Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Available in AUDIO!

Now, you can listen to the first book in Marteeka's popular series, Shifter's Coven, right on your iPod!

When Gennive witnesses a car crash, she rushes to help, and is more than a little surprised to find a  lion cub in the damaged vehicle along with the driver. Wade Monroe is a telepath -- and a shape-shifting wolf. The lion cub is his daughter, Sasha, who's shifted to her cat form out of fear. Gennive should walk away - fast - but something about the pair makes leaving the last thing she wants to do.

Wade Monroe thought he'd left romance far behind him in the past, but Gennive is waking up all sorts of feelings in his battle-scarred heart.  Unfortunately, one "accident" isn't all that's in store for Wade and Gennive. The Dark Witches' Coven has declared war on Wade, jockeying for leadership of his pack. Magic and mayhem follow the couple, and there seems to be little the wolf in Wade can do to stop it.

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