Sunday, September 20, 2020

REVIEW for Demon by Harley Wylde


Farrah -- I’ve spent my entire life at the Dixie Reapers MC compound -- one of the perks of being the VP’s daughter. Except it’s suffocating. Leaving to start a life of my own was the only solution. I knew what it would mean if I went to the Devil’s Fury MC compound, even more so to flirt with their Sergeant-at-Arms. Getting involved would ruin the little bit of freedom I’ve found. Then I ended up in the man’s bed. Leave it to me to find trouble around every corner. My daddy is going to be so pissed, especially when I run from Demon, get snatched off the streets, and shoved into a trunk. I’m not winning at the adulting thing.

Demon -- She was a one-night stand. Until the condom broke. Then I found out she’d lied to me. The hot little number in my bed wasn’t just any woman, she was the daughter of a Dixie Reaper. Maybe I shouldn’t have barked orders at her, or spanked her. Feisty little Farrah ran, pissing me off even more. When she disappeared and I realized trouble had found her, I knew I’d do whatever it took to make sure she was safe. Only after I had her back did I realize she was f**king perfect for me. Watching her handle the club wh*res was hot as hell, and she didn’t take sh*t off anyone.

I’ll make her mine -- permanently.

WARNING: Demon’s book contains graphic violence and sex, bondage, spanking, bad language, and scenes that may be difficult for some readers. But it also has a heroic dog and a man who will move heaven and earth to protect the feisty, smart-mouthed woman he loves. There’s no cliffhanger and a guaranteed happily-ever-after.


Every single book of Harley's I read I'm blown away at her character development. She get's the guys spot on and the girls, though in some kind of trouble, are no damsels in distress. They have spunk and they fight back. Her hero's are no white knights, but they definitely come to the rescue. Demon was no exception. He fucked up. Several times. But he did everything in his power to make it right. He also recognized their age differences played a big part in his fuck ups. She's much younger and, though she's lived in a club her whole life, sometimes those life experiences for Farrah work against Demon. He doesn't use that as an excuse, rather apologizes and does better. Well, after he has to run her down a time or three.

This book is very graphic, in both the sex and violence, as expected. The book, as well as the love Demon and Farrah share, is gritty. Which means it's not always very pretty. But it's strong. It's raw and powerful. All reasons to love this book.



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