Sunday, June 10, 2018

The Fabulous Four have done it again!

The Player's Club: Queen of Hearts

Emmaline was in trouble. Real trouble. For an hour, she'd been fighting the urge to touch herself. She'd tried counting sheep. They'd turned into images of Graven charging like a beast to reach her, tackling her to the ground in a naked heap to make wild, passionate love to her. She'd tried meditating, letting her mind go blank while she drifted on a calm sea. It had turned into Graven gliding through the water to reach her, wrapping his body around hers while he kissed her until she was as boneless as the water. It was no use. Without something to demand her full and absolute concentration, her mind was going to keep coming back to sex. With Graven.
Knowing there was no way to stop this, she let her hand slide back down her naked body to her mound. She was even more swollen and wet than before. It was as if her confrontation with Graven had heightened her arousal that much more. Her clit throbbed and ached with need, the little bud swollen and distended.
Her leg spasmed, knotted. She froze, trying not to cry out in pain because that would certainly bring Graven. Shifting positions, she tried the other arm. This time, her shoulder cramped, and she was unable to bite back a whimper.
"Emmaline?" He opened the door, his large frame seeming to fill up the space. He crossed the short distance and sat on the edge of the bed beside her.
"I--I need to…" what? I need to fuck you, Graven? Yeah, she'd just blurt that out. "Exercise. Can you help me to the pool?"
"No. Tell me --"
"No!" She took a deep breath. "I can't tell you, Graven. I just need to do something to get control."
"Look at me, Emmaline." His tone brooked no argument. "I'm not judging you, OK? I know a little about OCD, and I know that you can't always get the control you need to handle a given situation. You're at that point, and your body isn't cooperating."
Emmaline knew she looked at him a little helplessly. "It's humiliating," she finally whispered, looking away.
He didn't let her retreat, gently turning her face back to him. With a muttered curse, he switched on the light and stood. Legs slightly apart, he stood before her. There was no mistaking the bulge in his pants. Graven was erect. And blessed in size.
"You want to see humiliating? I've been like this ever since I first laid eyes on you." He gestured to his crotch. "I've got a good idea you're in the same way I am, and that's why you're fixating on the running. You're trying to reset your brain. Exhaust yourself to the point you can't even think about sex." He crossed his arms over his chest. "If I'm wrong, I'll gladly take you to the pool and help you work out so you don't drown yourself, but I know I'm not wrong."
She had no idea what to say to him. She was, after all, the worst liar in the world. "Say you're right," she capitulated. "What do you propose we do about this? I can't sleep with you in this condition. It would be for all the wrong reasons and would be insulting to us both."
"That's why I've been trying to get you to open up to me, Emmaline. I'm not a man to take advantage of a woman, and I can take care of myself. If you weren't injured, you could take care of yourself, too. Just tell me what you need, and I'll help. I'm betting, if this is something that happens often, you've got more than one toy to take the edge off."
For all his blunt talk, he didn't look put out or like he was laughing at her. He looked like he genuinely wanted to make it so she could fix this problem on her own.
With a vexed sigh, she closed her eyes. "This is embarrassing."
"I know. Believe me. At least you're not standing at attention for all the fucking world to see." His tone was wry, but he grinned at her. If he could be cool about this and not make a big deal of it, she could too. Besides, he had a point. Err… so to speak.