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Best of 2011 Nominee!

Shara and Marteeka have been nominated for Love Romance Cafe's "Best of 2011" list! Badlands is up for best overall series this year! GO US!! We're so very happy and proud to be a part of this elite list!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Wolfsblood: Snow Wolf...AVAILABLE NOW!

*bouncing!* I'm excited about this one. And LOOK AT THE DUDE ON THE COVER!!! Oh, he's SOOOO mine! J! Hands off!!!!!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Blog Hop December 16-18!

Get ready for Christmas!

I'll be giving away a digital download of the first book in my new series Wolfsblood, a spin off of the highly popular and best selling series Lionsblood. The first book is Snow Wolf. Be watching for previews and excerpts later! I'll also be giving away a $10 gift certificate from Beautiful Trouble Publishing, good toward any book on their site, including my best selling series, Rx for Pleasure!

Go HERE for the main event page that will tell you about all the wonderful stuff folks will be giving away!

To be entered for my prizes, simply follow this blog and post a comment to this post. Good luck to everyone!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Vacation with the Guys... *sigh*

OK, so not exactly a "vacation," but a weekend get away. It just amazes me how guys are. Not so much my son as he's only eight and at least has an excuse, but my husband...

This is a snipit of our conversation

Do you remember the song theres a hole in my bucket dear Liza? If you need to refresh your memory, click HERE.

HUSBAND: Where we going to eat?

TEEKA: Look at the hotel brochure.

HUSBAND: Where is that?

TEEKA: On the table.

HUSBAND: Where do I find the restaurants?

TEEKA: In the table of contents.

HUSBAND: What do I look for?


HUSBAND: Oh,yeah, I'm hungey too. Where we going to eat?


Saturday, October 29, 2011


My new favorite video... yeah would be really cool to "write" an intense "love" scene to this... 

Sunday, September 25, 2011


Badland Warriors: Comanche

Coming Soon!
Just a tease...

Aylen has devoted her life to educate children. While she spends her days teaching the children of the WCGA elite, at night she sneaks down to the ruins where the less fortunate live and teach the childern to read and write, and to fight for a better future. Dedicated to her cause, she prides herself on teaching children the truth about the government and the history of humanity. She is determined not to recycle the myths the government force fed the populace.  
But then a myth shows up at her door. Trapped in a horrible earthquake the last people Aylen ever expected to come to her rescue were First Generation Warriors . They shouldn't exist! And they certainly shouldn't make her blood boil and her heart melt. One touch and Aylen’s life will never be the same. But how would they make it out of the government run city back to the Badlands were her Warriors live? And how will she survive in a land full of monsters and mutants? It is a nightmare, but in nightmare you can scream and wake up. In the Badlands you can scream all you want, no body will care.

The Despot, Shara Azod, has formally DIBBSED the guy in the middle. That is all.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Available Now! Vampires' Mate: Demetri

by Shara Azod and Marteeka Karland

It takes a brave human soul to dare offer themselves up to a Vampire Dungeon. Demetri and Vlad are vampire royalty, so they've seen their share of submissives come and go. The one they name Blossom, however, piques their interest like no other ever has. Together, they intend to discover if the little human has what it takes to be the Vampires' Mate.


It took a brave human soul to dare offer themselves up to a Vampire Dungeon. Vlad and Demetri watched the little human woman as she went through the intensive screening. Chances were good if she'd gotten this far inside their secret little playground that she would make the cut to possibly become the plaything of their esteemed group of Vampire royalty. Pre-screening was many times more rigorous than the screening done at the Dungeon. The little human would do nicely.

"Look at that mouth." Demetri didn't bother trying to hide the impressive erection straining the crotch of his leather pants. Things like modesty were solely human concepts.

"Look at that ass," Vlad murmured, openly caressing his own very hard bulge. Demetri's friend had a point. She did have a very nice, full bubble butt. Perfect for a rough ride, if she was willing. Her application here showed that she was very, very willing. The Dungeon was picky about the human females they allowed in. Once she was admitted, she would wait, nude and in position, for a member to approach her. No female, human or otherwise, was allowed to choose her potential companions. They could refuse until someone to their liking came along, but they were submissives. They were expected to always bend to the wills of the Masters.

She was bent over a bar, the silver metal hitting her at the tops of her thighs. Her hands were splayed wide on a wooden "coffin" where all the subs presented themselves. The goth theme was strictly for show, but it made for an impressive sight. Several other men and women joined her, but Vlad and Demetri only had eyes for her. The creamy, milk chocolate of her skin seemed to beckon them like no other woman's ever had. The smooth, rounded globes of her ass jiggled and bounced with every movement of someone down the line.

Perfect. Absolutely perfect.

Demetri let his senses flare out to the dark beauty. She was highly aroused, yet nervous. She had every right to be. Submissives, once selected, were put through a series of tests to see how well they could stand up both mentally and physically. Admittance into this world wasn't something the Vampire royalty took lightly. Their subs were expected to withstand rigorous sex in any and every form imaginable. From pleasurable and erotic, to painful and almost unpleasant. A sub wasn't supposed to be concerned with his or her pleasure, but the pleasure of the Master. Some Masters treated their subs as treasures. Others...

Demetri liked to think he and Vlad were somewhere in between. That didn't mean they'd take it easy on their woman. She deserved to know exactly what she'd gotten herself into before things went too far. For some reason, he believed this human would be able to take it. There was something about her that called to him. It was in her unseen essence. Most humans had no idea they emitted it, but it let a Vampire know exactly the depth of their desires and needs. Hers wrapped itself around his cock and stroked it. Her aura screamed sub, the sweet innocence of her face an exclamation point on the unseen siren's call.

Available Now! Rx For Pleasure: What Happens in Vegas...

From Beautiful Trouble Publishing and Marteeka Karland

One of the few female surgeons in a hospital dominated by testosterone, Dr. Nikki Taylor was glad to have Lilly as a friend…and not simply because she enjoyed watching the feisty woman put arrogant doctors in their place while watching the men she called hers. Nikki was only half-joking with Lilly about being jealous of the twin towers of hotness to whom she was married. While she didn’t lust after either of her friend’s men, she did envy what they shared. Their sexual chemistry reminded her of her own deep sexual cravings. They were, in fact, so deep she rarely admitted them to herself.

Taller than most men and armed with a body that didn’t quit and a voice that dripped sex, Dr. Li Zhu tended to get what he wanted. What he wanted was Nikki. The prickly vixen always found a reason to brush him off. The dom in him didn’t like that one bit but he planned to remedy that soonest. Nikki had no idea that he knew about her trip to Vegas. Not only did he know he’d also booked the same flight.

While Nikki might be in charge at work, he wanted to be in charge of her pleasure and so he’d made a wager. What happens in Vegas usually stayed in Vegas but he didn’t want just a weekend. Li wanted forever.


White, fluffy clouds floated along underneath the plane. Nikki tried to relax, but she had an ache between her shoulder blades. Something wasn’t right. It was like a sixth sense she had when she was on call. She just knew when there would be trouble. Considering this was her only weekend off for the next five weeks, it wasn’t a welcomed sensation.

Her weekend in Las Vegas was a gift to herself for working so hard the past couple of years. The hospital had a surgeon resign, and she’d picked up extra call to cover the gap because she hated having a gap in the schedule. Dr. Zhu picked up almost as much as she did, and between the two of them, they’d managed to cover it all. But it had been exhausting. She was more than ready for a break.

Closing her eyes, she could almost feel a nice massage from the hotel spa. She didn’t bother to open them when someone sat beside her—she was perfectly content to ignore any and everyone around her for the duration of the flight. Until she felt warm breath fan her face.

“Wha— You!” Li Zhu was so close, all she had to do was pucker her lips and she’d brush his with them. Immediately, her heart started pounding, and she trembled. This could not be happening!

“Surprised?” Lord, that voice of his should be illegal. It made her want to do all kinds of naughty things, but when she thought about it, his face was all she could conjure up. The man was seriously getting under her skin, and she wasn’t sure how she felt about it.

“What the hell are you doing here? I’m trying to get away from everything and here you are, all up in my personal space.” Nikki tried to sound mad, thought she might have even pulled it off, but she was so excited she wasn’t sure. This was both a dream and her worst nightmare. Li Zhu in the rock-hard flesh. Next to her. On a flight to Vegas.

“I was hoping we might test a hypothesis of mine. Will you help me?”
“I’m almost afraid to ask, but what kind of hypothesis?” Did her voice sound husky? God, she hoped she didn’t sound as affected by him as she felt. The last thing she needed to do was show weakness in front of this man. If he smelled blood in the water, he’d move in for the kill, and she wasn’t sure her heart could take it.

“The theory is, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, but I’m wondering if that is entirely true.” He nuzzled her cheek with his nose, much like a cat rubbing against her. He didn’t seem to notice how her body stiffened. Lazily, his fingers stroked her arm in a caress that was more intimate than the touch of any other man in her life. It was so personal, she felt heat suffuse her face.

She swallowed. “That’s what I’ve heard. Your point?”
“I’m just wondering if you could spend the night with me and walk away like nothing happened when it’s over.” Just like that, Nikki’s stomach gave a lurch and her pussy contracted. Chill bumps erupted over her body, and she almost moaned aloud. “Fuck!” The expletive escaped under her breath, and she tried to put some distance between herself and Li, but he slid his arm around her shoulders and pulled her back against his body. Li was taller than most men she knew and certainly more muscular, though he was more lean than bulky. Still, she swore she could feel every muscle in his chest and arm as he held her to him.

“That’s a dangerous proposition, Li.”
“For whom?” He countered her response. She was so in over her head. Taking a breath, she clenched her fists and tried to calm her racing heart.

“For you, of course. I’m an excellent lover, and I wouldn’t want you pining after me once the night's over. It could make things awkward at work.” Pure bravado on her part, but it was all she had at the moment.

His soft chuckle sent another round of shivers through her body, and her lower body seemed to come alive at the sound. “Care to make a wager?”

“I’m not liking the sound of this,” she muttered. “I have to warn you, I’m insanely competitive. Any bet you make with me, you’re gonna lose.”

“I make you come five times in one night and you agree to be my submissive for a month.”
Nikki blinked, not really sure if he was serious or not. “Just what do you mean by ‘submissive’? I’m not really in to that kind of thing.”

His eyes lit with something Nikki couldn’t name. It was somewhere between humor, lust, and exasperation. “Nikki, we’ve worked together for years. We’ve worked on the same cases as a team. In all that time, do you honestly think I didn’t pick up on your personality traits? You’re a strong-willed woman, but you’re practically begging for a Dominant in bed. You need it to counter the control you practice in your everyday work.”

Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Politician

The Politician
by Marteeka Karland and Shara Azod

James followed the music and lost his heart. Lark wasn't a woman he could ignore even if he'd wanted to. She called to him on a level do deeply he didn’t want to be free. No matter the cost to himself or his career, he had to make her his.

Lark is a free spirit. While she believes in true love conquering all, she knew that some things just couldn't be. Unfortunately, that includes any kind of meaningful relationship with Congressman James Buchanan. The Congressman hailed from a deeply neo-conservative southern Georgia - there was just no way in hell he’ll keep his seat if he's caught in a compromising situation with a black woman.

Except… that's exactly what happens. Now, Lark must leave him or risk destroying his career—something she's not willing to do. Little did she realize James was willing to go against any and everyone for the love of the woman who stole his heart with a song.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Coming Soon... Death Bringer

Death Bringer
by Marteeka Karland and Shara Azod

All Tyr wants is a stiff drink and an easy woman. He isn't the hero type. The lost little socialite who wanders into the roughneck cantina is not his problem. Let someone else escort her back to the Sky City where the rich and powerful live.

Only when she starts to get the wrong kind of attention, Tyr can't turn away. Those luscious curves and flame-red hair are like a beacon, and he's not immune. When she tells him what she wants -- well, now, isn't she lucky he's in the mood for a little down and dirty?

How could he know the succulent little Arienne is his next contract, should he choose to take it? And who could guess she's just the woman to bring life to the Death Bringer?

Sunday, July 17, 2011

AVAILABLE NOW! Claiming Lori

by Marteeka Karland and Shara Azod

Lori is sick to death of the brothers McAlister ruining all her fun. They're always sticking their noses into her business when all she wants to do is let her hair down a little, and yeah, have a good time between the sheets. She can't get a date, let alone get laid, with the three brothers from next door chasing away all her potentials. Heck, she can't even go out on the town without them showing up!

How is she supposed to know they have a more than a little fun planned for her luscious curves? But when Michael, Alex and Jackson tell her exactly why they feel it's their right to keep other men at bay, will Lori be able to give them what they demand?

Monday, July 4, 2011

Skyrockets in Flight Blog Hop begins at MIDNIGHT!

I'm participating in this wonderful blog hop. :) *note the sexy guy in the last post*

I'll be giving away a PDF copy of Claiming Lori by myself and the wonderful Shara Azod. You can get information about the book on its page on this blog. YOU MUST BE A FOLLOWER OF MY BLOG AND COMMENT ON THIS POST.

Happy 4th of July everyone!

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Skyrockets in Flight Bloghop begins TONIGHT!

Lush Book Reviews

Claiming Lori

Coming Soon!
Marteeka karland and Shara Azod

Lori is sick to death of the brothers McAlister ruining all her fun. They're always sticking their noses into her business when all she wants to do is let her hair down a little, and yeah, have a good time between the sheets. She can't get a date, let alone get laid, with the three brothers from next door chasing away all her potentials. Heck, she can't even go out on the town without them showing up!
How is she supposed to know they have a more than a little fun planned for her luscious curves? But when Michael, Alex and Jackson tell her exactly why they feel it's their right to keep other men at bay, will Lori be able to give them what they demand?

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Foreplay -- 2nd Edition

Foreplay -- 2nd Edition

Feisty secretary Lilly Miller has her hands full. It’s not the busy hospital that keeps her on her toes. It’s identical twin brothers Caleb and Connor Jackson. Not only do the two incredibly sexy and intelligent physicians love driving her crazy with their disrespect for her workplace OCD, they also love driving her to the brink of orgasm with a combination of innuendoes and subtle caresses. It’s a game they’ve played for years…and one she’ll continue to let them play with her. With their dark hair, lightly tanned skin, and bodies to die for, what woman could resist? Lilly isn’t about to.

Lilly’s rich, dark-chocolate skin invites a man to run his fingers over it…and then his tongue. It’s just one of many fantasies the Jackson Twins have had about the fiery woman. After more than a decade of working together in close quarters, Caleb and Connor have decided it was way past time for them to make the tantalizing Lilly theirs. Scratch that. With her quick wit, sassy comebacks, and hourglass body, Lilly has always been theirs. Everyone else knows it; now, it’s finally time for Lilly to realize it as well. Yet instead of falling head over heels for them like most women would, Lilly refuses to simply give in to their demands…despite how much they all want her to. And though she’s quite possibly the only woman who could resist them; luckily, Lilly’s also quite possibly the only woman who could handle them.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Wonderful reviews for Wanted 2: Vodka Shots!

See what all the buzz is about!

Nikki Winter's Blog

"This story may not be delivered in the form of a fairytale but it is in fact the classic “Knight in shining armor” that many readers search for."

Nevea Lane

"Whatever it is that you are looking for, action, laughs, hot scenes or just an emotional yet satisfying get away, trust me, Wanted 2: Vodka Shots is the book for you."

J. M. Powers

"More than learning more about the characters, I especially want to read more of this author’s style of writing. Marteeka Karland gets right into the action, taking the reader along on the adventure into space. I highly recommend this book.

What I want to talk about is the sex. Yes, I took it there, and how can I not with this story. Like the heady burn of a Vodka shot that gets you all warm and courageous (or that could just be me) the sex is awesome.

I now have the biggest girl crush on Marteeka Kartland... You won't love Dmitry to start, but damn if he won't throw you down on the nearest space bed and make you love him.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Zero G-Spot

Zoe was content with her life as the king's gardener. She had a home and the finest garden in the galaxy. What more could a girl want?
Well, there was the king's son, Prince Abbas. He was Zoe's greatest wet dream come true. For five years, she'd fantasized about him from afar, but never dared to approach him. Besides, he was too... royal for her liking.
When the king arranges a marriage for Abbas, Zoe's life is changed forever. Will she be content to forever lust after the prince, or will she grab what she wants and take it? 
Or will he make that decision for her...

Friday, June 10, 2011

Available Now! Wanted 2: Vodka Shots

Wanted 2: Vodka Shots

Dmitry has finally found the woman he loved and lost -- the woman who ran from him without a word. Karri did what she had to do to keep her daughter safe from the Consolidation. She has no regrets, but she's never stopped loving Dmitry -- even though she knew when he found her, there'd be a price to pay.

Dmitry was a man bent on revenge. Now, he's a soldier on a mission. The lives of everyone he holds dear depend on his decisions. He has one chance. One shot.

Starting... now.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Available in PRINT!

Feels Like Home

Feels Like Home
by Marteeka Karland

Wild Creek, Texas is home to one Abigail Dupree. This feisty librarian can take on anyone, anywhere, anytime, but Jayce has her completely tied in knots. He always has. Fortunately for Abigail, she's got him just as bumfuzzled. The one woman Jayce could never get out of his head has always seemed unattainable. Not because he couldn't get her, but because he was seriously afraid her mother would take his manhood if he tried. What happens when Jayce gets the blessing of Mama Dupree—and the perfect setting to act out his desires?

Available in PRINT!


Garrett was sure his obsession with Tessa would be the death of him. He'd watched her patiently for a very long time. Okay, so "patiently" wasn't exactly a good description. He'd run off every man within a mile of her for years. He knows her habit of skinny-dipping in the lake that joins their properties, and this time, he plans on taking advantage of it. Tessa thought Garrett was out of reach. He's ten years her senior and always has a horde of slim blondes hanging off him. She's short, curvy, and black. Definitely not his type. Too bad no one told Garrett that. Now, Garrett is determined Tessa will be his, and this is one cowboy who won't take "no" for an answer.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

AVAILABLE NOW! Dr's Orders from ARe

Dr's Orders
by Marteeka Karland and Shara Azod

Dani's in need of some medical advice. A late night examination proves Dr. Sander has the cure for her condition -- as long as she follows the Dr.'s orders. Medicine has never been so easy to take.


Dani squirmed in the little chair behind the nurses' station, trying to concentrate on anything but Doc Bergman and all his Scandinavian deliciousness.

"Call me Sander," he'd said in that yummy, deep, accented voice. "There's no one here but the two of us most nights, anyway."

Hence her biggest problem. She had no business feeling all carnal toward the doctor she manned the rural clinic with from nine at night until five in the morning.

Because of budget cuts and an abysmal economy, the tiny clinic masquerading as a hospital could only afford to employ one doctor, a general practitioner, and one nurse practitioner for the shift.

Dani preferred nights. It was a heck of a lot quieter than during normal business hours when people generally came in. Only five of the ten rooms were occupied at the moment. Nothing too serious -- serious cases were Medi-Vaced to County General immediately -- but serious enough that they couldn't go home. The patients all slept through the night, more or less.

Of course, Mrs. Martsten, a regular patient, was eighty-seven going on five with no one at home to look after her. The daytime doc just wanted to make sure she was taken care of.

So here Dani was. The all-too-handsome European transplanted MD leaned over the counter, giving her such a wicked grin she swore her panties had melted. Damn it, she was wearing powder blue scrubs -- she couldn't afford to get this wet, and with no touching to boot. It was criminal the way that man could make her feel.

"So are you going to help me with my little problem, Nurse Ellison?" Lord, but he knew how to pour it on thick. Her cunt spasmed just from those ice blue eyes trailing her body as if she were sitting there in the buff.

Yep, he needed to be arrested right away. He was dangerous to the female population. "I see no evidence of any medical malady, Doctor Bergman." She, on the other hand, definitely had a fever. And heart palpitations. And way too much estrogen running amok through her body.

"You think not?" Oh, he just had to go and step into the tiny nurses' station, didn't he? "And what is this if not a problem?"

Although Dani knew she really shouldn't have, she looked to where one long, thick finger was pointing. Her breath caught, and beads of sweat popped out on her forehead. Good Mother Mary and the Three Wise Kings -- that could not possibly be real. The erection pressing insistently against his scrubs was one impressive log of pleasure just waiting to happen. Her mouth started to water, and one of her legs was moving up and down as if it wanted her to jump, and jump now.

"I look at you, and this happens." Sander had the nerve to look all lost and forlorn as he shook his head sadly. "No other woman does this to me. Only a cold, hard nurse who refuses to give me even a little kiss."

Bullshit on top of bullshit, and Dani could care less. It sounded so damn good she would swallow that bullshit whole and ask for more. She really needed to get away from this man before she did something stupid. Instead she sat there like a bump on a log as the sexy Swedish man moved closer and closer until he was right there, bending down over her.

"Why do you not give me just one little kiss, Dani?"

How the hell was she supposed to say no to all that scrumptious maleness all up in her face like that? His exceedingly kissable-looking lips inched toward her, and Dani didn't move back. She wouldn't admit to a soul that she leaned into him. Not ever.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Solum's Aurora -- A Collection

Solum's Aurora
A Collection by Marteeka Karland

Deep in the hostile Aurora Nebula, the planet Solum is home to a myriad of different cultures. Men and women who have built lives against the odds in this dangerous environment find love and adventure as they risk everything to bring life to Solum. All the while, the nebula surrounds them and provides the perfect backdrop for a sexy seduction.

This collection contains the previously published Hot Flashes Sealed with a KissIn A Different LightFlash DanceTaken by Surprise, and Yule Tied.

Publisher's Note: Although "Solum's Aurora" is primarily a collection of male/female erotic romance, please be advised that the short story "Flash Dance" contains male/male sexual encounters.


Captain Daxon Sha'gar's vivid violet gaze roamed Marie's body hungrily. Her light gray work unitard must surely give him an eyeful, for it hugged every curve of her body, including the painfully hard nipples she knew were not hidden beneath the built-in bra.

God! The man was gorgeous! Her breathing quickened as she took in his angular features. She hadn't been this excited for a man in her whole life, and she'd only seen him for a few seconds.
He quizzed her for almost three hours on technical and operational issues in the quiet back room of a local pub. The inquisition wasn't abnormal; after all, she was hoping to be his computer and mechanical engineer. The length was another matter entirely.

She became restless after an hour, edgy after two. When he began repeating himself at the beginning of the third hour, she could feel her face heating up with her anger. Still, she needed this job, so she put up with it.

After telling him for the second time that the only Oscillation Overthruster she'd ever heard of was in a Buckaroo Banzai movie, she snapped. She planted her hands on her hips, knowing it would thrust her breasts forward and would probably cause his attention to wander. Sure enough, his gaze fell from her face squarely to her heaving chest. Inwardly, she rolled her eyes. So, Captain Hot-to-Trot liked what he saw, too.

But irritation was her predominant emotion and he had to know he could only push her so far. "Look, buster. Are you going to hire me or not? I could go to any skin bar in this crummy sector and get my tits ogled and I'd at least get paid for it."

When he opened his mouth, she added, "And it wouldn't take three fucking hours, either." His smile was slight, but acknowledged her statement. She was a little shocked at him for not denying it, as most men she knew would have.

"In that case, you're hired." His expression was mild, but completely unreadable. "I'd hate for you to have to make your living showing your tits in a skin bar." He glanced at her bosom once more. "Some of the clientele in those establishments aren't content to simply ogle."

He rose smoothly, muscles playing under the snug, black pants molding his thick thighs. Marie was considered average in height for a human female. She wasn't sure where her new captain was from, but he made her feel positively tiny.

She probably hit him about mid-chest, if she was lucky, and the amount of muscle on this prime specimen of manhood was matched only by the amount of muscle between his legs. Those snug britches clung to one healthy, mouth-watering bulge, and Marie wanted to explore every square inch of it.

Along with the rest of him.

As he rose, she followed suit and extended her hand. He simply looked at it until his bewildered eyes met hers once more.

"It's an Earth tradition to shake hands after a deal is made," she said. "It means the negotiations are over and the deal won't be changed on the word of both parties."

"Ah," he said and smiled. "On my planet, we also have a custom." He moved toward her with the grace of a feline. A feline stalking his prey. "We seal our bargains with a kiss."

Saturday, May 7, 2011

$0.01 SALE! Chocolate Covered Cheri

Chocolate Covered Cheri

Jedadiah Blackheart has had one thing on his mind since the company Christmas party and that's getting his assistant, Cheri Dodson, armpit deep in a vat of chocolate so he can lick it all off. When his company lands the Choco Chocolate campaign, Jedadiah finds a way to live out his ultimate fantasy.

Cheri knows Jedadiah is up to something when she sees his inner sanctum turned into a chocolate lover's paradise. And she's sure whatever it is, it's certainly no good for her.

Or is it?

Sex and chocolate is always a good thing.


Jedadiah tinkered with the cameras and made sure all the remotes were covered in plastic. He’d sent Cheri off to dress in the bathing suit that matched her hair exactly. It was conservative enough to keep her comfortable, but he didn’t plan on her wearing it very long. He’d kept his jeans on, but he didn’t plan on wearing them very long, either. Which was probably a good thing because his cock was cramped inside the tight denim.

This was it. Licking chocolate from Cheri’s delectable body would be the greatest pleasure of his life. Thus far, anyway. He planned on having many more pleasures from her, assuming he could convince her to let him. When she entered the room, she was covered throat to mid-thigh in a white terry robe and looked like she was going to her doom.

“Where do you want me?”

Jedadiah opened his mouth to say, “In my bed would be nice,” but he covered the statement by clearing his throat. “Over there,” he finally managed. “By the chocolate mousse. Keep the robe on for now.”

It was time to go to work. Jedadiah tried to clear his mind and get the necessary shots so he could put this project to bed and do the same with Cheri, but it wasn’t going to be easy. Even not trying to be sexy, Cheri was everything he found sexy in every woman he’d ever admired. She had her back to him, and the robe hugged her ass just the way he wanted to.

He swallowed and shook his head once. He could do this. The quicker he got finished, the quicker he could explore other activities.

Cheri turned to face him. She stood by a table with the dessert displayed in a tall, clear crystal dish with an intricate pattern etched into the glass. A silver spoon lay on the lace cloth covering the table. All the preliminary shots were done. All he had to do was get a few of her doing various things before they moved to the fountain. He’d join her then.

“OK,” he said, anxious to get things moving so he could get to his dessert. “Pick up the spoon first, then the mousse. Look at the camera and smile.” She did, but she looked anything but relaxed, so Jedadiah tried a different approach. “Hmm. Lay the spoon back down and scoop some of the mousse up with a finger. Not a lot, but enough to get a taste.”

“Look.” She blew one stray curl from her forehead, and Jedadiah almost lost focus again. That curl made him want to tangle his fingers through her hair as he -- “If I’m going to do that, I want a good taste. Like this.” Cheri scooped up a big dollop off the top with her finger and held it there. She raised an eyebrow and looked straight at Jedadiah a moment before slowly and deliberately sticking the digit into her mouth and sucking off the dark, fluffy chocolate.

Jedadiah swallowed. “Do that again.”

She did. This time, she took a dollop from the side and, just as slowly, just as deliberately, she stuck her finger into her mouth. When she pulled her hand away, she’d left a dab on her top lip. Her tongue darted out to lick the little bit away, and Jedadiah had to bite the inside of his cheek to keep from saying to hell with the whole thing and just jumping her.

“That’s it. Again.”

She did, never taking her eyes from Jedadiah.

“OK. Same thing, but wait for me to join you.” This would be great footage, but Jedadiah was more concerned with getting back into Cheri’s arms. Well, that and painting her body with the mousse and licking it off. Somehow, he doubted she’d let him do it that easily. He set the digital cameras to capture and checked both computers to make sure the feed was indeed recording, then he took his place beside Cheri.

She didn’t take her eyes off him, but slowly scooped up another finger-full and brought it to her mouth. Jedadiah brushed the missed chocolate from the corner of her mouth and laid his finger on her lips. She stuck out her tongue and licked the digit once. Up until that moment, Jedadiah thought she was totally unaffected by what she was doing. Then he saw her swallow and felt the slight tremble of her lips.

“Do you have any idea what you’re doing to me?” Normally, Jedadiah wouldn’t like the husky whisper he’d been reduced to, but if he helped her understand how much she affected him, he didn’t really care.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

May the Fourth...

Today, May 4th, is International Star Wars Day.

May the fourth be with you...


Sunday, May 1, 2011

Interview by Kate Hill

The wonderfully talented Kate Hill has interviewed me.:) Go check out her blog HERE!

Saturday, April 30, 2011

In Support of Judy Mays

This is for Judy. I hope the poorly dressed, poorly spoken women who felt the need to be TOTAL FUCKING MORONS see this video, and I hope they go out and get jobs and find something constructive to do in their apparently large amounts of free time.

I also hope the "journalists" who felt the need to actually take time to write their *ahem* "news story" find something worth writing about. As if there isn't enough going on in the world. (the MULTIPLE wars, the royal wedding, all the tornadoes that killed so many people... *sigh*OH WAIT! Was I watching an episode of the Hollywood Insider instead of an actual news broadcast?? MY BAD!!)

Anyway. This guy ROCKS. And thanks from me for making this support video!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

AVAILABLE NOW! His Willing Prey

His Willing Prey
by Marteeka Karland and Shara Azod

Joaquin wants Dawn with a passion that borders on obsession. She was his sister's best friend, and so he'd always considered her off limits, but he could never run away from her. Her presence in his mind was the only thing that kept him going at times. The rigorous training in the marines had been grueling, dirty work, but thoughts of her had helped him then and on the endless missions everywhere in the world. When his sister, Carmen, had written him that Dawn was seriously dating another man, Joaquin knows he has to make his move now, or lose her forever.

There has never been another man for Dawn other than Joaquin. Sure, she's dated guys and had her fun, but Joaquin was always her ideal of the perfect man. Unfortunately, neither of them is willing to make the first move.

That is, until Joaquin sees Dawn with his arch rival. Things just go up hill from there…

Razor's Edge Press is NOW OPEN FOR BUSINESS!

Available at All Romance ebooks
Available at All Romance ebooks

Razor's Edge Press

REP is the twisted sister imprint of Changeling Press

Be sure to check out the Razor's Edge website for news on upcoming titles, like my own (with the fabulous Shara Azod) called Dr's Orders. You'll find works at REP are more erotica and less paranormal than Changelig Press. It's a wonderful change from some of your favorite authors and a few up and coming authors as well!

Monday, April 25, 2011

The Winner of Marteeka's Blog Hop is...

Jean P

congrats! i'll be sending you an e-mail shortly!

thanks to everyone for the great turn out!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

COMING SOON! His Willing Prey

His Willing Prey
by Marteeka Karland and Shara Azod

Joaquin wants Dawn with a passion that borders on obsession. She was sister's best friend, and so he'd always considered her off limits, but he could never run away from her. Her presence in his mind was the only thing that kept him going at times. The rigorous training in the marines had been grueling, dirty work, but thoughts of her had helped him then and on the endless missions everywhere in the world. When his sister, Carmen, had written him that Dawn was seriously dating another man, Joaquin knows he has to make his move now, or lose her forever.

There has never been another man for Dawn other than Joaquin. Sure, she's dated guys and had her fun, but Joaquin was always her ideal of the perfect man. Unfortunately, neither of them is willing to make the first move.

That is, until Joaquin sees Dawn with his arch rival. Things just go up hill from there…

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


OK, boys and girls! I'm doing this on my own. May work, may not. From now until Sunday night at midnight, I'm running my own damned Blog Hop! Here's what we're going to do.

I'm giving away a copy of Badland Warriors: Spartans. You have to be a follower of my blog to win, so sorry, but those are the rules. In order to ENTER, simply post a comment on THIS thread. I'll choose a winner either Sunday night, (assuming I can stay up that late...) or Monday evening when i get home from work.


you'll be entered to win an ARC of my coming soon Razor's Edge Press release (with the lovely and talented Shara Azod...) Dr's Orders.

Ready? Set?? GO!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

My Blog Hop Winner

is IronbutterflyAZ.

congrats! you win the download copy of Spartans. If you've already purchased, just let me know and I'll get you your book of choice from my backlist.

Thanks to everyone for joining and for stopping by!!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Blog Hop

I can't believe I'm doing this...

Welcome to my blog.
This is the first time I ever participated in a Blog Hop, so don't pick on the newbie!

This Blog Hop is hosted by Danielle of Lush Book Reviews and JoJo of JoJo's Book Corner
What-Easter Hoppin Blog Hop Giveaways
When-12:01 AM April 15th until 11:59 PM April 17th
Where-All around the blogging world!
(These dates were chosen because we did not want to take time away from your family and other things going on Easter weekend.)
Every blog along the hop will be having their own giveaway. There is a complete list of all the blogs participating at the bottom of this post.

For my give away, follow my blog. For every 5 followers, I'll give away a copy of my newest book, Spartans. Since i'm late, i'll extend my give away until Monday evening.

Have a great weeks beginning!

Here's the list of the other participating blogs.

Teeka and the Turtleducks

long story... enjoy. :D

Teeka and the Turtleducks
by Paula Lieberman

Teeka and the turtleducks,
Quack, quack, SPLASH!
Teeka and the turtleducks
Oh so brash--
Teeka and the turtleducks
In the pond
Teeka and the turtleducks
Strong is their bond.

Where she goes, they follow in a line
Where she goes, nature's warped design
They hatched from their eggs
And the first thing that they saw
Was Teeka handing food to them
Imprinting as their Maw....

Teeka and the turtleducks,
Quack, quack, SPLASH!
Teeka and the turtleducks
Oh so brash--
Teeka and the turtleducks
In the pond
Teeka and the turtleducks
Strong is their bond.

Now what is a turtleduck?
Can it be a mix?
Paddles in the waters,
But armored like those brickes,
Does look like ancient monsters
what's a turtle duck,
Does it look like armadillo
And how does it fuck?

Teeka and the turtleducks,
Quack, quack, SPLASH!
Teeka and the turtleducks
Oh so brash--
Teeka and the turtleducks
In the pond
Teeka and the turtleducks
Strong is their bond.