Sunday, August 11, 2013

Late Vacation Post

Yeah, I forgot. The hotel has spotty internet access and my husband was griping at me for bringing the computer anyway, so I forgot. Anyway, here goes:

Second day. Got the cabana I wanted with my own personal cabana boy. :D Unfortunately, it was cloudy. Like all day cloudy. The sun came out for about an hour or so near the end of the afternoon, but... meh. Not that I cared. I was a little bit tweaked on Captain and Cola.

What?? Problem??? It's my vacation!!!

So about two or a little after, it started raining. Not hard and no thunder or anything. Just rain. I was even more tweaked on Captain and Cola and thinking I could do things that just don't mix with the amount of alcohol I'd consumed. You know. Like sitting in the wave pool.

OKOKOK, so it wasn't the "sitting" that got me in trouble. It was when I got out of the pool chair -- where the water was pleasantly lapping at my feet as the waves rolled gently to the shore -- to walk back to the cabana tent.

I was standing there. Minding my own business. Not hurting anyone. I took like three steps and this BIG ASS WAVE comes out of no where. I mean, it was a MONSTER wave. My foot slipped and the thing knocked me down onto one knee. Now, I'm fine, I tell you. No problems whatsoever. I'm perfectly fine. Nono... don't help me up... ok, maybe you there big guy about 6'7" with the huge muscles. You can help me up all you want... *lop sided grin* And I stroll easily back to the tent.

Where my husband is sitting there going, "I saw you fall. You ok?"

"Um... you saw me fall and didn't come to my rescue?"

"Looked to me like that guy had it under control. Besides, I'm just as tweaked as you are and I didn't want him helping me up. Now, had it been that curvy lifeguard over there with the long blond ponytail..."


"What?? I was just saying!"

Unfortunately, once the Captain and Cola wore off, I realized I'd done more than just stumbled to land on one knee. I think my kneecap might be broken. At any rate, I'm just now getting to where I don't walk with a limp.

Suites me right for trying to drink and walk in the wave pool...


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