Thursday, August 7, 2014

A Hero to Dance with Me

It's finally here! The third brook in the Carver Brother series!

Jezelle (Elle) Temple is a favorite employee at the Wildcat Roadhouse. Not only is she sassy and spunky, she’s sexy as hell with her innocence and girl-next-door looks. When she dances...well. Badass SEAL, Steve Carver never has a chance.

While Elle isn’t the type of girl to take just any man to her bed, there’s something about the brooding SEAL that draws her like a moth to a flame. If anyone needs her bubbly personality, it's Steve Carver. Unfortunately, one night seems to be all Steve is interested in, leaving Elle with a broken heart.

Knowing he royally screwed up, that he left behind the one thing in his life besides his family that was pure and good, Steve returns to Elle. Unfortunately, his sweet little dancer is no longer soft toward him. If anything, she looks at him with indifference, her disillusion obvious. Unable to let her go, Steve still pursues her, thinking that if he won her once, he can do it again.

But Jezelle isn't the type of girl to give second chances unless they're earned, and Steve has to prove he's the man for her. Who knew one little dancer could change his life forever? Who expected that, this was the SEAL who was only too glad to use all his considerable training to win back the heart of the one woman he's ever wanted to keep?


Had he ever seen a woman so…enticing? Steve doubted it. Though every single woman working here wore the exact same outfit, Elle made it look like an invitation for hot, sweaty sex. There was nothing overt about her. She didn’t flirt or show more skin than the outfit called for, but she was unconsciously sexy. Which was a huge turn-on for Steve since most women took one look at him and his brothers and generally fawned over them all. Not this woman. She was polite, energetic, talkative even, but all in a professional manner he sensed was designed to put people at ease. Perfect for a waitress.

He followed her with his gaze, watching as she stopped by various tables introducing herself and taking orders before returning to his table with their drinks. As she continued to chat lightly, taking their food orders and offering her opinion–when asked–about certain items on the menu, he was further charmed by her. She gave Melanie the most attention, commenting how the color of her blouse complemented her skin tone. Though she was polite to everyone, she didn’t flirt or give excessive attention to any of the men. Including him. Which displeased him.

“Is everything okay?” Elle asked her question with a raised eyebrow, looking straight at Steve. That’s when he realized he was scowling at her.

“Fine. But I’m paying and will be the one tipping you. You should shower me with attention. Not Melanie.”
Chuckles from his brothers made his face heat. Well, except for Chase who guffawed loudly. To Steve’s consternation, the lovely Elle only grinned.

“Feeling a little left out, big guy?”

“Damned straight.” If he was going to do this, he would do it right. “But you’d go a long way toward making up with me if you saved me the next dance.”

Her already sunny smile brightened.“Happy to.” Then it turned mischievous. “But you have to participate with the group.”

“Oh, no, darlin’,” he drawled. “I want a slow dance. “

She shrugged. “It’s the line dance or nothing, sweets. Sorry, but that’s house rules.” Her grin said she was anything but sorry. “I’ll make sure to come get you before we get ready to start.” Then she turned, and with a swish of her rounded ass sashayed away.

“Bloody hell,” he muttered.

“I’ll say,” Mike observed. “You? Line dancing? Can’t wait to let your team know about this.”

“Shut the fuck up,” Steve growled, then immediately threw an apologetic look at Melanie. The little wench had her hand covering her mouth. No doubt to hide a smile.

“He’s got a point, Steve,” Mike mused, looking as if he were seriously contemplating what would happen when his SEAL team found out he was line dancing with a chick. “Could get rough.”

“I think we’ve reached that point,” Rick said gravely. The bastard even looked like he cared deeply about Steve’s safety. When Steve refused to ask “what point,” Rick continued without prompting. “You know. That point where you ask yourself is the cake worth the bake.”

Steve did his best to keep his expression neutral, but his brothers must have seen something there anyway because they continued to snicker. Then he had to go and ruin the effect by muttering under his breath, “Just call me Betty fucking Crocker,” before he could stop himself.

“Wow. Is the cold-hearted SEAL finally falling for a woman? And on first sight too,” Mike said, grinning.
“What part of ‘shut the fuck up’ did you not understand?” There was no way he was going to live this down. But goddamnit, when the little vixen swished her hips in his direction at the end of their meal, Steve found himself rising to take her hand as she led him to the dance floor. For a fucking line dance.


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