Wednesday, August 9, 2017

UNEDITED -- Mating Alafair

Talon didn't bother to cover his erection as he opened the door to admit Magenta and her pets. I remembered one's name was Zeus, but had no idea what the other was called. Talon snarled at Magenta when I knew he was anything but angry.
"I told you after the evening meal," she said, looking down her nose at me, already sizing me up. "We just finished eating.”
"Well, we haven't," I said, jumping on the only thing I could think of that would make Talon express displeasure. I also suspected he wanted to establish dominance before we began this.
Magenta rolled her eyes. "I suspected as much when the whole village heard both of you rutting like animals." She turned slightly. "Luca." The tall male entered with a platter laden with fruits and cheeses. "You can feed your pet while mine look her over. They'll want to make sure they know how she moves. I won't have her disfiguring my own pets."
I took a step forward. "I will eat in peace. If the three of you wish to start without us, I'll be happy to watch and I'm sure I'll be appropriately aroused. As to disfiguring them, as long as they don't try to do something to me I expressly refuse to allow, there will be no problems."
Magenta refused to look at me or acknowledge my presence in any way. Instead she motioned for Luca to set the tray of food on the hearth. Obviously she expected I'd eat my food on the floor. Like a $pet. I raised my chin, knowing I'd refuse even if Talon asked me to.
Talon scowled at Magenta, stomping over to the hearth to retrieve the platter. With his long strides, he carried it to the table and waved me over. That was as far as he went though. He sat in a chair and snagged me around the waist when I tried to sit in another chair. Lifting me to sit on his lap, he turned me to face away from him, but spread my legs so that my thighs were spread wide, My knees resting over his own powerful thighs. Like this, I was open to any who wished to view me.
I glanced over my shoulder at Talon. "Really, barbarian?"
He shrugged, the grin never wavering from his ruggedly handsome face. I almost forgave him when he wrapped one muscled arm around my chest, covering my tits, and cupped my pussy possessively with the other hand. Almost.
"I still don't like you in this moment, Talon," I said with no real conviction. He chuckled against my ear, kissing my neck as he squeezed a breast. He lazily grazed my neck up and down, which sent shivers up over my body. I knew the other men couldn't tell how turned on I was getting because Talon's big hands effectively blocked my nipples -- which I was sure were pebble hard -- and my pussy -- which was probably soaking wet.
I let my head fall back against his chest. The deep rumble coming from him told me he was pleased by my easy acceptance. I wasn't sure if this was his way of keeping both women in his home happy, or if it was simply his way of playing with me, but I couldn't really stay mad at him.
Then I felt something at my lips. I opened my eyes and Zeus was on one knee in front of me with a piece of cheese grazing my lips. "It's has a sharp bite." He grinned. "Like you."
OK. I liked Zeus.
Magenta scowled at her pet but said nothing, undressing without a word. Luca helped her with the fastenings through all the fur in her outfit. Knowing Magenta didn't like that $her pet was giving $me attention eased my anger further. I opened my mouth to accept the cheese bite from Zeus. He smiled and offered me a slice of fruit next. By degrees, I relaxed.
Talon rumbled a masculine purr beside my ear, rubbing his face against mine as Zeus fed me one delicious bite after another. He offered me a cup of sweet water which I drank with an appreciative moan.
"What's your name, mistress?" Zeus was charming and polite, but there was a cunning intelligence in his eyes. I wouldn't be surprised if there was more to him than a simple "pet."
"Alafair," I said without hesitation.
"Mistress Alafair," he said offering me another bite of cheese.
"No. Just Alafair," I wasn't going there.
He smiled. "Alafair, then."
Just as I thought $I could get used to this, Zeus gave me another bite of fruit. This one was dripping with juice. He didn't make an effort to catch the drops. Instead, they fell on Talon's arm. Which Talon moved as he nipped my ear. The next few drops landed on one tit. When I bit into the fruit, a steady stream ran down my chin to my chest. Zeus glanced at Talon -- who nodded -- before leaning in to lick the sticky juice from my skin.
I stiffened, before crying out when his tongue rasped over one nipple. This was $wonderful! Talon's big dick pulsed against my backside with every swipe of Zeus's tongue and every cry the other man milked from my throat. The stubble on Talon's jaw abraded the side of my face in an erotic scrape as he rested his chin on my shoulder. My every sense was on fire, loving the lavish attention.
I glanced at Magenta and Luca. The man had finished undressing her and was massaging her shoulders. He was attending her, but his eyes were fixed squarely on me. Magenta stood proudly naked, her breast large but high and firm. Muscle made her body ripple with her every movement. Had she not been such a bitch, I'd have found her extraordinarily attractive.
OK, so I $still found her attractive even though she was a bitch. Her long hair was braided in an intricate style that was at once functional and exotic. The silky looking chestnut strands were threaded through with gold, probably from the sun. Her skin was lightly tanned except where her outfit covered her, the tan lines standing out like an erotic invitation for a man -- or woman -- to trace with his tongue.
Talon grunted, nipping my earlobe sharply before sucking the little bit of skin between his lips and licking away the sting.
He nodded in Magenta's direction. Did I like looking at her?
"Well, she's a beautiful woman," I admitted. "Of course I like looking at her. Don't you?" I purposely talked about the other woman as if she weren't in the room to fuck with her. As expected, she bristled.
"As if I care what you think, $pet."
I shrugged, a little smile tugging at my lips. "Got you to speak directly to me, didn't I?"
That got a snicker from Zeus around a mouthful of nipple. The… $pet didn't even try to hide his amusement.
Magenta's face and neck flushed scarlet. "I will turn you over to the warriors," she hissed to Zeus. "Do you think they'll go as easy on your ass as Luca does? They'll abuse you until you beg them for mercy, but they will show you none!"
That got a "whatever" shrug from Zeus, but, interestingly, a deadly frown from Luca. I said nothing. Magenta obviously had no idea the bi-play going on there. Who was I to enlighten her? None of my business.
"In any case," I said as if nothing had happened, "the thought of the two of us writhing on the fur in front of the hearth isn't $unappealing. I imagine the guys would enjoy the sight as well."
            "I'm not here for $their pleasure." She glanced at Talon before stiffening and focusing on Zeus still licking and sucking at my tits. "The pleasure of pets matters to me not at all. I'm interested in my $own pleasure." Again, she glanced at Talon. My eyes narrowed as the truth hit me. This woman wanted Talon! Badly. What would she say if she knew what had truly transpired between me and Talon?


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