Monday, January 28, 2013

Flash Fiction from the Changeling Press Bar and Grille

What the hell is flash fiction anyway???

Flash Fiction is an erotic tease, usually done in 100-500 words. Sometimes, our characters get to do the hunka-chunks, sometimes the author is mean and cruel. (MUHAHAHAH) This week's theme was water. Anything to do with water. This was my contribution...

Wulf the Feared
by Marteeka Karland

Naida broke the surface of her favorite pool, her long blue-green hair trailing behind her like silken seaweed. She knew he watched. She felt his eyes on her as surely as if he were standing in front of her, devouring her with his gaze.

With infinite care, Naida glided through the water to the sunning rock. She wanted her body shown to its best advantage to further entice him from the shadows. Flipping her hair back, she let it cascade from the rock as she lay down to pool in the water. The action also thrust her breasts upward as if in tribute to the sun god. In truth, they were all for him.

She closed her eyes and lay with one leg bent, the other hanging from the rock to let her big toe dangle in the water sending ripples over the surface. She knew he would have a view of her glistening sex. Would he see the moisture gathered there? Would he know it was all for him?

As if she’d conjured him with her wicked thoughts, a large shadow fell across her, blocking the sun completely. She knew before she opened her eyes who stood before her. Wulf. The most feared creature in the Magical Forest. Even the King thought twice before crossing him. Should she?

“Do you enjoy laying all sprawled out for every man in the blasted forest to lust after you, water nymph?” His voice was edged with controlled fury. Fists clenched and unclenched at his sides as if he couldn't decide whether to strangle her with is bare hands or not.

Naida smiled and stretched, her breasts a conscious offering to his hungry, male gaze. “Not every man, Wulf the Feared. Only you.”

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