Wednesday, February 22, 2017

SnowFlower's Bear... oldie but a goodie....

SnowFlower's Bear
by Marteeka Karland

“Relax, my beauties.” The man raised his hands as if he meant them no harm. “I only wish to repay your kindness.” He grinned. “Though I confess it would be as much to my advantage as yours. Two beautiful women to pleasure isn’t something I run across every day.”

Rose relaxed and found Snow’s hand with hers. The other woman still quivered slightly, but Rose thought it might be more in anticipation than fear. The man was almost as large in his human form as he was in his bear form.

He stood before them, naked. His pelt of snow white fur pooled around his feet on the floor. Powerful thighs were dusted lightly with hair and, jutting proudly between them, his cock stood fully erect and pulsed from time to time as they looked him over. He was a prime male specimen, all muscled and covered in a light layer of curly hair. There seemed to be nothing soft about him. Muscle and sinew played under deeply tanned skin, and veins roped his body with his intense musculature. He was, in a word, huge. Perfectly man enough to take on two horny female Faeries.

“Perhaps we could enjoy you for the evening.” Rose stood her ground, raising her chin proudly. “But I’ll have your name first, Bear.”

“I am called Balen,” he replied without hesitation. “And I am at your command for this one evening. You may use me in any way you wish, my beauties.”

Rose grinned and wrapped her arm around Snow, bringing the lithe winter Faerie’s body against hers once more. “Then you will, indeed, pleasure us both, Balen, but we want honesty. If you don’t enjoy yourself, don’t say you do.”

Balen grinned a slow, sexy grin. “As you wish, my lady.”

Rose noticed Snow staring in fascination at Balen’s cock. The winter Faerie turned her head to the side and leaned closer. “Can I touch it?” She didn’t wait, but sank to her knees and reached for Balen’s member with tentative fingers.

“Explore to your heart’s content, little one.” Balen’s response was a low growl. Not threatening. More like he just really enjoyed what Snow was doing to his cock. Who could blame him? Rose knew how good Snow’s silky fingers felt on her skin. She imagined Balen was feeling the same thing and in a very sensitive area.

After several moments, Balen groaned and let his head fall back slightly, closing his eyes. “Ah, little Snow. I see you’re very curious indeed. One might think you’d never seen a man before.”

“Seen, yes,” Snow replied absently, her full attention obviously on his cock and not him. “Just never this close. Never really wanted to. May I taste you?” Balen opened his mouth -- probably to give his assent -- just as Snow stuck out her tongue and licked a long, slow path from his balls to the tip of his dick.

Balen let out a slow breath, and Rose did the same. She’d never watched Snow with anyone else, much less a man. As far as Rose knew, Snow had never been with a man, and she’d never confessed to wanting to be with one. Today, however, she was obviously enjoying herself thoroughly.

Snow licked the sides and around the head of him several times. Soon, Balen’s cock glistened with her saliva. The thick mushroom tip turned a dark purple the longer she explored. She didn’t take him into her mouth -- Rose wasn’t altogether sure he’d fit -- but her little pink tongue darted out to lick all of him. No part of his private area was left untouched by her mouth.

For her part, Rose simply crossed her arms and watched. A faint flush stained Snow’s chest, neck and cheeks, a strong indication of how turned on she was. If that wasn’t enough, a trickle of moisture leaked from her cunt and down one thigh. Snow slipped one hand between her legs and caught the drop with her fingertips. Looking curiously at her wet fingers, Snow smeared the fluid onto Balen’s cock.

Balen grunted, his teeth clenching as well as his fists. His muscles flexed and became more pronounced with the effort. He was really a huge man… brought almost to his knees by a woman as small as little Snow and her curiosity.

“Do you have any idea what you’re doing, Snow?” Rose couldn’t resist teasing her lover.

Snow looked over her shoulder. “Is it that obvious?” She looked up at Balen then back to Rose and shrugged. “He doesn’t seem to mind. Looks kinda like you did the first time I tongued your pussy.”

Rose snorted. “Yeah. Wanna know why?”

“I do not hear him complaining. Don’t remember you complaining either.”

“He looks like that ‘cause when you get curious, you explore until you find out what makes us tick. You tend to drive us crazy -- I think you enjoy our discomfort just a tad too much.”

“I have no idea what you mean.” She looked straight at Rose as she stuck out her tongue and slowly licked a trail where her fingers had smeared her own juice on Balen’s cock. “I simply want to know everything I can to be an effective lover.”


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