Saturday, November 5, 2011

Vacation with the Guys... *sigh*

OK, so not exactly a "vacation," but a weekend get away. It just amazes me how guys are. Not so much my son as he's only eight and at least has an excuse, but my husband...

This is a snipit of our conversation

Do you remember the song theres a hole in my bucket dear Liza? If you need to refresh your memory, click HERE.

HUSBAND: Where we going to eat?

TEEKA: Look at the hotel brochure.

HUSBAND: Where is that?

TEEKA: On the table.

HUSBAND: Where do I find the restaurants?

TEEKA: In the table of contents.

HUSBAND: What do I look for?


HUSBAND: Oh,yeah, I'm hungey too. Where we going to eat?



  1. I feel for you. I went through something similar yesterday.

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Ginkgo biloba might help him with that.

    ~ Zenobia

  3. i know. he'll kill me if he sees this, but dayum!!! sorry for your experience Naomi. but hey, if we don't laugh at them, we're tempted to kill them. :P

  4. Slides a pillow between your head and the desk for two reasons , 1 I'm selfish and I need you to be able to keep writing ( hey don't judge my addiction ) and I feel your pain

  5. This is too funny. About your husband possibly reading this, he could be like mine - who would read said conversation, turn to me with a confused look and say something like, "So? He was hungry."

  6. i'm SO glad i'm not the only one! I'm thinking on a blog about vacation in general. cause he gets up at the ass crack of dawn ready to go. I'm like DOOD!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. LOL. Our son is only 1 and he wakes up at that time. He gets it from us, but now we take all the sleep we can get. I so feel your pain.

  8. i wanted to do a little shopping. maybe catch a show or something. ANYTHING but run straight home. you know? we went to the hotel. to the waterpark. came home. he BARELY let us eat breakfast before we left and only that grudgingly!!

  9. Poor Teeka... There is just something about that that drives men to apparently shove as much time into the morning hours as possible. This is why they wake up at butt-crack dawn wanting to fish, hunt or run the motor to their chainsaw to get the last bit of gas out before winter... whatever the case may be, men, word of advice, while you want to do all of that is fine by me, don't wake me up smelling like the outdoors and want to tickle and nudge and I haven't had not one ounce of coffee.