Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halloween Hanky Panky (a free read by Marteeka Karland)

Halloween should have been Belladona’s favorite holiday, but truth was,
she was a witch who was scared of, well, scary things. Even a child’s costume, if
done right, could make her squeal like a girl. The other witches in her coven got a
kick out of it, jumping out of dark corners to startle her. If she shrieked, all the

So when Desmond, a warlock from the protector coven seemed to
materialize from the shadows of the trees outside the manor, Belladona did, in
fact, squeal like a girl.

Laughing when she lashed out, swinging her arms, pounding his chest in
her fury and embarrassment, Desmond simply snaked his arms around her.
“You know, you could go through one of those twelve-step programs.”

“Bite me, Warlock!”

“Oh, believe me, I’d love to, Witch.”

“Aren’t you supposed to protect my kind? that’s why they call your coven
a --” she made air quotes, “Protector coven.”

“I’m here, aren’t I? Soothing your fears with my arms wrapped around

Why did he always manage to make her feel so breathless and flustered?
She knew he didn’t really want her. Desmond was the coven bad boy. Every
witch he’d ever met wanted him. Some he took others he didn’t, but no one had
ever managed to hold his attention for longer than it took for him to bed her.

Until this very night.

She shrugged away from him, putting distance between them. Desmond
might be everything she hated in men, but he was still sexy as hell. The last thing
she wanted to do was to fall for his charms and then into his bed. “I can take care
of myself.” He snorted, grinning as he crossed his bulging arms over a massive chest.

“I can see that. You jump at your own shadow, little Bell.” Again, he moved
toward her, a predator stalking his prey. “You know I can protect you.”

“Yeah. You protect many witches and they seem to enjoy it. Why not go
find one of them to bother. The full moon will be out soon and I’ve got spells to
work tonight.”

The infuriating man simply chuckled. “Oh, I’ve got a bit of magic to work
tonight too, though none of them involve potions.”

Now, why did the thought of that make her toes curl? Shaking herself,
Bell tried her best to rally. “You’ve had enough practice in that department,” she
rolled her eyes, trying to look like he didn’t affect her. If he knew how much she
wanted to explore the option where he worked magic on her body, he’d pounce.

“Why not find a witch who will appreciate your special… talents?”

“Are you saying you wouldn’t?”

“I’m saying I don’t want to suffer from comparison.”

In the blink of an eye, Desmond’s expression was so intense, Belladona
actually took a step back. When she retreated, he advanced until Bell was
trapped between his hard body and and equally hard tree.

“One thing you can be one hundred percent certain of is that you will
definitely not suffer from comparison.” His voice had gone low and husky,
almost a growl.

Swallowing, Bell took a breath before trying to explain herself, one last
attempt at self preservation. “I”m not as sensual as most witches,” she finally
admitted. “It’s just never been my thing, you know? I’m just not a very sexual

Mood changing as quickly as any familiar, Desmond chuckled, pressing
his body harder against hers. Lord, he smelled good! He rubbed his face against
hers, nuzzling her skin until her head fell back, giving him access to more of her.

“You let me be the judge of that, hmm?” Then he claimed her mouth. For the first time in Bell’s life, uncontrollable lust coursed through her. It

took her befuddled mind several seconds to process the need, but once she did,
she clutched at Desmond’s sides, clinging to him as if her life depended on it. In
fact, his might very well. If he tried to pull away from her, tried to tell her he was
only joking that he only meant to see how far he could push her, she’d turn him
into a toad on the spot.

Seeming to like her reaction, Desmond grunted, a low rumble, all
masculine satisfaction as he found the hem of her shirt and slid his hand
smoothly underneath to reach the underside of her breast.

Bell wasn’t waiting for a more profound invitation. With shaking hands,
she found the waistband of his pants, tugging open his jeans with impatient
fingers. She was rewarded with his sharp intake of breath when her palm
cupped his shaft, circling it, stroking with a tentative touch.

“Ah, yes, Bell,” he rasped in her ear, nuzzling her face once more now that
he no longer kissed her. “I see nothing reserved about you. You’re definitely a
sensual creature.”

“I’m really not,” she managed to breathe, aching miserably for him. Had
this started only a minute ago? She felt like they’d been in the middle of heavy
foreplay for hours and she was about to snap. “But I need you inside me. Right
this second, warlock.”

Quick as a cat, Desmond spun her around. Never had Bell been more
thankful she’d worn a skirt in her life. The folds were long, swishing around her
legs with every movement, but Desmond was undeterred.

His hands slid up her thighs to hook his fingers in her panties, sliding
them down with a swift, impatient stroke only to find her thighs and hips with
his hands quickly again. He seemed to have a pressing need to touch her hips
and buttocks, kneading them with firm caresses until he finally dipped his
fingers between her thighs. “So wet,” he murmured from behind her. “Ready for me.”

He stood, pressing her upper body against the tree.
His cock pressed at her entrance, nudging, seeking, until the head slipped
past her opening. He stretched her, his sex large and filling. Bell pushed back,
arching her hips, enticing him, needing him inside her more than she’d ever
needed anything.

“Mine,” he hissed, sinking slowly into her. Bell gasped at his size, loving
every delicious inch. His words didn’t seem to register. All she could process
was the pleasure. Which was doubled when his hand slipped under her skirt
once more, to cup her sex from the front. Unerringly, his fingertip found her clit
and he stroked.

Belladona shrieked to the moon, her cries echoing in the night. As if in
answer, a wolf’s howl sounded in the distance, followed by more and more.
Desmond started a hard, driving rhythm inside her, plunging into her over and
over, his breaths ragged in her ear. With his free hand, he turned her face back to
him and found her lips in a kiss once more. His tongue snaked out to twine with
hers, his cock still surging into her with more intensity.

Finally, he began to swell inside her, his hold on her tightening. With his
own howl at the moon, Desmond surged inside Belladona one last time. Hot
seed spilled into her in powerful jets. Unexpectedly, she came again, screaming
with him, her body echoing the pleasure of his.

When the pleasure died down, Desmond held her up, still pressed tightly
against the tree. He righted her skirt, pulling his pants past his hips as best he
could without letting her go.

“Still think you’re not a sexual creature, little witch?”

“Well,” she panted, still stunned at her own reaction, “I’m really not. Not
with any other man I’ve ever been with.” He turned her in his arms, scooping her up and heading to his coven with long, sure strides. “Then I see no reason for you to be with any other man but me.”

Bell was sure she’d figure out a reason why this wasn’t a good idea, but at
the moment, she was coming up empty. But she had the feeling she’d be filled
again. Sooner rather than later.

“Happy Halloween, little witch!”

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Dark Moon Magic by Marteeka Karland

As a familiar, Blyss stays away from witches and warlocks as a rule, lest one take her against her will. But when she’s dared to sneak into the house at the end of the block, she gets more than she bargained for. Rilyn, the sexy as hell and ultra powerful warlock is about to claim his mate and tie her to him. The binding will be unbreakable, the magic unstoppable. By the dark of the new moon, he will take the lovely Blyss to paradise with a little...

Dark Moon Magic.


“I’ve got to be out of my freaking mind,” Blyss muttered. Hell Night. Midnight the night before Halloween. Not just any Hell Night, either. There was a new moon, so no light filtered through the clouds. That seemed to be a bad omen to her.

The creepy house down the street had been occupied for nearly a month and, spurred by the daring taunts of the other den members, here she was. Doing a little spying. Blyss never would have taken the dare if she hadn’t been so damned inquisitive. And more than a little drunk.

Currently, no witch mastered her, or any of her den brothers and sisters. She was free to roam the land at will. To keep herself hidden, she hadn't used her cat form in more years than she cared to count. If she did, once shifted, any witch within a hundred miles would feel her presence and she’d be that much closer to being a witch’s magical slave.

Yes. Blyss was truly was out of her mind.

Waiting until she was behind a huge tree in the front yard, she shifted, scampered up the tree to the roof of the house, and peeked into the skylight where the faint golden glow of light spilled. The only light on in the house. If there was anyone home, she should have been able to see them there. Hopefully, she wouldn't be noticed. If she was, she’d shit on the doorstep and they'd think it was a Hell Night trick.

Easy peasy.

The first part of the plan went exactly as she’d hoped. Peeking in to see the occupant, however, was where things went a bit...off.

In a flash of magic, the glass disappeared and a large hand snatched Blyss by her nape. She dug in her claws, raking over flesh, hissing and spitting like mad.

"Shhhh, little pet. Be still."

The voice was deep and very masculine, with just a hint of cruelty to it. Blyss knew in that instant she was caught, her freedom over. She tried to resist, but that voice wrapped around her mind and body, subduing her like nothing ever had. Blyss trembled in his grasp as he pulled her closer.

"Shift, Blyss," he commanded softly, that voice like a dark magic spell washing over her like velvet. He knew her name. With that revelation, her heart sank. She heard it pounding hard in her ears, felt the fast-rising panic in her throat. Even her last master hadn't known her real name, but this man did. And he was no ordinary witch, either. Only other familiars knew each other’s true names, a trust that was never broken. To do so was considered the highest treason among their kind.

There was no resisting his command. Blyss’s body shifted without her command and she stood before him. Nude. By calling her name, he could command her at will. She was truly his slave if he wanted it. Normally, she was no self-conscious creature, but this man's scrutiny went soul deep. As if he were weighing her worthiness.

"Exquisite. The king was correct. You will make an extraordinary partner." Blyss wanted to speak, but knew he wasn’t finished and dreaded his next words. She knew in her heart—her very bones—what they would be. "You'll make an even better mate."

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Babysitters Behaving Badly: Taking Tansy by Sadira

Babysitters Behaving Badly: Taking Tansy
by Sadira

Babysitter Tansy has plans for her boss. She wants him and she's prepared to do anything to get him... 


"You're wearing my robe." His voice was rich and smooth, like the expensive whisky he kept in his office. It was a voice made for sex. She could practically hear him commanding her to come all over his dick and balls.

She grazed her fingers over the lapels toward the V covering her breasts, a blatant invitation for him to follow the same path. "So I am. Do you want me to take it off?"

Grayson approached her slowly, walking around her as if inspecting his property. He was silent so long, Tansy thought he might not answer. Then he stood in front of her, looking down into her upturned face. He was so tall, she had to crane her neck to meet his gaze.

"No," he said, surprising her. Tansy's face heated unbearably. Lord, but she'd made a fool of herself! No sooner had the thought entered her head and the flush suffused her face and neck then Grayson scooped her up in those impossibly strong arms and carried her up the stairs to the big master bedroom she had often admired.

Tansy's arms circled his neck, and she nuzzled the soft skin there. His earlobe beckoned and she didn't even try to resist, taking it between her teeth and nipping. He smelled so good! Just like she’d known he would.

Somehow, she found his mouth with hers. Tansy poured all her desire for him into her kiss, sliding her tongue into his mouth a little tentatively, but boldly all the same. Grayson opened his mouth to her, but didn't do much in the way of kissing her back. His body was hard and dangerous. His muscles bunched beneath her palms, letting her know he wasn't unaffected.

He tossed her to the middle of the big California king and followed her down. "I'll remove it myself." Which he did with one hard yank, exposing her body to his hungry gaze. Tansy knew Mr. Shepherd held himself back, but she didn't know why. He wanted her. Was going to take her. That was all that mattered to her at the moment. His face was a hard mask, the little vein at his temple standing out.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Available Now! A Hero to Rescue Me by Marteeka Karland

Check out Marteeka's solo addition to the men of Hero's Crossing!

When Technical Sergeant Chase Carver loses his best friend and brother in arms he never imagines a greater gain could be waiting just around the corner. At least not until he gets a Christmas card from an unexpected source--the bubbly little daughter of the man his best friend gave his life to protect.

Chase's exchanges with Abigail go on far past Christmas, and lift the seemingly never-ending heaviness that has weighted his heart. It's no exaggeration to say the cards, letters, and care packages saved his life. Then he finds out why his care packages are so well put together.

Abigail's Aunt, Melanie, is staggeringly beautiful and in a bit of a mess, herself. In fact, she seems to be in dire need of a hero. Fortunately, Chase is more than ready to take on the job.


“Melanie?” Chase’s husky whisper washed over her like warm honey. God, she wanted this man. Not just for a night. She wanted the fairytale. Wanted forever. But she’d barely known him a week. It was totally too much to ask.

“Yeah,” she said, rising and crossing to him. “I was just about to get some water. Maybe you could get me some of your mother’s leftover hot chocolate instead?”

His arms slipped around her, pulling her against the warmth of his body. He was shirtless, and the thin sleep pants did very little to hide his growing arousal. A thrill shot through her at the thought. Was it her, or would any woman arouse him? She hoped it was her. He certainly made her mind wander to places it had no business going.

“With pleasure,” he rasped out, pulling her with him into the hallway. Through the den and one kitchen to the second kitchen at the very front of the house, away from the master bedroom and his parents. The implications weren’t lost on Melanie. Was it on purpose?

Once a cup of chocolate was in the microwave, Chase backed her up against the counter, caging her in. One hand slid up her hip to her waist, while the other cupped her face. His hands were so big—his body as well. Muscles clenched and flexed when her hands slid up his chest seemingly on their own. Melanie certainly didn’t remember making a conscious decision to cop a feel.

His mouth at her ear, he said, “I was thinking, I believe everyone had a grand time today.”

“We certainly did. Thank you for the wonderful memory. Neither of us will ever forget it, Chase.” It was true. The day had been so special to her that even the awful way Dan had showed up and done so much damage to her car hadn’t completely ruined it for her.

“Good. But, you should know, I’m a mercenary at heart. I expect payment from you.”

Had she not felt him smiling at her cheek, Melanie might have slapped the turd-head, but something made her say, “Oh? What’s my tab, then?”

“A kiss.” Was his voice deeper? More husky sounding? His cock was certainly throbbing against her where he seemed helpless to hold himself away from her. Not that she minded. It was thrilling to know she could do this to a man like him.

“Hmmm...” She tried to sound like she was thinking it over, but knew she’d give it up. A kiss or anything else he wanted. “You drive a hard bargain. Had I known the price was so steep, I might have declined your invitation.”

His rumbling chuckle was the last thing she remembered before he turned her face up to him, threading his fingers through her hair to hold her still for his kiss.


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Illicit Craving by Marteeka Karland

by Marteeka Karland

New appointed Head of Security, Worr and Kil’s sister Bacia is determined to end the violence on Lunar Colony 1. But when she's captured by one of the mercenaries, she fears she’ll be blindsided by her undeniable attraction to the handsome stranger.

Jaxon knows the fragile looking beauty isn't the colony worker she pretends to be, though he's hard pressed to say exactly who she really is. He never intended to put her in harms way, but she's in the wrong place at the wrong time and the only way to save her is to make her his prisoner. Unfortunately, the merc leader has his own plans for Bacia.

Their passion burns hot, but without trust it will burn through them both.


Remembering what Jax had said about her not being “innocent” enough, she kept a steady gaze on him, not wanting to be too bold, but needing Duval to know she didn’t bend easily. Jax swore as he pulled her into the doorway. Just before the steel panel slid shut, he did something completely unexpected. Jax pulled her against his hard, muscular frame, and fastened his mouth to hers.

When she would have protested, Jax merely swept his tongue into her mouth, kissing her as passionately as if she were his woman. Instantly, her senses were swamped by him. His kiss hard and demanding, his touch careful, gentling her when she wanted to shove him back. His arms held her firmly to him, his thumb caressed her side where his fingers gripped her, clutching her.

Why she was aware of anything other than his sinful mouth, Bacia had no idea. She’d never been kissed like this before. He demanded her response, pressing her to show him how she liked his mouth on hers. For the first time in her life, Bacia was helpless, rendered that way not by the man so masterfully dominating her but by her own senses.

Something took flight in her stomach, fluttering and struggling to free itself. The more he kissed her, the more that feeling took her over until she was trembling in his arms. And the kiss went on and on, never ending, always pleasing.

She was aware of her breasts pressed tightly against the hard muscles of his chest, her nipples aching where they rubbed against her bra and tunic. Bacia found herself gripping his arms to steady herself, the room seeming to spin, his kisses drugging her as no synthetic chemical could. Moaning and whimpering seemed to fill her ears, and it took her a moment to realize it was her voice, her cries of need.

Then there was a metallic clang as the door slid shut. Knowing they were away from prying eyes, Bacia knew she should pull free of Jax’s arms, but she didn’t seem to have the strength or the will to do so. She found she wanted the kiss to continue, and that was just unacceptable.