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The Prefect's Baby - All Romance Ebooks

The Prefect's Baby - All Romance Ebooks

The Prefect's Baby had moved into ARe's bestseller's list! Check it out!

When Astra meets a mysterious, handsome stranger at a ball in honor of her father’s honored guests, she lives in the moment. A lifetime of sheltering makes her reckless. The sexy stranger makes her long for something... more.

Unfortunately “more” leaves her in a delicate condition. And her handsome stranger turns out to be the very Prefect her father needs an alliance with.

Galen is taken with the beautiful daughter of the king. The alliance he came to form with this planet could rest with his ability to control his wayward feelings. Astra’s pull, however, is more than he wants to resist.

Now he just has to convince her family he’s the one for her...


“I’ve been told the view of the stars from that particular mountain overlooking the sea is quite breathtaking.”

The sultry, masculine voice sent shivers prickling over Astra’s body, heat coiling through her middle. “So I’ve heard,” she murmured, trying to pretend to be unaffected by the deep rasp that tickled her ear as he spoke. “I’ve heard it’s the most beautiful sight on all of Stratan.”

“Well,” he drawled, resting his hands on her hips, his breath stirring the fine tendrils of hair loose from her thick, tight braid, “maybe not the most beautiful. I can think of at least one sight more fair.”

He was definitely a smooth talker. Being the only daughter of the king of planet Stratan, Astra was used to compliments. “Flattery is a frivolous thing, good sir.”

“Only if it isn’t true,” he answered without hesitation. “I’ve been to worlds that would stun you into silence with their beauty and worlds that would freeze your blood in terror of the monsters inhabiting them. But I have truly never seen a woman to compare to your beauty.”

Astra opened her mouth to deliver a taunting remark, but nothing came to mind. Instead, she grinned, crossing her arms beneath her breasts. “I don’t care if you mean what you say or not. You’re good.”

His smile was heart-stopping as he stepped closer to her. The slight breeze coming in off the sea blew tendrils of his blue-black hair across piercing blue eyes. Before she realized what she’d done, Astra had reached out to brush the silky strands away from his face, tucking them behind his ear with shaky fingers.

The stranger was a ruggedly handsome man with angular features. He reminded her of her father’s new guests, but this man was more approachable than the party of dignitaries from the newly discovered Alliance of Worlds. Astra hadn’t been introduced; in fact, she’d stayed as far away from them as she could. But she’d been naturally curious about the group of intensely handsome and powerful men, so she’d spied from afar.

Before she could pull her hand away from his face, he caught it gently in his own hand, bringing her fingertips to his lips. No man had ever dared to take such liberties with her, but Astra had no desire to reprimand him. The warmth of his skin seemed to seep into her body, setting an ember smoldering deep inside her.

Reluctantly, she pulled her hand from his, lowering her eyes and looking back over the balcony of the grand ballroom where the formal party for her father’s guests would continue well into the night. She’d sought refuge there for the view of the sea and mountains. In all the palace, this was her favorite place. Even the view from the turrets didn’t offer this precise angle.

“My apologies if I offended you.” He didn’t sound a bit sorry.

“Judging from the grin on your face, I sincerely doubt you mean that.”

He shrugged. “Perhaps I should clarify, then. I’m sorry I made you uncomfortable, but I enjoyed the feel of your skin on my lips too much to regret my actions.”

Astra studied him a long moment. “You’re not like any man I’ve ever met.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment.”

He extended his hand to her, this time requesting permission to touch her. Astra hesitated only a moment before accepting. The stranger led her back to the ornate ballroom, straight to the dance floor where he whirled her around once before pulling her close to him. His arms were enormously strong; Astra could feel the hard muscles pressed against her body as he held her securely. A fine shiver coursed through her, and he pulled her closer, smiling down into her upturned face.

“If my lady is cold, I’ll be happy to warm her.” The silken honey in his voice was anything but cold. Astra thought she would go up in flames, but she was trembling so hard, she could see why he thought her chilled.

This had been foolish on her part. She was an expert at deflecting male attention. Being the king’s only daughter had made it mandatory. Her father and brothers were the overprotective types, and she had no desire to see a man dead or worse because he was caught in a compromising position with her. What she had no clue about was how to deal with a man she was genuinely attracted to. And she was definitely attracted to this man. In the few short minutes she’d been in his company, she was charmed beyond reason. She’d never considered letting a man hold her as they danced like she was allowing this one to do.

Trying to gather her wits, she glanced around the room... only to spot her father’s fierce gaze centered squarely on her and her dance partner. She knew she only had a minute or two before one of her brothers intercepted her, removing the man in such close proximity to her. The thought wasn’t very appealing. Not only because they tended to be embarrassing about it, but also because she wasn’t ready to give up the company just yet.

Decision made, she nodded toward the door. “Want to go see if the view from Mount Dwallig is as beautiful as we’ve heard?”

A wide grin split his face, taking her breath. “Absolutely.” He pulled her under his arm and guided her toward the door. A quick glance over her shoulder told Astra her father had lost sight of her in the crowd. She quickened her steps, hoping the man holding her so possessively would think her merely eager to be alone with him. It was at least half the reason for her hurry. Thank goodness for her father’s important guests. There was no way he could leave the king of such an important trade alliance to go collect his wayward daughter.

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