Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Hump Day HUMP! Men of Honor: Jake

Available in April...

Men of Honor: Jake

Jake didn't wait for her to surrender to him. He swept in like a conquering viking or some shit, taking what he wanted from her. Which, apparently, was her sanity because Linda kissed him back with all the lust she possessed. She forgot why this was a bad idea, why she never intended to get involved with Jake on a sexual level. The sensations alone were enough to sweep her along for the ride. Add to that his naughty declarations in that sinfully sexy voice and there was no way she could resist.
Before she fully realized what she was doing, Linda threaded her fingers through his hair to position him where she wanted him. There was a need in her to control this thing between them. Probably to preserve herself. Unfortunately, as much as she wanted control, Jake possessed control.
He pulled her to him roughly, deepening the kiss even when she nipped his bottom lip with her teeth. The sting only seemed to fuel his lust even more. For her part, Linda knew there was no way she got out of this office without fucking Jake until neither of them could stand if she could help it.
As if he read her mind, Jake growled before swiping a hand over his desk, scattering the contents as he lifted her to set her on the surface. Linda willingly spread her thighs when Jake wedged his hips between them. She urged him closer, tried to deepen the kiss, but Jake fisted her hair and pulled her back. Looking down into her face, Jake looked like a man on the edge of his control. His eyes were wild with the same lust she felt coursing through her body, but he seemed to be determined to reign himself in. His lips were curled in a snarl, but he didn't move away from her. In fact, he pulled her closer, wrapping his free arm around her body tightly.
"Can you feel the pull between us?" His voice was husky, needy. Sexy. "This is why you're going to do exactly what I tell you to do. Use this mission as an opportunity to get to know me, Gunnar, Kinje, and Noah. You will find where you belong with us so you will always be with me. I will always have your back and know you're safe."
"Is that the only reason you want me on your team? Because you think I can't take care of myself?" That statement tasted like soot. Not only was Linda a capable woman, she was part of a specialized force in a large police department. She was more than capable of taking care of herself. And, dammit, she wanted Jake to want her as much as she wanted him. Not to use sex as a means of controlling her.

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  1. Ooooh Jake!!! I can' wait to read this story!!

    1. So glad you like the excerpt! thanks for the comment!!