Wednesday, December 21, 2016

A Mom for Christmas... Hump Day!

Sebastian Taylor isn’t looking for a mother for his girls, but playing the role of both parents isn’t something he ever thought he’d have to do. Unfortunately, his wife left him no choice, disappearing before serving him with divorce papers last year on Christmas Day.

He’s known Sadira Duncan since she first started teaching at the school. Coaching the cheerleading squad and gymnastics team put her directly in the path of his girls, setting her up become the mother figure they’d lost even before Dedra Taylor had skipped town.

Now, Sebastian aches for the beautiful, dark-skinned woman he’s tried so hard not to notice. She’s everything he’s ever wanted in a wife, and his daughters love and respect her. Not only that, but she tempts him more than any woman ever has. But when his ex-wife returns, will his life come crashing down once again? Will his daughters have a second Christmas ruined? Or will they get A Mother for Christmas?

This heartwarming contemporary romance will make you believe again in the magic of Christmas. For fans of contemporary romance, interracial romance, and erotic romance.


The next morning, it proved harder than Sebastian anticipated to get the girls gone. In the end, he had to swear they’d all do something together the next day before they’d finally left with his parents. He hadn’t told them Sadira would be staying with him that day, but he suspected the knew something was up. The older couple had raised an eyebrow at Sadira, but said nothing. Sebastian wasn’t sure if it was because she was black or because it was the first woman they’d seen him with since Dedra had left. Frankly, he didn’t care. She was with him. Was his.

As time went on, he was beginning to realize Dedra had never been his. And he wasn’t all that broken up about it. He’d thought he’d had a good relationship with Dedra at one time, but it had been nothing compared to how he felt about Sadira. From the very first—even before Dedra left—Sebastian had been drawn to the spunky woman. And if Dedra hadn’t left he’d never have acted on it.

Once the girls were out the door and safely in the car and down the drive, however, Sebastian couldn’t act on his feelings for Sadira fast enough.

With a laughing smile and wicked gleam in her eyes, Sadira let him pull her into his arms. Sebastian nuzzled her hair, inhaling deeply before saying right at her ear, “Do you have any idea how long I’ve been waiting to do this?”

“Do what? Run off your girls so you could have a Daddy day?”

He growled and nipped her neck before licking the skin he’d just abused. “Yeah. That exactly.” Then his mouth found hers, the contact scorching and more erotic than anything he’d ever imagined. Sadira melted into his arms, fitting him perfectly. Opening her mouth, she let him dart his tongue inside to find hers. At the contact, Sebastian knew he’d found heaven. Home…

Sadira knew she’d wanted this, wanted to explore the reserved man she’d known for so many years in the most intimate way, but just his kiss was exceeding her wildest expectations. When he groaned and wrapped his arms around her tighter, Sadira knew she was about to see this man lose all his reservations. And she was giddy with excitement.

With a growl, Sebastian lifted her, urging her legs around his waist as he continued to kiss her. Whipping around, he pinned her between the living room wall and his hard, hard body. One hand found her breast, tenderly squeezing and feathering his thumb over her nipple. She knew the sports bra she had on beneath her shirt did little to hide the aroused peaks of her nipples. Knew he felt them stabbing his thumb when he gasped before groaning loudly into her mouth.

“I’m going to enjoy unwrapping this lush little body of yours,” he said between licks at her mouth. His raspy voice sent shivers through her, her nipples tightening even more when he spoke. “I’m going to fuck you so good, Sadira. So fucking good.”


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