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Coming Soon! The Fin by Marteeka Karland and Shara Azod

Badland Savages: The Fin

by Shara Azod and Marteeka Karland

In the Badlands, women are rare, no matter the species. For the Fin, there are no females except those they can seduce... or steal.

The time had come for Que, King of the Fin, Raf, Right Hand of the King, and Kor, Master of the Guard, to find a queen. Not from the corrupt lands ruled by humans striving for a second chance to ruin the Earth for once and for all. Their queen has to be pure of heart and as courageous as any warrior. Like the Rebels, the humans who reject the lies of their own kind to carve out a new life in lands rife with danger.

More dangers than death lurk under the sea in the Badlands. And learning to swim won't help you escape.


Que broke the surface of the water with power and grace, diving neatly back beneath the surface. His dolphin form gave him more joy than almost anything these days. Swimming swiftly through the sea let him forget his duties and worries over his people for just a few minutes. The only thing that equaled the pleasure was sex with Kor and Raf.

His Hand and Master of the Guard flanked him even now, easily keeping pace. The three of them jumped from the water several times, playing for the sheer joy of the freedom they all felt in this form. They glided and danced around each other, bursting from the surface over and over in what was either a graceful dance or a mock battle, Que wasn’t sure. Either made him laugh.

That was when he saw her.

Que shifted to his human form, prompting the others to do the same. His vision narrowed to the woman guiding the boat in their direction, the sea seeming to pull her in that direction of its own accord.

Her skin seemed to gleam a golden brown in the sunlight, and golden highlights glittered in her hair where she had it pulled away from her face. Strands fluttered around her where she hadn’t quite contained it, but she didn’t seem to notice. The sun shone from the west brightly so that, even though they were almost directly in front of her and the sun was to her right, she still had to shield her eyes from the bright rays. She wore a sleeveless tunic of varying shades of brown and tan as well as breeches that hugged her sturdy figure. Muscles played beneath the skin of her arms as she worked the ropes of the single sail in an effort to stay her course. This was a woman who could hold her own in any situation.

Que was immediately taken with her. As she drew closer, he could see the face was the same as had been shown to him in the sacred pools, only harder, more angular and determined. Where the woman he’d been expecting was the coddled daughter of the village chieftain, this woman was a leader in her own right. She’d ventured where none of her people had gone in centuries, and she did so alone. That in itself gave Que the biggest hard-on of his life. The woman meant for him was definitely a queen, if not in the most conventional sense. She would win the hearts of his people and make them believe again.

“What the fuck are you doing, Que?” Raf hissed, grabbing his arm and pulling him farther out to sea. “If she catches sight of us, her people will swarm out here looking to kill sea monsters masquerading as men. Have you forgotten the legends passed down from our forefathers?”

“But look at her,” Que breathed. Somewhere deep inside, he winced at the way he sounded like a lovesick youth, but he couldn’t help it. “I’ve never seen her equal.”

“Is this the woman you saw in the pools?” Kor asked quietly. A quick glance at his Kor and Que knew his friend was as apprehensive as Raf, but both were willing to follow Que in whatever he decided.

“It is.”

“You seem sure now, where before you were more than a little reluctant to pursue her. What’s changed?”

“She’s changed,” Que replied, not taking his eyes from her form. “It’s the same woman, yet... more. More fierce. More fearless. Look at her!”

“I see a woman taking too damned many chances with her life,” Kor groused. “She shouldn’t be out here by herself. Given the frantic way the man in that other boat is signaling her, I’m pretty sure she’s not supposed to be here.”

Que whipped his head around in the direction Kor indicated, immediately spotting the other boat. Inside him, something deadly reared its head. Whoever that man was, he couldn’t have Que's woman.

Without waiting for the others, Que powered his way through the water toward the woman’s boat. If they wanted to follow, they would. If not, he’d persuade her to come with them on his own.

“Ahoy there!” she called, waving her hand once to get his attention. The craft was small, hardly seaworthy for more than short periods of time out this far, but she wasn’t in immediate danger.

“You’re a little far from your territory. Aren’t you afraid of sea savages?” He kept his tone mild and his expression hard, trying to look the king he was. Still, he couldn’t help that his gaze swept her possessively. Yes. His future queen was the perfect female specimen.

“I’m here trying to save my people. Our ancestors used to fish out this far. I saw no reason not to do so again when in need.” Her answer was slightly haughty, a princess to a peasant. It was impossible to tell if she was nervous or surprised at finding a man in the sea. How would she react when she found out he was the very thing her people had feared in the past?

“There was a reason your ancestors stopped fishing out this far, my lady. The lords of the sea are easily riled, and you are encroaching on their territory. Best to be weary and stick to your own seas.”

“Our seas are barren,” she replied, not in the least intimidated. “My people are starving.”

“Yet they send a woman to do a man’s work?” Que knew it would rile her. No woman who braved the sea this far would take kindly to the implication she was doing a man’s work.

As expected, her tanned skin flushed pink. “Someone has to save our people.”

“Yet they only sent one woman.”

She held her head high, not bowing before him and not in the least intimidated. “As my people used to say, ‘If you want something done right, send a woman to do it.’“

Que almost choked on that one, barking out a laugh. The irony of his earlier thoughts was more than amusing. “I don’t think I remember that one,” he managed.

She scowled at him, apparently not sharing his amusement. “Mind telling me what’s so funny?”

“Just a thought I had earlier in the day. In my world, the proverb says, ‘If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.’“

“Let me guess. A man relayed that to your people.”

“Probably,” he conceded with a grin. She studied him a long moment, then smiled. When she did, her face changed. Gone was the warrior, the leader of her people. In her place was the coddled daughter of the chieftain. Her smile seemed to soften her features and deepen her natural beauty. In that moment, Que was lost. This was the woman meant for him, for his brothers-at-arms. She was the hope for his people. 

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Too Hot To Handle: Under Review...A Dom For Christmas

Oh!! Megan also reviewed A Dom for Christmas! THANKS AGAIN!!!

Too Hot To Handle: Under Review...A Dom For Christmas: Going out with Brad had been a very bad idea. Going to a BDSM clu...

Too Hot To Handle: Under Review...The Office Christmas Party

Megan Slayer has reviewed The Office Christmas Party! Thanks Megan!!

Too Hot To Handle: Under Review...The Office Christmas Party: The problem with the big boss was he was just way too male. Too...

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Oh what fun!!!! Join the Christmas Blog Hop hosted by the and enter to win a custom made Avatar! Totally looking forward to this! Right in the middle of the holidays... just before Christmas... OH BOY!!!!! I'm getting excited!!!


The Hop is NOW LIVE! To enter my contest, simply reply to this post. I'll let you know the winner a day or so after the hop is over. In the mean time, check out the avatars I've made for authors and readers on my art blog:

I'm especially fond of Suzannne's Avatar, winner of the contest I had hosted by Coffee Time Romance. Child got no idea how close she came to losing that one... I 'bout kept it. :P

Check out the other authors in the hop HERE.

New Releases

New Releases!View this email in your browser

Whipped Dreams: A Dom for ChristmasWhipped Dreams: A Dom for Christmas

by: Shara Azod and Marteeka Karland

Going out with Brad had been a very bad idea. Going to a BDSM club with the certifiable ass had been even worse. She was so sick to death of wanna-be gamma men trying to act all Dom. All she wanted to do was to get away and go home. However, getting out of the shackles (literally) was going to be tricky. 

As soon as she walked through the door Ciro knew. This was not just some sub looking for a thrill. This woman was his. All he had to do was get her away from the jackass who though to master her… That and convince the beauty who had enraptured him to give herself to him. Good thing he was up for the challenge.

Force Me: Thor's YuleThor's Yule

by: Shara Azod and Marteeka Karland

When Jeanna decided to spend Christmas in the German wilderness, she had no idea what she was getting herself into. Not only was it just as lonely as it was stateside, but there's the matter of this naked man in the living room who claims to be Thor. Yeah. Right.
Thor could have granted Jeanna's wish with a mere thought, but something about the compelling, feminine voice touched him deep inside. Deciding to grant her request in person, Thor decides the only option he has is to seduce her into spending the Yule -- and every other night -- with him.

Vampsblood: PossessionVampsblood: Possession

by: Marteeka Karland

Harael. Relaren. Valael. Vampsblood -- creatures of myth. They're predators. Killers. Bigger, badder, and more powerful than even their own legends. So how is it the three biggest, baddest Vampsblood out there have been undone by a mere slip of a girl -- a human at that? They never saw this one coming.
Josette knows what she wants -- and more important she knows what her men need. She's been waiting patiently for over a decade for her mates to see she's no longer a child, to acknowledge her place in their lives -- and in their bed. Now another stands in her way. One who would claim her men -- or take their lives. But if the bitch thinks she can take what Josette knows is hers, she's about to get a life lesson on territory.
No one -- not human, not Vampsblood -- is going to come between Josette and her mates.

Force Me: The Office Christmas PartyForce Me:The Office Christmas Party

by: Shara Azod and Marteeka Karland

The problem with the big boss man was he was just way too male. Too sexy. Too- everything! Shenice knew the enigmatic radio CEO was way outside her league and she would totally stop thinking about him. If only he would stop being so freaking hot!!!!

What Shenice didn't know was that she's the sole reason Alistair couldn't seem to get rid of the bulge in his pants that had the office all atwitter. The reason she was in his office giving him reports he could care less about was his growing infatuation. If she licked those luscious lips at him one more time…

Office parties are often a time to let inhibitions go. This one was sure to explode!
Badland Savages: The Fin
Up Next...
Badland Savages: The Fin
Coming Soon...
Head Over Heals
from Beautiful Trouble Publishing
Rx for Pleasure: Wanted
Also Available...
Rx for Pleasure: Wanted
Also Available...
Google Plus
Google Plus

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Does anyone else need a stiff drink?

Thinking it's time to break into the Captain. I've managed to goof off ALLLL day. And there's a yummy Norse God just WAITING for me to write his story!!! How pathetic is that?

Yup. Time to put a little Captain in me...


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I've Been Interviewed

Ten Interview Questions for the Next Big Thing:

What is your working title of your book? 
Head Over Heals

Where did the idea come from for the book?
J made me do it when we were watching the Olympics this summer.

What genre does your book fall under?
Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition? 
not sure about the girl, but i really like the dude who played Thor. :)

What is the one-sentence synopsis of your book? 
How it happened, Zechariahs didn't know, but he was head over heals in love with Natalia.

Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency? 
It will be published by Beautiful Trouble Publishing once completed.

How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript? 
Too damned long. But altogether, maybe two months. (almost finished...)

What other books would you compare this story to within your genre? 
I'm not really sure I know of any. It's not what I'd call unique, but he's a construction worker and she's a gymnast. *shrugs* :D

Who or what inspired you to write this book? 
Well, the Olympics, obviously, but I was reading an article about a woman in her late 30's who competed in like a gazillion Olympics representing three different countries, all Eastern European, including the USSR. She represented Germany four years ago, but didn't make the team this past summer. One of the only modern competitive gymnasts I've ever heard of competing at that level at her age.

What else about your book might pique the reader’s interest? 
It's sexy. :D

Include the link of who tagged you and this explanation for the people you have tagged and include the reason you tagged them.

Nikki Winter
Sara Jay
Wendi Zwaduk
Sylvia Violet
Shelby Morgen

I tagged these authors because they're all fantastic and I usually make it my personal mission to torment them. :D

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Coming Soon! Vampsblood: Possession

vampire female futuristic menage sexy

Vampsblood: Possession
by Marteeka Karland

Harael. Relaren. Valael. Vampsblood -- creatures of myth. They're predators. Killers. Bigger, badder, and more powerful than even their own legends. So how is it the three biggest, baddest Vampsblood out there have been undone by a mere slip of a girl -- a human at that? They never saw this one coming.

Josette knows what she wants -- and more important she knows what her men need. She's been waiting patiently for over a decade for her mates to see she's no longer a child, to acknowledge her place in their lives -- and in their bed. Now another stands in her way. One who would claim her men -- or take their lives. But if the bitch thinks she can take what Josette knows is hers, she's about to get a life lesson on territory.

No one -- not human, not Vampsblood -- is going to come between Josette and her mates.


“I’m restless.” Relaren, the youngest of the three Vampsblood, voiced what they all felt. The need emanating from both Relaren and Harael was palpable. Hell, Valael had the same fierce hunger deep in his own gut. The cold seeping into the lair they'd set up for themselves deep inside the cave did little to cool the raging fire of need and lust they all felt.

They had been together for centuries, exchanging blood as needed, merging their minds at will. It had made for a stronger triad and a nearly invincible stronghold. Together, they could stretch their senses to encompass nearly a mile in any direction.

“I know. We’ll need to hunt soon. And feed.” Valael scanned their surroundings once again, looking for... something. There had been another pack of Vampsblood close to them lately. Not quite in their territory, but close. “They venture closer today. I can’t quite tell where they are -- they are talented at shielding themselves -- but they are close. We need to be at full strength and not distracted by sexual frenzies.”

“I don’t want a male this time, Valael.” Harael mumbled his declaration with a deceptive softness.

Anyone who didn’t know the big man might think he was merely making a statement. Valael knew better. They all were in need of the satisfaction they could only find in a woman. Unfortunately, very few females could tolerate them, human or otherwise. They rarely took their pleasure one at a time and, in all their centuries, they had never met a female who could stand their brand of sex more than once or twice. Particularly since one session could last days. Or weeks. “I know.”

What else could he say? They all needed it. Needed blood. And sex. Blood was the elixir of life, but sex could control the strongest man. Valael tried to choose strong women, but not so strong they couldn’t be controlled. He didn’t trust the Vampsblood women at Shiffley’s bar, or anywhere for that matter. They weren’t true Vampsblood, but they were plenty dangerous just the same. Not so dangerous any one of his triad couldn’t handle them, but he preferred not to have to worry about whether or not he’d have to regenerate his cock afterward. And he’d hate to have to kill a woman.

Valeal let his senses flare around him as he knew Harael and Relaran did. The more time they spent together, the better and stronger their link became. Valael had begun to believe their power was only limited by their ability to believe how much they could do.

“What do you do with the women you hunt?” The high-pitched, feminine voice above them almost caused Valael to raise eyebrow in surprise. Almost. Not because she spoke, but because she was there. Because she had finally managed to sneak up on them. The little scrap of a girl had been trying to do just that for years.

Valael glanced at the others. None of them showed the least bit of surprise, but he felt it. They hadn’t been aware of her presence either. Careful not to look at her, Valael feigned indifference.

“I don’t see how that’s any of your business. What Vampsblood do is of no concern to a human girl.” Relaren stretched in a deceptively lazy manner. In truth, Valael knew him to be hyper aware of their surroundings now. If Josette could sneak up on them, someone else might be able to as well, and considering the nagging presence of the other pack, it was better none of them got too comfortable.

It was a true statement, but Valael would have told her anything she wanted to know. He’d tell her what she wanted to know this time, too, if only to keep truth among the four of them. She was the only person in their entire lives they had been completely truthful with, and he’d hate to ruin that trust now. Why, Valael didn’t know. All he knew was it seemed imperative to be honest with her, child though she was.

She seemed to consider his words.

“Probably not,” she answered. “But how am I supposed to know how to be a Vampsblood if you don’t explain things to me?”

Relaren almost choked on the water he was sipping, but covered it by clearing his throat and shifting his position on the plush chair. Valael had to admit, her declaration was the last thing he’d expected, but he suspected they were in for trouble. Perhaps it was time to sever their relationship with the child.

The second the thought entered his mind he rejected it. She was so entertained with their life there was no way to get her out. Hell, she spent more time with them than she spent with the family who took her in after they'd first found her.

“We’re not making you a Vampsblood, child,” Harlael snarled. “You were injured and we gave you our blood, but the amount wasn’t nearly enough to transform you, and there is no way we’re completing the process.”

Valael sensed more anger from Harael than he’d felt from the other man in a very long time. Harael was obviously very uncomfortable with the subject. Indeed, Valael couldn’t imagine turning the sweet, innocent child into the monster they all were. Never in his life had Valael been more uncomfortable with what he was and, had it been anyone else, he doubted he’d have had such a reaction. But Josette had a way of bringing out a gentler side none of them wanted to acknowledge. They were predators. Killers. But with Josette, they couldn’t seem to hold the image.

“Yes, you will,” she stated simply. “I doubt I can be your mate if you don’t make me a Vampsblood.” She sighed and turned around, obviously headed back down the tunnel she’d found leading from her farm to their den. “I mean, who else would put up with you?”

And she was gone before any of them could find their voice.

“Did she just say...” Relaren looked as stunned as Valael felt. Josette? Their $mate? She was a $child! The thought of doing with her what they all needed to survive was not only appalling , it was nauseating and... not something Valael wanted to think about.

“Ignore her,” Harael snapped. “The child has no idea what she’s suggesting. Give her a couple of days and, like any other kid, she’ll focus on something else. Instead of being all shocked and appalled, we could use the energy to find a woman. I hate to suggest a human, but with the storms outside intensifying, I doubt we’ll find a female of any species away from her farm or den. The farm Josette was assigned to had an abundance of human females. Surely we could find one willing to be seduced for a few nights.”

“I don’t like taking women from that camp,” Valael mused, “but I don’t see another choice. Unless the weather changes drastically, it’s likely to be several weeks before anyone pokes their heads out from under the earth.”

“If we’re going to do this, it needs to be now.” Relaren stood and stretched. His heavily muscled chest and arms rippled with his enormous strength. “We’re all getting restless. If we wait too long, we’re more likely to harm whoever we bring here, man or woman.”

“Not a man,” Harael repeated. “I’m tired of dicks and assholes. I need a woman. $Crave a woman.” Valael didn’t like the tone of Harael’s voice. The other Vampsblood rarely insisted on one gender or another. It had only been in the past couple of years any of them had developed a gender preference. Funny that. So late in life, they'd suddenly decided they preferred women.

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My sex scene.

It's 2am and I'm still working on this bleeding sex scene. OK, so it's not BLEEDING, but if I said f*cking sex scene someone would just HAVE to comment on it. I mean seriously.

So maybe bleeding was the wrong word to use. I mean who wants to be thinking of bleeding during sex? Right? OK, so maybe a vampire. And who doesn't just love vampire sex! Show me an erotic romance reader who doesn't love vampire sex and I'll show you someone who doesn't think about bleeding during sex.

Wow. That's strange. I'm like totally rambling. I wonder if my sex scene reads that bazaar? Probably. I'm totally bleeding words! Sometimes I think all I'm doing is putting words on a page. Like now. Why am I blogging about bleeding sex. I mean seriously. How gross is that? And they're not even vampires.

Wait. No one is bleeding. She's not even a virgin. I mean, she's not like a ho or anything, but still. She's had sex before. And the guys aren't even going all batshit crazy because of it. I was pretty proud of myself for that one. Wonder if Shara will appreciate my restraint? *grin* I sure hope so. Cause if not, I'll hear about it tomorrow and then I'll make her redo it cause I already wrote it once. Which is why I have an editor. I really love my editor. She tells me if there's too much blood. Sometimes, I even listen! It's so cool!

Ok. Wait. What was I talking about?

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You really CAN get everything at Wal-Mart!

Getting Set Up to Write

recliner empty?

fire roaring?

pop tart?

Wonder Woman coffee mug?

coffee with the perfect blend of caramel, half and half, and whipped cream?
double check!!

TV turned to the Golf Chanel?

hang on

TV turned to dust bowl documentary?

And all before 10am, I might add...


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Christmas Blog Hop!

Christmas Blog Hop!

Oh what fun!!!! Join the Christmas Blog Hop hosted by the and enter to win a custom maid Avatar by Marteeka! Totally looking forward to this! Right in the middle of the holidays... just before Christmas... OH BOY!!!!! I'm getting excited!!!


Watch for the start of the blog hop on December 14th. I'll hand out details then. In the mean time, check out the avatars I've made for authors and readers on my art blog:

I'm especially fond of Suzannne's Avatar, winner of the contest I had hosted by Coffee Time Romance. Child got no idea how close she came to losing that one... I bout kept it. :P

Be watching!!

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 Join Marteeka and many, many of your favorite authors as they come out to play at the annual Thanksgiving Party at The Romance Studio! November 17-20th at the TRS Party Site (HEREWe're celebtrating the American Thanksgiving holiday with our yearly Thanksgiving Party! We're giving away a Amazon gift ecard(electronic gift card only, value $100 minimum) to one lucky reader and we're giving away a lot of other prizes from the TRS prize vault and participating authors too!

Hope to see you there!

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During the entire month of October, I've opened a contest to celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month. For a donation to any breast cancer research of your choosing, you'll be entered to win a copy of two upcoming books. Badland Warriors: Marines (with the fabulous Shara Azod) and Memphis Heat 1: Stakeout (with the equally fabulous Shelby Morgen.) Click the image above to find out the details and for more information about each book offered.

In addition, if you have your mammogram at Kentucky Breast Care, let the receptionist know when you arrive that you found KBC through Marteeka's website for a free book of your choice.

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Be looking for fun things in the coming days! And if you are over 35 years of age and haven't had your TATAs smashed... make an appointment now!!!

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Writing "Short" with a Partner

One of the hardest things to do in writing is to get two writers together, come up with a complete story, and still have it be under ten thousand words. I've started out with an outline that is supposed to be fifteen thousand end up being thirty-four thousand words. True story.

With a writing partner, you can watch each other's flowery descriptions and, in general, see how many times you can piss each other off before you call it a night. Shara Azod and I do this all the time. She has trouble with back story, I have trouble with keeping my facts straight. We've come close to wringing each other's necks on more than one occasion, but we always manage to come up with a good story. Just takes a while sometimes.

When writing with a partner, I suggest Google Docs. You can see each other in real time, the person writing can just write and not worry about typos, and you can see when one of you gets stuck. It also has a chat option so you can brainstorm while you're writing. I often tease Shara that we need to compile our chats because they are almost as interesting as the books we write.

One very important thing to consider, the absolute most critical part, is to find a partner you mesh with. One of you will always be the dominant, or lead the story, but you should have similar interests and writing styles or you'll end up killing each other before the first book is finished. When Shara and I get on a roll, we can turn out an eight to ten thousand word book in a single day. If you find a partner you enjoy writing with, you'll find you feed off each other. Each paragraph, each chapter, will come easier and easier.


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Available Now! Rx for Pleasure: Wanted


Book 5 in the Rx for Pleasure series.

From the moment Brett first saw Gretta wielding a Louisville Slugger to defend her sister, he knew he wanted her. No. It was more than that. He needed her with an intensity that would make the gods blush. His focus from that moment forward became finding a way to make her his.

Gretta was just driving down the street, minding her own business, when she was pulled over for speeding. If that wasn't bad enough, the annoying officer had the nerve to arrest her for terroristic threatening. Son of a bitch! Could this night get any worse? If by "worse" one means a sexy cop dressed in sin who kidnaps her and tortures her with things...better left unmentioned...

Yes. Things just got much worse.

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Get the latest in the WOLFSBLOOD series!


Savage Wolf

Lyndal knows the beast inside him is barely kept in check. He's a Savage Wolf, a rare Wolfsblood thought extinct. Bred for battle, vicious beyond imagination, Lyndal always hoped the Vampire half of his heritage would protect the others around him. Unfortunately, his nature demands conflict.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Available Now! Wolfsblood: Shadow Wolf

Struggling to save her pack in a fight to the death, Leiah has no clue what she's in for when the Shadow Wolf, Rikker, intervenes. In one swoop, he claims her and threatens to take her away from the only family she's ever known. Leiah rejects his claim, even though she craves him as much as he craves her. Can these two Shadow Wolves find a balance before Leiah's beloved pack is torn apart?


Leiah watched Rikker and young Wylliam from above, carefully hidden in the rocky cliffs of the cave. Surprisingly, he was gentle with the boy, putting him through exercises and defensive moves that could save the child’s life. He praised the boy many times, never showing the least amount of impatience even though she knew the hardened warrior in him had to be rolling his eyes in protest. Despite not wanting to be involved with her pack, Rikker was a good teacher.

Inwardly, Leiah wept. Boys like Wylliam should be children, not warriors. She hated the world they'd been born into. It was a cruel place. Perhaps she’d been wrong not to teach them all she knew. Hell, she knew it had been wrong, but the female in her couldn’t quite get used to the notion that children had to be warriors too.

Her attention on her own musings, she wasn’t aware of Rikker sending the boy off until he spoke to her from his position beneath her. “Are you going to sit up there watching me all day or do you want a lesson as well?

Leiah thought about ignoring him and leaving, but the truth was, she needed his expertise. They all did. She doubted many would seek him out, but if she learned what he had to offer, she might be able to pass on something that could save them all. Without further consideration, she climbed down the ten or so feet of rock face to stand in front of him.

Without hesitation, she swung at him, a vicious right hook that should have caught him on the jaw. Instead, he leaned back, dodging her closed fist by inches. She expected him to catch her hand as he’d done before, but he didn’t. Instead, her momentum took her past him and he shoved her back. Leiah had expected the move when she failed to connect with his strong hand and continued to spin until she faced him once more. In the same fluid movement, she went low, throwing a spinning back kick to his knee.

Again, Rikker dodged her attack. When she continued to spin, he caught her neck with his large hand. Surprisingly, his touch was gentle, not biting or in any way hurting her. Well, other than her pride. He was handling her and that made her furious. He gave her a slight grin, letting her go and stepping back, obviously readying himself for her next attempt.

Over and over, Leiah rained blows on Rikker. Some connected, though they didn't deal out the damage she’d intended. Most missed entirely. He was a big man, but surprisingly agile. Every time she thought she had the upper hand, she would find herself in a suddenly vulnerable position. Through it all, Rikker never laid a hand on her in offense.

“Enough,” he growled out finally. When she only launched herself at him bodily, he caught her in midair, spun her around, and wrapped his arms around her from behind.
Leiah wanted to scream at the top of her lungs. No one had ever beaten her so thoroughly. And he hadn’t even broken a sweat!

“Bastard!” She couldn’t think with his big frame wrapped around her. His arms bulged with heavy muscles, imprisoning her. For the life of her, Leiah couldn’t think of any place she’d rather be. The thought frightened her beyond belief. This man would take her away from everything she loved if she gave in to him.

“Shhh...” His whisper was right next to her ear. Warm breath fanned her face, and her womb clenched. Leiah remembered all too vividly what it felt like to have him pressed against her nude body. All that hard muscle wrapped around her like he wanted to surround her in a cocoon of erotic pleasure. She tried not to melt on the spot, but it was difficult at best. If he suspected how much she wanted him -- even right there where anyone could come upon them -- he’d take advantage of her vulnerability and press his claim. There would be no way she could resist him if he did. “That’s enough, little warrior.”

“I knew I was wearing you down,” she said, trying to get under his skin as effectively as he’d gotten under hers.

            “You’re making me hard,” he said in a gruff growl. “And the next time I come, it will be deep inside you to plant my child.”

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


There is something inherently wrong about a guy with tatts (not like art work tatts, but prison looking tatts or gang tatts) all over his body, piercings through his nose, lip, eyebrow and a steel bar that goes through the top of his ear out the bottom... getting a PEDICURE COMPLETE WITH BLACK NAIL POLISH.

I'm just saying there is a line somewhere and that crosses it at least a mile...

Monday, June 4, 2012

Vacation... I'm NO good on my own!!!

So, I just got back from my weekend hiatus to the Smoky Mountains. FUN!!


I'm sunburned. And sick. I highly recommend 70 SPF sunscreen... HIGHLY recommend it. Even if your SURE that 8 SPF will be plenty because you always tan easily after the first burn over Memorial day... yeah. 70 SPF.

And a t-shirt.

And stay in the shade.

Other than that -- and the raging case of sun poisioning I'm sure i have with the vomiting and headache and... other... gastrointestional challenge... we had a great time. :)

Anyone going to the Wilderness Lodge to the waterpark in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, I HIGHLY recommend shelling out the extra $$$ for the poolside cabana. You get poolside service, which means they bring your Captain's Mai Tai to you. Along with your pizza or burger, or nachos. AND you're guaranteed a poolside lounge chair and really soft, fluffy towels. *happy sigh* There is a TV for when your husband just HAS to watch that golf tournament, misters for when it gets too hot (provided the wind isn't blowing the mist back into the cabana tent, volume control for the poolside music, and did I mention you dont' have to fight for a poolside lounge chair???

MAN! I could use a Native American or Asian hunk with a secret remedy for severe sunburn... hum...

And me with the majority of a week before I have to go back to work...


Sunday, May 27, 2012

New from Marteeka Karland and Shara Azod


by Marteeka Karland and Shara Azod

There were seven clans containing seven tribes on the dying planet of Annwn. Each tribe was protected by a dragon, solitary creatures condemned to an eternity alone for the sins of their king. An ancient prophecy proclaimed there would be born to each tribe a maiden, destined to awaken the long dormant desires of her tribe’s dragon. And now the prophecy was coming to pass.

But what did Uryen want with a maiden? He preferred his lonely existence, needed no comfort from weak, human arms. He was not an easy dragon. His fierceness would surely break one so fragile. He certainly had no need for the maiden Sippora. She was too delicate, too soft. How could one with such a tender and carefree heart hope to withstand a dragon’s heat?

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Adult Site Refuses to Send Adult DVD to Customer Because Area of Customer Residence is Considered "Sexually Conservative."

Yeah. Sounds like a bad headline from a bad blog, but it really happened. From all places, a popular online ADULT SHOP! Adam & Eve recently refused to send me two DVD's I wanted to order (err... research only you understand. :P) because I live in a "sexually conservative area."


Let me say that not everyone will consider this "censorship," but this is MY blog and this is one place I'm allowed to give my views and bugger what anyone else says. To my mind, they're censoring what I can and can not watch by refusing to sell to me. What's next? They'll refuse to sell to me because my race or gender is considered "sexually conservative?"

Here is the response I TRIED to send to them, but their e-mail bot didn't like it. probably because it was a bit long. I'm currently revising it though I'm having trouble containing my fury over this:

you've GOT to be kidding me!!

"At this time, we are unable to send any XXX books, magazines or videos to your address. Your statewide community has been considered sexually conservative and our lawyers have advised us against it. Keep in mind that this is not a matter of legislation and that both the billing and shipping addresses must be in a non-conservative area. However, you can still order adult toys, lingerie, novelty items and lotions from our online catalog. "

DOOD!!! REALLY?? if you package it DISCRETELY, what's the issue? If this company policy continues to  be in effect, i guess I'll take my shopping (of all natures) elsewhere. I thought I only had to worry about pay pal and the friggin government censoring my reading and viewing. I had no idea the adult market would actually censor me. to say i'm disappointed is a gross understatement.

thanks for helping promote censorship.

They state clearly that it's "not a matter of legislation." My guess is they are doing the same thing paypal/credit card companies are doing. Cutting their losses. "Sexually Conservative" translates to "high return rate."

Of all things I expected, THIS was the last. The friggin adult industry refuses to send me my porn (uh... did i mention this was research only.. yeah.. *snicker*) because I live in an area that is "sexually conservative." IS THERE AN AREA IN THE FRIGGIN COUNTRY THAT WILL PROUDLY WAVE THEIR FREAK FLAG AND SAY, NO! WE'RE NOT SEXUALLY CONSERVATIVE!! ORGASMS! WE WANT MULTIPLE ORGASMS!!!!!

I've ordered from Adam & Eve for years. YEARS. Before they had an online catalog, I ordered from them. Yet now they're refusing to send me DVD's? I'd love to think there was something more sinister at work, that there is a higher up in the government trying to crack down on adult sales and suppress anything to do with sex, but I know it's all about the money.

And apparently... money from "sexually conservative" areas are not good enough for them.I just love being censored because of where I live.

As of this post, I've been unable to submit my complaint to Adam & Eve. Not certain if their e-mail is down or what, but I've shortened and shortened the content and it does nothing. IF I am ever able to get a message to them and they respond back, I'll keep you posted.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Available Now! Wolfsblood: Fire Wolf

Running for her life to escape the Lionsblood following her so tenaciously, Soli knows more than just her freedom is at stake. Lionsblood are the mortal enemy of her kind, the Wolfsblood. If he catches her, she has no doubt death would be a preferable fate.

Logan knows the second he scents the little fire wolf she's his mate. Convincing a Wolfsblood to mate with a Lionsblood, though, will be a tall order. Fortunately, Logan is up to the task. With a sensual seduction and one tiny bet, he will capture his mate's body and her heart.