Friday, September 19, 2014

The Wolves...ARE HERE!

In the Earth of the future, the privileged few build their wealth on the backs of slaves who are neither man nor beast. Those with gold to spare spend it at the Arena. Betting on the Warrior Shifters is the pastime of the elite. Captured for the sport of the masses, they have no choice but to fight or be killed.

Miranda is the daughter of one of the cruelest Gladiator owners in all the land, still her heart remains pure. She only wants to help heal those who have no one to look after them. The last thing she bargained for was catching the eye of the fiercest warrior of all- Brandwulr.

To Brandwulfr, the innocent Miranda is a way out of this godforsaken realm, a way to get home. He doesn’t need to be attracted to the silly little human. He shouldn't want her. Yet there is something in the softness of her touch that sets his blood on fire and awakens the wolf within.