Wednesday, December 8, 2010

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In a world where humans are one of the last links in the food chain, they depend on other races and breeds to protect them. But what happens when humans are left on their own?

Jayla's entire family was murdered when she was ten. Now, eight years later, she's on the hunt for the Lionsblood she believes is responsible. Avoiding the farms that "protect" most of the planet's five hundred thousand human inhabitants, Jayla has taught herself to hunt and kill as efficiently as any human possibly could. What she lacks in acute senses, she makes up for in cunning, fearlessness, and keen intelligence.

Kane has followed and protected Jayla since the day she lost her parents and siblings. He knows she believes him responsible, and though he arrived too late to help her family, he was the one who fought off the rogue clan before they killed her, too. Not intending ever to reveal himself to her, Kane suddenly finds himself in need of her help.

It's up to her now. Will Jayla save his life, or live up to the name she has given herself? This is her one chance to truly become the Lionsbane.

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