Saturday, November 24, 2012

My sex scene.

It's 2am and I'm still working on this bleeding sex scene. OK, so it's not BLEEDING, but if I said f*cking sex scene someone would just HAVE to comment on it. I mean seriously.

So maybe bleeding was the wrong word to use. I mean who wants to be thinking of bleeding during sex? Right? OK, so maybe a vampire. And who doesn't just love vampire sex! Show me an erotic romance reader who doesn't love vampire sex and I'll show you someone who doesn't think about bleeding during sex.

Wow. That's strange. I'm like totally rambling. I wonder if my sex scene reads that bazaar? Probably. I'm totally bleeding words! Sometimes I think all I'm doing is putting words on a page. Like now. Why am I blogging about bleeding sex. I mean seriously. How gross is that? And they're not even vampires.

Wait. No one is bleeding. She's not even a virgin. I mean, she's not like a ho or anything, but still. She's had sex before. And the guys aren't even going all batshit crazy because of it. I was pretty proud of myself for that one. Wonder if Shara will appreciate my restraint? *grin* I sure hope so. Cause if not, I'll hear about it tomorrow and then I'll make her redo it cause I already wrote it once. Which is why I have an editor. I really love my editor. She tells me if there's too much blood. Sometimes, I even listen! It's so cool!

Ok. Wait. What was I talking about?


  1. Bleeding sex, sans bleeding. But the sexy shall be great. Like the postman you always deliver! Carry on Teeka!!

  2. Wow. I just got this. Actually, i just READ THE POST. I must have been out of my mind!! LOL Thanks Billy!! *hugs*