Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Foreplay -- 2nd Edition

Foreplay -- 2nd Edition

Feisty secretary Lilly Miller has her hands full. It’s not the busy hospital that keeps her on her toes. It’s identical twin brothers Caleb and Connor Jackson. Not only do the two incredibly sexy and intelligent physicians love driving her crazy with their disrespect for her workplace OCD, they also love driving her to the brink of orgasm with a combination of innuendoes and subtle caresses. It’s a game they’ve played for years…and one she’ll continue to let them play with her. With their dark hair, lightly tanned skin, and bodies to die for, what woman could resist? Lilly isn’t about to.

Lilly’s rich, dark-chocolate skin invites a man to run his fingers over it…and then his tongue. It’s just one of many fantasies the Jackson Twins have had about the fiery woman. After more than a decade of working together in close quarters, Caleb and Connor have decided it was way past time for them to make the tantalizing Lilly theirs. Scratch that. With her quick wit, sassy comebacks, and hourglass body, Lilly has always been theirs. Everyone else knows it; now, it’s finally time for Lilly to realize it as well. Yet instead of falling head over heels for them like most women would, Lilly refuses to simply give in to their demands…despite how much they all want her to. And though she’s quite possibly the only woman who could resist them; luckily, Lilly’s also quite possibly the only woman who could handle them.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Wonderful reviews for Wanted 2: Vodka Shots!

See what all the buzz is about!

Nikki Winter's Blog

"This story may not be delivered in the form of a fairytale but it is in fact the classic “Knight in shining armor” that many readers search for."

Nevea Lane

"Whatever it is that you are looking for, action, laughs, hot scenes or just an emotional yet satisfying get away, trust me, Wanted 2: Vodka Shots is the book for you."

J. M. Powers

"More than learning more about the characters, I especially want to read more of this author’s style of writing. Marteeka Karland gets right into the action, taking the reader along on the adventure into space. I highly recommend this book.

What I want to talk about is the sex. Yes, I took it there, and how can I not with this story. Like the heady burn of a Vodka shot that gets you all warm and courageous (or that could just be me) the sex is awesome.

I now have the biggest girl crush on Marteeka Kartland... You won't love Dmitry to start, but damn if he won't throw you down on the nearest space bed and make you love him.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Zero G-Spot

Zoe was content with her life as the king's gardener. She had a home and the finest garden in the galaxy. What more could a girl want?
Well, there was the king's son, Prince Abbas. He was Zoe's greatest wet dream come true. For five years, she'd fantasized about him from afar, but never dared to approach him. Besides, he was too... royal for her liking.
When the king arranges a marriage for Abbas, Zoe's life is changed forever. Will she be content to forever lust after the prince, or will she grab what she wants and take it? 
Or will he make that decision for her...

Friday, June 10, 2011

Available Now! Wanted 2: Vodka Shots

Wanted 2: Vodka Shots

Dmitry has finally found the woman he loved and lost -- the woman who ran from him without a word. Karri did what she had to do to keep her daughter safe from the Consolidation. She has no regrets, but she's never stopped loving Dmitry -- even though she knew when he found her, there'd be a price to pay.

Dmitry was a man bent on revenge. Now, he's a soldier on a mission. The lives of everyone he holds dear depend on his decisions. He has one chance. One shot.

Starting... now.

Thursday, June 2, 2011