “I know what I’m doing isn’t exactly conventional. Some guys might consider it prostitution and think they had a right to take what they wanted. I feel safe here. No one ever says anything bad to me. The few who do make remarks are always teasing.”

“You know Missy comes here even when she’s not doing her show, right?” I asked. I wasn’t so sure my brothers were only teasing. Delilah was hot as hell and I knew every damn one of the men in my club would gladly have her on her back, bent over a table, or on her knees. Then I’d have to bust their damn heads. I’d already started to think of her as mine, even though we seldom interacted with one another. They knew how I felt about her, but it didn’t mean they didn’t want her just the same.

“Yeah, she said she likes to party with the club. She’s tried to get me to come with her.”

I straightened, towering over her. “Don’t come to the parties at the clubhouse. You hear me, Delilah?”

Her eyes went wide, and she paled a little before anger tightened her features. “I’m not a child, Titan. If I want to attend a party, I will. It’s why I left home, so I could have a life. I didn’t trade one dad for another.”

Ouch. “Dad? You think I’m your second daddy?”

She visibly swallowed and tried to take a step back, but I reached out and grabbed hold of her arm, yanking her toward me. I leaned down, and my gaze locked with hers.

“Then maybe I ought to turn you over my knee and spank you.”

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REVIEW for Demon by Harley Wylde


Farrah -- I’ve spent my entire life at the Dixie Reapers MC compound -- one of the perks of being the VP’s daughter. Except it’s suffocating. Leaving to start a life of my own was the only solution. I knew what it would mean if I went to the Devil’s Fury MC compound, even more so to flirt with their Sergeant-at-Arms. Getting involved would ruin the little bit of freedom I’ve found. Then I ended up in the man’s bed. Leave it to me to find trouble around every corner. My daddy is going to be so pissed, especially when I run from Demon, get snatched off the streets, and shoved into a trunk. I’m not winning at the adulting thing.

Demon -- She was a one-night stand. Until the condom broke. Then I found out she’d lied to me. The hot little number in my bed wasn’t just any woman, she was the daughter of a Dixie Reaper. Maybe I shouldn’t have barked orders at her, or spanked her. Feisty little Farrah ran, pissing me off even more. When she disappeared and I realized trouble had found her, I knew I’d do whatever it took to make sure she was safe. Only after I had her back did I realize she was f**king perfect for me. Watching her handle the club wh*res was hot as hell, and she didn’t take sh*t off anyone.

I’ll make her mine -- permanently.

WARNING: Demon’s book contains graphic violence and sex, bondage, spanking, bad language, and scenes that may be difficult for some readers. But it also has a heroic dog and a man who will move heaven and earth to protect the feisty, smart-mouthed woman he loves. There’s no cliffhanger and a guaranteed happily-ever-after.


Every single book of Harley's I read I'm blown away at her character development. She get's the guys spot on and the girls, though in some kind of trouble, are no damsels in distress. They have spunk and they fight back. Her hero's are no white knights, but they definitely come to the rescue. Demon was no exception. He fucked up. Several times. But he did everything in his power to make it right. He also recognized their age differences played a big part in his fuck ups. She's much younger and, though she's lived in a club her whole life, sometimes those life experiences for Farrah work against Demon. He doesn't use that as an excuse, rather apologizes and does better. Well, after he has to run her down a time or three.

This book is very graphic, in both the sex and violence, as expected. The book, as well as the love Demon and Farrah share, is gritty. Which means it's not always very pretty. But it's strong. It's raw and powerful. All reasons to love this book.



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Stunner: Bones MC 9 NSFW EXCERPT

 Stunner is coming soon... Are you ready? How about a little Sneaky Peek to get you in the mood?

Bones MC 9: Stunner

by Marteeka Karland

“Stunner,” she whimpered. “Kiss me there.” Her words were mostly a whisper. Like she could hardly make herself say the words. Likely she had to really work at it. Or, hopefully, she was so lost in the moment she just let go. Stunner decided to push her a little. He knew what women liked. He just had to feel her out and discover what she liked the most. He suspected dirty talk would be a real turn-on for her. At least, if done gently.

“You want me to lick your sweet little pussy?” He placed a kiss just above her clit, teasing her with what the kiss could have been. “Want my tongue licking between your lips? Just like when I kissed your mouth?”

“Yes! Oh, God, Please Stunner! Please do that!”

“Tell me what you want, baby. Say the words.”

“I -- you want --” Her eyes widened in shock. Still, there was a spark of interest there. “I can’t say that!”

“You can, baby. Tell me what you want me to do.” He did his best to calm his voice, so he sounded smooth. Like he’d practiced all the way here from Palm Beach. “I’ll do whatever you want, as long as you tell me.”

“I-I want you to…” She trailed off, swallowing. “I want you to lick my pussy.”

God! Could she be sexier? With a groan of defeat, Thorn did exactly as she asked. He licked her from opening to clit. Then again. Suzie thrashed in his arms so that he had to clamp his forearms over her thighs to keep her still.

“Fuck, girl. So fuckin’ good!”

Finally, he just set in to feast. He put his mouth over her whole pussy, sucking and lapping at the cream she gave him. It was like lighting a fire to the driest hay field imaginable. They were both engulfed in flames.

Suzie screamed, locking her ankles around Stunner’s neck, her fingers buried in his short hair. Stunner snarled and growled, licking her pussy like it was his first meal after a long fast. His arms clamped tighter around her thighs, holding her open to him. She bucked against him, rubbing her clit over his lips. Her pussy gushed at him. Stunner knew she was close. He wanted her there, but didn’t want her to fall over the edge. Not yet. Not until he was inside her.

He pulled back, much to Suzie’s dislike. She tried to hold him to her with her legs, but he ducked underneath. When she screeched at him -- something he’d delight in reminding her of later -- he batted her legs apart and wrapped her in his arms. Scooting them up the bed, he held her even tighter until he realized she might not be able to breathe.

“NO!” she gasped. “Hold me tighter!”

“Don’t want to hurt you, Suz. Not ever.”

“Then fuck me, Stunner. I’m hurting because you’re not inside me.”

How could he deny her?

Stunner had planned on taking his time. So far, he was able to pat himself on the back for a job fucking well done. But now, he was having trouble.

“I need to get a condom, Suz. You gotta let me go a second.”

“No!” She was breathing hard, sweat beading on her delicate skin. She moved her tiny hands to his face, cupping him firmly. “Nothing between us, Stunner. Just me and you. We don’t need anything else.”

Fuck. Shit. Goddamn!

With a quick nod, Stunner let his cock find the entrance to her wet little cunt…

And he slid home.


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Cover Reveal from HARLEY WYLDE


A Hades Abyss MC Romance 

Delilah – I love my family. I really do, but having three older brothers and an overprotective father doesn’t make it easy to have a life. They’ve run off every guy I’ve ever tried to date. It’s time I made a life of my own, even if that means I have to leave home to do it. I never thought I’d end up in yet another town with a motorcycle club, or that I’d be working out of their clubhouse as a webcam girl. I enjoy the freedom, and the money. No one would ever believe I’m technically a virgin. I haven’t even been really, truly kissed much less done anything else with a guy before. When the club President, Titan, kisses me then issues a challenge, how could I possibly refuse? 

Titan I no longer looked at the girls frequenting the clubhouse the same way I had before. Being a dad changed my perspective, especially since I had a daughter. I still had fun, but it had lost it’s appeal. Then she walked in. Too young. Too innocent. Until she asked to join the webcam girls. The thought of strange men watching her made my hands clench. It was safer if only I had access to the feed, or so I told myself. Really, I’m just being a possessive bastard. Delilah will be mine, whether she realizes it or not. One kiss is all it takes for me to know she belongs to me.

 WARNING: This book contains strong language, graphic sex and violence, and spanking. It also has a dog who’s too smart for his own good, a sweet yet sassy heroine, and a hero who knows there’s nothing more valuable than love and family. 


Coming October 2020 from Changeling Press 

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SNEAK PEEK He's finally here... Stunner (Bones MC 9)


I knew she’d be mine. I’ve been waiting for her to grow up. Now it’s time to earn her… and claim her.

Suzie -- I’m the youngest grad student at MIT, and to say other students resent me for it is an understatement. To top it all off, I miss my Stunner. He’s been with me after the darkest moments of my life, helping me pull myself back together. He’s seen me at my worst -- now I want him to see me at my best. Now, if he’d just return my calls, I might be able to get myself around the mean girls (and boys) at school.

 Stunner -- To say I’ve got ghosts in my past and skeletons in my closet is the understatement of the century. Suzie deserves a man more suited to her station than me, and she definitely deserves a man who’s not a stone-cold killer. I have my uses. Protecting her body, heart, and soul is one of those. I just never expected to fall for the woman after the girl grew up.

 Now, not only has she run into a foul and vindictive motherf*cker, my past has caught up to me in a huge way, and there may be no way to keep from being swept back up into the madness. All I truly know is that I won’t let any of it touch Suzie. Even if it means giving her up. Forever.

 WARNING: Explicit violence which could be triggers for some readers. Explicit sex that might offend some readers. As always, you can expect a HEA with no cheating.

Ladies... Allow me to introduce you to...

Coming to you on September 18 at and other retailers September 24th...





To celebrate the up-coming release, Marteeka is giving away a $10 Amazon Gift Card. Enter HERE for a chance to win!

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Thorn: Salvation's Bane MC 3

Sweet excerpt *rolling eyes* from Thorn: Salvation's Bane MC 3.

At that moment, Marge appeared with their order. “There you go, sugar. You eat up.” She looked at Mariana with a critical eye. “Need to feed that little one and build yourself up. You got a long road ahead of you, sweetie.” She winked at Thorn. “Good thing you got a man here that can see you through it.”

“He’s not my man,” Mariana said, the joyful smile fading from her face.

Marge just laughed. “Oh, sweetie. That’s rich.” The feisty waitress patted Thorn on the shoulder. He raised an eyebrow at her. She only winked, as if it were all an inside joke only the two of them were a party to.

Mariana eyed her burger, then glanced up at him. He met her gaze steadily, not backing down. So help him, he wasn’t letting her leave here until she’d eaten that fucking burger. The girl needed it. The greasy meat might not be high quality nutrition-wise, but it was high in calories, and she looked like she desperately needed energy.

Finally, with a halfhearted sigh, she picked up the burger and took a bite. As she chewed, her eyes seemed to glaze over and she chewed faster. Again, those moans of pleasure came as she took one bite after another. The mixture of arousal and amusement in Thorn was a heady combination. When the girl finally dropped her inhibitions, she had the burger in one hand, the shake in the other and was eyeing his burger as she took another bite.

Thorn picked up the squeeze bottle of ketchup and squirted a generous dollop onto her plate next to the crinkle-cut fries. It was the only encouragement she needed. Reluctantly, she let go of the shake and snagged a fry, dragging it through the ketchup before popping it into her mouth. The bliss on her face was mesmerizing. When she let out a little burp, Thorn had to bite his lip to keep from laughing. He had the feeling she wouldn’t appreciate it, and he’d happily cut off his right arm if she’d just keep eating.

When her fries were nearly gone, he waited until she got distracted by a noise. The second she glanced away, he put a handful of his own fries in her plate. Girl didn’t miss a beat, continuing to eat until everything on her plate was gone. Not long after, the malt was gone as well.

She set the glass down and picked up her napkin, eyes scanning the plate. Probably to make sure she hadn’t missed anything. Then, as if coming out of a trance, she blinked. Her eyes went wide before she glanced up at him. Thorn was pretty sure he didn’t manage to wipe the grin off his face before she saw him.

“Oh, God,” she whispered.

“Nope. Not God,” he said, taking a bite of his own burger. “That’s all Tito. Well, the shake is Marge, but you get the idea.”

Almost in a panic, she grabbed her napkin and frantically wiped her face, letting out a little sigh of relief when it came back with only a small dab of mustard from the corner of her lips. Thank God, too, because Thorn had been giving considerable thought to cleaning it for her. With his tongue.

“I’m so sorry,” she whispered. “I must look like a maniac.”

“You look like a pregnant woman craving a good, hot meal and a delicious milkshake. Happens to most pregnant women. Nothing to be sorry ’bout.” Marge appeared again, a huge smile on her face. “Good! Bet you feel better now, doncha, sugar?”

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Do you love MC Romance? Well, take a look at this...

Kraken (Hades Abyss MC #4) by Harley Wylde

Coming August 2020!
#MCRomance #BikerRomance #ContemporaryRomance #AgeGap
Phoebe – I’ve spent the past year suffering at the hands of the Sadistic Saints. They’ve done vile things to me, made my life a living nightmare. My only bright spot is my daughter, Ember. Until another club arrives. Kraken is different from any man I’ve ever met. He’s more than a decade older than me but I don’t care. He makes me feel so many things, and I never want it to end. He said he’d take me with him, claim me as his own. I know the Sadistic Saints will never let me go but I’ll risk it all to be with Kraken.

Kraken – The Pres sent us to the Sadistic Saints for a deal, and I d*mn well knew sh*t would go sideways. Never counted on finding a single mom trapped in a life she never asked for. Taking her with me means war, but there’s no f*cking way I’ll walk out of there without her. Phoebe is mine, so is her daughter Ember, and I’ll protect them with my life. I didn’t become the Sergeant-at-Arms for my club by being a pushover. I’ll spill as much blood as I deem necessary to protect my family, but no one will take them from me.

WARNING: Kraken contains graphic sex and violence, bad language, and a young woman who has been physically and sexually abused. But there is no cheating, no cliffhanger, and a guaranteed happily-ever-after.
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Salvation's Bane MC2: Beast....NSFW!!!

So, yeah. :) Been giving Beast a final look and thought I'd share a nice, sweet, little love scene. *wicked grin*

Salvation's Bane MC2: Beast
by Marteeka Karland

She arched her back, offering herself to him again. Again, he bit down on her nipple. “Beast!”

“That’s it, baby. You like it rough, don’t you?”

“More! Give me more!”

He continued to kiss, nip, and suck every inch of Fleur’s skin he could manage. She’d have little marks all over her body before he was done. There would be no doubt who she’d had in her bed. Beast intended for everyone in the fucking club to know it had been him.

Finally, when he could wait no longer to taste her, Beast shoved her up the bed and settled himself between her legs. She tried to urge him back up her body, but he was having none of it.

“I’ll fuck you when I’m good and Goddamned ready. Not a second before, Fleur. You’re mine to do with as I please!”

“Bastard!” she shouted. “I need you to fuck me!”

“And I need to eat this beautiful, wet little pussy. Guess which one of us is gonna win that battle, Sunshine?” She screamed at the same time he snarled before covering her pussy with his mouth in a tight suction.

Every pull, every drop of honey she gave him was like a drug. Beast doubted he’d ever get enough of her. He loved every single sound she made, the way her body broke out in a sweat when he turned her on, the way she responded to every single thing he did to her. This was… heaven. Beast had never known he was missing so much. Sex had always been good, but nothing like this.

Fleur’s cries grew louder and louder, her body tensing beneath his. Beast thrust one finger deep within her, and she screamed, thrusting her pelvis at him.

“Oh, God! Oh, God! Beast!”

“You like that?”


“Want my cock?”

“So much!”


Beast had all he could stand. He was taking her hard and fast, not giving her a chance to change her mind. His next thought was to just plunge into her and worry about it later, but he couldn’t do that. Even though every second pained him, Beast crawled up her body and reached for the nightstand drawer to pull out a condom. He hadn’t intended to use one, but he just couldn’t do it without having a serious discussion with her first. Once he went inside her bare, he never intended to have anything separating them again.

Rolling the condom took precious seconds he didn’t want to waste, but finally, he was ready. Bracing himself on stiffened arms above Fleur, Beast found her entrance with the tip of his cock and thrust hard.

She was impossibly tight! He tried to halt his movements. Give her time to adjust. But Fleur was having none of it.

“Goddammit, Beast! MOVE!”

“Fuck! I don’t want to hurt you, Sunshine.”

“Fuck it,” she bit out and shoved at him. Beast was afraid he was hurting her, cutting off her air or something, but when he pushed up, she heaved. He rolled to his back. The next thing he knew, Fleur was straddling his hips and impaling herself on his length.

“God! Fuck!” Beast gripped her hips, trying to slow her movements, but she was persistent, slapping his hands away.

Then he looked up at her.

She looked… magnificent


Friday, January 3, 2020

Bones MC: Viper -- EXCERPT

Darcy took the beer he handed her, took a pull, then grimaced. Girl didn’t like beer so well. “Got some clothes for you. Women got together before we got here and bought you some stuff. Angel wanted everything but the underwear washed before you put it on, even though it was all brand new. Something about the dyes being bad for delicate skin. Said the underwear was different because it was… I don’t know,” he searched for the right phrasing when he didn’t understand it himself.

“Because it’s underwear?” Darcy grinned. “She’s right about that. I have to get underwear out of a pack before I wear it. Anything else is just gross.” The woman had such a beautiful smile that revealed the most intriguing dimples.

“Yeah,” he said, answering her grin with one of his own. “When I think of it that way, I guess I understand what they meant.” He cleared his throat. Was he actually nervous around a woman? What the fuck? “There’s also toiletries and other things for you. Got ‘em in your room.”

She blinked. “I have a room?”

He wanted to answer, “Yeah. Same as my room,” as he dragged her to his room but refrained. On both counts. “Thought I’d show you and give you the grand tour.” He held out a hand to her. She looked hesitant but took his hand anyway. Probably an automatic reaction on her part. Didn’t matter. Viper didn’t relinquish her hand.

“I would definitely like to change,” she admitted. “And take a good shower. I still feel a bit grimy.”

“I was kidding, you know.” Viper knew he was acting completely out of character, but he seemed unable to get it together.


“You didn’t stink.”

There was a silence before she ducked her head and giggled. “You’re so full of shit.”

“Come on,” he growled as he pulled her deeper into the clubhouse. “Club officers have rooms on the top level. Club girls who stay here are on the second floor. Everyone else is on the ground floor.” He kept her hand as he took her up the stairs and about halfway down the hall. Then Viper handed her a key and nodded to the door. “You’ll stay here until you and Data work something out. Like all the other women, Mama and Pops, and the kids, being on the middle floor puts you between the club members. Offers a double layer of protection.”

“Protection? I need protection?”

Viper shrugged. “This is an active MC. What we do is mostly legal, but we’ve made enemies over the years. Currently, there’s a club in Nashville and one in Lake Worth, Florida, we’re keepin’ an eye on. Don’t think they’re an active threat. More like enemies watchin’ each other. But we don’t take chances with our women.”

That little tidbit of information raised Darcy’s eyebrows. “Almost seems like you’re using it as an excuse to make sure your women don’t leave without permission.” She opened the door and stepped inside. Viper followed right on her heels. It made her uncomfortable, but not necessarily in a bad way. Darcy liked the heat of him at her back.

“Won’t deny we like knowin’ who’s here and who’s gone, but it really is for protection. Club was attacked a few months ago. Anyone livin’ here, we protect. Keepin’ the women and children between us is the best way to do that.”

He shut the door and pulled her to him, all Data’s warnings and his own good intentions going out the door the second she was mashed against him. Kissing her was imperative. And, sweet Jesus, she was delicious!

Viper swept his tongue inside at her first gasp, taking what he needed before she pushed him away. Or slapped him. He wasn’t sure which he was hoping for because the fiery temper she showed on occasion turned him on something fierce. To his surprise -- and delight -- she did neither. Her hands landed on his shoulders lightly, and she was completely still for several moments as if stunned. Then she moaned, melting against him, meeting his kisses with some of her own.

There was no containing his growl as Viper continued to kiss her. Darcy clung sweetly to him, her little nails digging into his shoulders, holding him to her. He was playing a dangerous game. It wasn’t Data, but Darcy he was worried about. She might be a capable, tough woman, but Data was right. She couldn’t handle him. Data knew it, even if he didn’t yet know his daughter. Hell, what man would want his daughter involved with a man like Viper? He’d been a Marine. Force Recon. He’d been dropped in the most dangerous of situations, done what he had to do, then disappeared without a trace. He wasn’t a kind and gentle man. Viper was the Devil himself when he needed to be. And he always had his brothers’ backs. Even at the expense of his own family. Hell, Bones, his biker brothers, were his family. At least, the only family who mattered. How could he explain that to Darcy? How could he explain it to Data? His brother was right. She deserved better than him.

He ended the kiss as quickly as he’d started it, pushing her away from him like she should have done in the first damned place. First thing he intended to make sure Data taught Darcy was self-preservation.

“There,” he said flippantly. “Been wantin’ to do that since you got me in the privates.” He grinned at her, trying to pull himself away from her emotionally when everything inside him was screaming for him to make her his. “Consider that a lesson in what happens when you fuck with badass bikers.”

The second he uttered the words, Viper regretted them. Darcy’s face went from beautifully dazed with lust to confused to hurt in the space of about three seconds. Then she just shut down.

“Well. Lesson learned, I guess. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’d like to change into something more fitting the weather.” She crossed to the door and opened it again, leaving no doubt she wanted him gone. It was no more than he deserved. He’d acted on his needs, then tried to backtrack the only way he could, and Darcy had paid the price.


“Now, please,” she said, forestalling anything he might have said by way of apology.