Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Hump Day excerpt... Men of Honor: Jake

Traveling all the way to Arizona in a vehicle with Jake. Thank God Gunnar would be there too. Linda didn't trust herself not to make a move on Jake otherwise. He was a thorn in her side, a pain in her ass, and possibly the biggest player she'd ever met, but the man was seriously hot. How could any red blooded woman keep her hands off him? Which was the whole problem with Jake. She had to keep her hands off him.

Just as the thought crossed her mind, Jake moved closer to her. That slow, lazy swagger was nearly her undoing. He wore casual clothing -- jeans and a button up shirt -- but he wore it like a boss. Thick, strong thighs, lean hips, a broad chest, and bulging arms all beckoned her like a moth to a flame. If she could have picked any man in the world for physical beauty, it would have been Jake. Combined that with his protective tendencies and she was a total goner. Too bad he didn't have the same desires. The man could have -- and often did have -- any woman he wanted. Linda knew she was a good looking, even sexy woman. Given they were working together and he intended to make that a more permanent situation, and she didn't sleep with co-workers, there was absolutely no shot in hell to sample that luscious body.

"Should be an interesting operation," he drawled. That sexy roll of his words send shivers down her spine straight to her cunt. "Might require some undercover work."

"You're a bastard, Jake Carver," she bit out. "You keep to yourself and I'll do the same."

And there went that panty melting grin. "What? All in the name of the job. I might have to pretend I'm selling you to them to get us in. Isn't that undercover work?"

With a scowl, Linda pivoted around to exit the office. What else could she do? If she stayed there, she'd do something crazy like slap his handsome face. Or kiss him until he surrendered to her. Neither seemed like a sound option.

"Woah there, sunshine," he said, snagging her arm and pulling her back. He maneuvered her close enough to be all up in her personal space. "You're not leaving yet."

"Why the fuck not?" She let her anger show. "This isn't funny. This is my sister. I'm not playing some kind of twisted sex game with you. Not to pass the time on a lengthy trip. Not as a prelude to some kind of perverted sexual relationship. And I have no intention of leaving vice once this is done. I'm perfectly happy where I am."

"Ok. First of all, we've already established you want to play with bigger guns and explosives -- which is sexy as fuck. It's in your make up. Second, you don't know me, so you have no idea why I'm flirting my ass off with you. Third, and this is really the most important of the three, you will be in my bed before this operation is over. We're going to have nasty, dirty, sweaty sex in every position you've ever dreamed of. When it's over, we'll move from the bed to the back yard pool. From there, we'll try parking and see just how good an investment that Excursion I bought was. In each event, sex will be front and center. But, I will never -- never -- do anything at the expense of getting your sister back and closing down this drug highway. I expect you to put the mission first, too. I also expect you work as hard as you can to figure out where you're going to fit in with our team because you belong there. I know it. You know it. Accept it."

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