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Flash Fiction from the Changeling Press Bar and Grille

What the hell is flash fiction anyway???

Flash Fiction is an erotic tease, usually done in 100-500 words. Sometimes, our characters get to do the hunka-chunks, sometimes the author is mean and cruel. (MUHAHAHAH) This week's theme was water. Anything to do with water. This was my contribution...

Wulf the Feared
by Marteeka Karland

Naida broke the surface of her favorite pool, her long blue-green hair trailing behind her like silken seaweed. She knew he watched. She felt his eyes on her as surely as if he were standing in front of her, devouring her with his gaze.

With infinite care, Naida glided through the water to the sunning rock. She wanted her body shown to its best advantage to further entice him from the shadows. Flipping her hair back, she let it cascade from the rock as she lay down to pool in the water. The action also thrust her breasts upward as if in tribute to the sun god. In truth, they were all for him.

She closed her eyes and lay with one leg bent, the other hanging from the rock to let her big toe dangle in the water sending ripples over the surface. She knew he would have a view of her glistening sex. Would he see the moisture gathered there? Would he know it was all for him?

As if she’d conjured him with her wicked thoughts, a large shadow fell across her, blocking the sun completely. She knew before she opened her eyes who stood before her. Wulf. The most feared creature in the Magical Forest. Even the King thought twice before crossing him. Should she?

“Do you enjoy laying all sprawled out for every man in the blasted forest to lust after you, water nymph?” His voice was edged with controlled fury. Fists clenched and unclenched at his sides as if he couldn't decide whether to strangle her with is bare hands or not.

Naida smiled and stretched, her breasts a conscious offering to his hungry, male gaze. “Not every man, Wulf the Feared. Only you.”

Sunday Snog! The Third Wednesday by Shara and Marteeka

Yeah, yeah. I'm late. I blame Wendi for it. She was supposed to remind me. *snicker*


The Third Wednesday... Coming Soon!
sWet line of erotica from Shara Azod, LLC
by Marteeka Karland and Shara Azod

Once caught in the trap of his sensual gaze, Tonisha found there was no looking away this time. He wanted her to keep looking at him, and she was powerless to deny him. Slowly, ever so slowly, he bent his head to her breast. Warm breath fanned the rigid peak as he looked at her. He wasn't asking permission, just giving her time to stop him. Because Tonisha knew unless she actually said the words, he was taking the massage to the next level. She'd be damned if she even tried to stop him. It would be like refusing the most critical part of her therapy. And it was therapy. Her monthly ritual was as much about putting herself in someone else’s keeping as it was to relax and enjoy herself.
Fascinated, Tonisha watched as her nipple disappeared between his lips. A hiss escaped before she could stop it, her whole body clenching in desperate need.
"Eduardo..." Although she had spoken, she had no idea what she was about to say. Stop? Yeah, right. Not so much. It felt too good. It had been way too long.
"Shhh," he commanded. "Just relax. Let me channel your tension and remove it with pleasure."
Who was she to argue?
He took her nipples with long, slow, flat licks of his tongue. Both breasts received equal attention. There was no way she could stop the way her fingers threaded through those silky, black locks of his, even if he'd told her to. It was almost like a naughty dream, an incredible fantasy she couldn't control. Eduardo lavished attention on her breasts until she not only squirmed, but moaned and bucked her hips helplessly at him.
That was when he kissed his way down her body to her navel, delving into the little indenture with his tongue. All the while, he never broke eye contact with her. The intense scrutiny was a little unnerving. It was as if he watched her for the slightest reaction, the minutest change in expression. Tonisha had had many lovers, but none of them had ever paid this much attention to her. This truly was all about her pleasure.

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The Book's Blurb Blog: The Fin

The Book's Blurb Blog: The Fin: The Fin Badland Savage, Book 1 Marteeka Karland & Shara Azod Changeling Press In the Badlands, women are rare, no matter t...

Sunday, January 20, 2013

So, I'm participating this week. :) My Sunday Snog from Lawman's Pleasure, available at This isn't exactly a "snog" but it's as close as I could get with this book. A cozy romance... it is not. LOL

Lawman's Pleasure
by Marteeka Karland

Once the door was shut and locked and Megan had Obadiah right where she wanted him, she advanced on him. It was comical to see the big man back away from her as if she were a threat.
"What's the matter? Scared of little ole me?"
"I don't think this is proper..."
"Of course it's not proper. Does that mean you're not going to do it?" She quirked an eyebrow, still moving toward him. He stopped when he reached the wall of her living room. Smiling, Megan slid her fingers up the front of his chest again, fingering the buttons, itching to undo them and see that powerful body of his.
"Do you have any idea what you're doing?" Damned if his husky whisper didn't send an electric thrill straight to her cunt. Megan wanted to jump him right there. Wrap her legs around him and just take him.
"Well, I've had practice. I certainly hope I have it figured out by now."
With that, Obadiah pulled Megan to him, whirling her around so she slammed into the wall with almost jarring force. "Don't taunt me, woman," he growled. "I'm not in the mood. You're already in enough trouble."
And just like that, Obadiah Matlock was the Alpha male everyone knew him to be. Yes, Obadiah was not one to be fucked with. Though Megan totally intended to fuck him. Just not in the same way. She smiled at her own naughty thoughts.
"Well, I guess you'll just have to spank me then."

Saturday, January 19, 2013

We're Gonna Make You sWet!

Oh my! Shara Azod has come up with a new erotica line for her brand! sWet is smokin' hot! My contribution, Lawman's Pleasure can be found HERE.

Want to see the trailer? Go HERE.

Marshal Obidiah Matlock could invoke fear into Satan himself being that he wore don't-fuck-with-me better than some women wore stilettos. He was a man to be respected and given a wide berth...Apparently Megan Tully either ignored that bit of information or straight out didn't give a shit. The moment the good Marshal pulls her over for speeding she makes it abundantly clear that she's not afraid of him. And with the sensual curve of her smile and the twinkle in her eyes, she also makes it clear that Obidiah and his handcuffs are more than welcome to follow her home...


Some men were to be feared. Some men were just pure badass motherfucker rolled in a healthy dose of don't-fuck-with-me. Obadiah Matlock was somewhere between the latter and Satan-himself-is-terrified. No one fucked with Marshal Obadiah Matlock. So when the esteemed marshal pulled over the little red convertible, he damned sure didn't expect the chocolate-skinned beauty to have the unmitigated gall to hop out of the car, slamming the door as she did, and meet him halfway. Not only did she display an inappropriate amount of temper, she actually put her hands on her hips and demanded...

"What the fuck did I do wrong this time?"

Yeah, Megan Tully was nothing if not a little spitfire. A man might get used to all those curves and that lush mouth, but the temper had to fucking go.

"You were doing fifty," he replied, arms crossed over his chest, ticket book in hand.


"In a twenty-five."

"Well, who in their right fucking mind made this road a twenty-five? No one has lived here in years and I'm the only person who drives it anymore."

"It's still the law, Ms. Tully."

She looked up at him, eyes narrowing. "Obadiah Matlock, you know very well it's Miss. What's with the 'Ms. Tully' bullshit?"
"I'm about to write you a ticket, Miss Tully. I don't think it's appropriate under the circumstances for me to call you by your first name.

"Wait. You're a fucking Federal Marshal. Why, in Christ's name, are you writing traffic tickets? Isn't that a bit beneath you?"

"The law's the law, ma'am."

"If you ma'am me one more time..."

Obadiah leaned one hip against the side of his Charger. She was right. He'd known Megan since kindergarten. The woman had wreaked havoc with his hormones from the time he'd reached puberty to the present day. Unfortunately, she'd always been just out of reach. Like a couple football fields worth out of reach. Not so much now. The longer he stood there, her looking all pissed off and too sexy for his peace of mind—or the ease of cock—the more he wanted to see just how close they were.

But no. He was a lawman. He didn't use his position to garner favors from women. Not only was it unethical, but with Megan, it might just get him castrated.

Damn if that didn't make him harder than ever.

"I think it's best if you just get back in the car and give me your license and registration." He was going to have to adjust himself soon and he didn't particularly want to do it while she watched. The little vixen would only use it against him and he didn't think he was up to sparring with her too much. In retrospect, he really should have just let her go. She was right, after all. She was the only person living on this street after the housing market crashed. All of the eight other houses were vacant and had been for a long time. But, dammit, he just couldn't resist harassing her just a little bit.

"Look, Obadiah. Why not come over to the house and let's discuss this like the reasonable adults we are. I'll make you a homemade tasty treat and you won't give me a ticket. How does that sound?"

It sounded like torture. And like he was in big fucking trouble.

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New Year's Blog Hop!

Happy New Year everyone!

new year's blog hop

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Well, we made it past December 21 and into 2013. *whew* Thank goodness, I did all my Christmas shopping and stuff so I wasn't caught with my pants down. Though, our local Wal-Mart was FREEKIN INSANE with last minute shoppers. I tried to avoid it at all costs. *wilts*

Looking forward, 2013 will be my best year as an author. I have SO many good things planned it almost makes me pee myself when I think about it. :D I've got three super fantastic publishers all of which supported me heavily when I decided to make writing my full time job. Now, they've made it their personal mission to either make or break me. Look for books from Changeling Press, Beautiful Trouble Publishing, and Shara Azod, LLC all through 2013! (check the post for Badland Savages: The Fin in a later post!)

But for now, I'm relaxing. Santa brought me a super soft throw that is simply DIVINE and I'm sitting here by the fire all snuggly watching all the movies Santa added to my DVD collection. I'm also getting ready to install a new game (that is actually several years old) that I added to my city building collection. I have Pharaoh/Cleopatra and Zeus/Poseidon from Sierra games and this one follows in that frame. Think it's the Chinese Empire? Maybe? Anyway, I have a city building fetish that I plan on fully exploiting this week before I get to serious work next week.

My son and I started a new tradition for Christmas Eve this year. I bought some Chinese wishing lanterns and we lit them and watched them rise into the air until they twinkled out. It was an amazing sight! I got several in the package and we only used two, but I'll probably do it again just cause they were so much fun to watch! Amazing how something so simple can give one so much pleasure. :)

Happy New Year everyone! 2013 will be the best year yet! After all, thirteen is my lucky number. :)

NOW! for the Prize!!

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