Sunday, August 18, 2013

Memphis Heat 4: Takedown

by Marteeka Karland and Shelby Morgen


Memphis, Tennessee. Two packs fight for the heart of the city -- one old world, one new. The Russian mob and the MPD stand at odds, the city of Memphis caught in their crossfire.

Their growing pack at their backs, the new Alphas plan to leave their enemies in the dust. But it's their friends they should be watching out for.

When the final takedown comes, there will only be one Alpha standing.


I am not going to come. I am not going to come. I am not going to come. The phrase became his mantra. If he said it in his mind enough, maybe it would even be true. Though, he was beginning to doubt it. Fear of embarrassment was almost as strong as the need to push, to feel, to burn…

Then Callahan rammed in again, deep and hard, pulling Remmy back toward him as if he were fucking them both. Amanda let go of one breast, reaching between them to finger her clit, pounding herself back hard against Remmy’s balls trapped between them. Remmy almost had a moment to feel a bit sorry for her knees, spread as they were across two lovers’ thighs, but she didn’t seem too worried. They pulled back again, almost shoving away from one another, then flattened her between them.

“God, yes!” Amanda screamed. “Fuck me! Harder!”

Remmy wasn’t sure that was possible -- not without something getting permanently marked -- but it was a challenge, and he was damn well going to try. In and out, farther with each stroke, pulling back till only the reach of Callahan’s grip on his wrist kept him from pulling free completely, then burying himself until he felt her ass on his balls as they slapped with each thrust forward. He drove in again and again. His cock was so hard he was ready to explode, holding back more pressure than he’d ever felt before. He’d had sex before, but only with one human at a time. The power, the strength the shift had gifted his body with… “So hot,” he moaned. “So fucking tight. Jesus, I’m going to catch fire.”

“Bite me,” Amanda ordered.

This time he didn’t have to ask what she meant. Instinct took over, and there wasn’t any way he could prevent marking her after this encounter. Callahan smashed them all close again, and Remmy fastened his teeth over the meat at the juncture of Amanda’s neck and shoulder in the way of a mating wolf. Callahan did the same on the other side.

Amanda screamed again, a high, piercing cry, and he felt the walls of her pussy contracting around Callahan’s dick, pulling him tighter as well, trapping his cock in a vise like wave of a fiery explosion. Callahan’s cock, so close they almost shared the same space, pumped deep and strong, drenching the wall they shared with liquid fire. At that Remmy lost it, crying out as his balls emptyed shot after shot of creamy seed into Amanda’s ass.

She gave her nipples another twist, and the men let go, licking and nipping the length of her neck to the breadth of her shoulders. They continued to pump, slow, lazy strokes well lubed with their cum, pushing her back and forth now, each stroke ending in a kiss. So soft. So sweet.

“The pup’s still hard,” Amanda told Callahan with a smile.

“So am I,” Callahan observed with a little thrust. “But if we try that again right now, my arms may fall out of their sockets.”

Amanda laughed at that. “What’s the matter, old man? The young pup wear you out?”

“Hell, yes.” Callahan finally sat back fully, breathing hard.

“Oh, good.” Remmy laughed. “’Cause I thought you were trying to kill me. Not that I can think of a better way to die…” He swirled his hips, teasing Amanda’s ass in slow, sensual circles. “I’m still new to this whole werewolf thing. Can we come again?”

“Depends,” Callahan replied with a grin.

“On what?”

“On whether the bitch decides to let us live that long.” 

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Late Vacation Post

Yeah, I forgot. The hotel has spotty internet access and my husband was griping at me for bringing the computer anyway, so I forgot. Anyway, here goes:

Second day. Got the cabana I wanted with my own personal cabana boy. :D Unfortunately, it was cloudy. Like all day cloudy. The sun came out for about an hour or so near the end of the afternoon, but... meh. Not that I cared. I was a little bit tweaked on Captain and Cola.

What?? Problem??? It's my vacation!!!

So about two or a little after, it started raining. Not hard and no thunder or anything. Just rain. I was even more tweaked on Captain and Cola and thinking I could do things that just don't mix with the amount of alcohol I'd consumed. You know. Like sitting in the wave pool.

OKOKOK, so it wasn't the "sitting" that got me in trouble. It was when I got out of the pool chair -- where the water was pleasantly lapping at my feet as the waves rolled gently to the shore -- to walk back to the cabana tent.

I was standing there. Minding my own business. Not hurting anyone. I took like three steps and this BIG ASS WAVE comes out of no where. I mean, it was a MONSTER wave. My foot slipped and the thing knocked me down onto one knee. Now, I'm fine, I tell you. No problems whatsoever. I'm perfectly fine. Nono... don't help me up... ok, maybe you there big guy about 6'7" with the huge muscles. You can help me up all you want... *lop sided grin* And I stroll easily back to the tent.

Where my husband is sitting there going, "I saw you fall. You ok?"

"Um... you saw me fall and didn't come to my rescue?"

"Looked to me like that guy had it under control. Besides, I'm just as tweaked as you are and I didn't want him helping me up. Now, had it been that curvy lifeguard over there with the long blond ponytail..."


"What?? I was just saying!"

Unfortunately, once the Captain and Cola wore off, I realized I'd done more than just stumbled to land on one knee. I think my kneecap might be broken. At any rate, I'm just now getting to where I don't walk with a limp.

Suites me right for trying to drink and walk in the wave pool...