Monday, June 4, 2012

Vacation... I'm NO good on my own!!!

So, I just got back from my weekend hiatus to the Smoky Mountains. FUN!!


I'm sunburned. And sick. I highly recommend 70 SPF sunscreen... HIGHLY recommend it. Even if your SURE that 8 SPF will be plenty because you always tan easily after the first burn over Memorial day... yeah. 70 SPF.

And a t-shirt.

And stay in the shade.

Other than that -- and the raging case of sun poisioning I'm sure i have with the vomiting and headache and... other... gastrointestional challenge... we had a great time. :)

Anyone going to the Wilderness Lodge to the waterpark in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, I HIGHLY recommend shelling out the extra $$$ for the poolside cabana. You get poolside service, which means they bring your Captain's Mai Tai to you. Along with your pizza or burger, or nachos. AND you're guaranteed a poolside lounge chair and really soft, fluffy towels. *happy sigh* There is a TV for when your husband just HAS to watch that golf tournament, misters for when it gets too hot (provided the wind isn't blowing the mist back into the cabana tent, volume control for the poolside music, and did I mention you dont' have to fight for a poolside lounge chair???

MAN! I could use a Native American or Asian hunk with a secret remedy for severe sunburn... hum...

And me with the majority of a week before I have to go back to work...


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