Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Wonderful reviews for Wanted 2: Vodka Shots!

See what all the buzz is about!

Nikki Winter's Blog

"This story may not be delivered in the form of a fairytale but it is in fact the classic “Knight in shining armor” that many readers search for."

Nevea Lane

"Whatever it is that you are looking for, action, laughs, hot scenes or just an emotional yet satisfying get away, trust me, Wanted 2: Vodka Shots is the book for you."

J. M. Powers

"More than learning more about the characters, I especially want to read more of this author’s style of writing. Marteeka Karland gets right into the action, taking the reader along on the adventure into space. I highly recommend this book.

What I want to talk about is the sex. Yes, I took it there, and how can I not with this story. Like the heady burn of a Vodka shot that gets you all warm and courageous (or that could just be me) the sex is awesome.

I now have the biggest girl crush on Marteeka Kartland... You won't love Dmitry to start, but damn if he won't throw you down on the nearest space bed and make you love him.

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