Thursday, October 5, 2017

Thirsty Thursday -- Lime Sherbet Punch

Drink Recipe:  Lime Sherbet Punch (It’s color makes it perfect for Halloween or Christmas)
2 - Quarts lime sherbet
2 - Liters ginger ale
1 - 46oz can of Pineapple
In a punch bowl, add 2 quarts of lime sherbet. Then add ginger ale and pineapple juice.

Lime and lemon slices with maraschino cherries make a nice garnish for this punch. You can also add rum or vodka to give it a kick.

By: Jax L. Kramer
Book Excerpt:
He opens the door and this room is a little larger but there is no window or patio door. Its dark, deep purple color is calming. When he shuts the door behind us he gets my attention. The smell of fresh wood, leather and a spicy scent permeate the room. The bed here is large too, with places for restraints. There is a Saint Andrew’s cross with cuffs at all four points, and a padded bench that also has places for restraints. There is a cell with locking steel bar door built into the wall and all kinds of paraphernalia lining it. There are cabinets built into another wall. I can’t help but wonder what is in them. There are rings on the ceiling that can be used for any number of things.
“Take off your clothes and set them on the cabinet, then kneel beside the door and wait for me,” he commands.
I begin to remove my clothes and fold them until they are all in a neat pile where he instructed. He has left the room so I go kneel beside the door looking down at the floor. I can’t help but wonder what he is planning to do. My heart is racing and I don’t think I’ve ever been this nervous, not even when I first met Domme Shannon.
He returns and all I can see are his feet and pants legs. He’s wearing jeans so he’s changed clothes.
“Look at me,” he commands. When I meet his eyes this time I feel a surge of exhilaration.
“You’re in very good shape,” he says his voice a little lower than before. “Go lie down on the bed.”
I played football, basketball and was a kickboxer, which meant that I also lifted weights. I’ve kept myself in shape mostly because my job requires a lot of strength carrying boards, shingles, nail guns and other things up and down ladders all day.
I move immediately, and without knowing what he has in mind I lie on my side. I watch him as he looks me over and I can’t help but appreciate his body. He’s shirtless and has an athletic build; he undoubtedly still works out regularly.
“Your safe word is pickle, remember that. Understand?”
“Yes, Sir.”
“You’ve never had any sexual relations with another man?” He slowly begins to take his jeans off.
“No, Sir,” I answer and find it difficult to maintain eye contact. His body is perfect and I feel scrawny and inadequate in comparison.
He nods and grins at my embarrassment, I think.
“Okay, we’ll go slowly with this then. Roll onto your back.”
I roll over but I keep my eyes on his. He sits on the bed beside me so that he can look at me. There is a flutter in my stomach and part of me wants this badly. Another part doesn’t want anything to do with it. The first part is stronger and growing.
“Relax and enjoy this. Let yourself go because that is what I want.” He leans forward and his lips meet mine softly. “It’s okay to enjoy this, Michael,” he says softly. His hand slides up my thigh leaving a tingle in its wake and he grasps my cock firmly. He begins moving his hand, as his lips meet mine again. I moan, giving his tongue access to my mouth. I’m getting harder and he’s gently coaxing my tongue to meet his.
He moves my hand over onto him. I know how to do this and begin to stroke him. I’ve never done this for another man. He increases his speed and I moan, moving my hips reflexively into his hand. He gives me a hard swat on my thigh.
“No, Michael. You will take what I give you. Understand?” His eyes hold mine.
“Yes, Sir,” I answer. I continue to stroke him and he returns to stroking me and we’re both hard.
“Do not come until I say that you can,” he commands.
I concentrate hard on controlling my body. This is something Domme Shannon had taught me but it had been different with her. His breathing is getting rougher and I’m trying to control mine. He moans and I feel him ejaculate on my hand. He stops stroking me and moves my hand away from him. His kiss is now passionate and devouring as he begins to stroke himself faster. He leans back just as he comes again in a large stream.
My erection is painful, my pulse pounding through it.
“Go to the bench and put your chest down flat,” he orders.
Bending over, I lie flat as I was told. He pushes my feet wider apart and he presses his body against mine. I can feel his dick cradled between my ass cheeks. He again begins stroking me and I groan with pleasure. He steps back and with his other hand he rubs my ass, moving his finger round over my anus. I try to remain relaxed but I’m nervous and my heart starts to pump quicker. He’s stroking me slower than before and it feels good. Then he pushes his semen-coated finger into my ass, breaching the outer ring of muscle, and begins moving it slowly in and out. The feeling is surprisingly pleasant and my breathing is growing rougher. Gradually his finger goes deeper as his other hand moves slightly faster. I’m lost in the sensations that my body is experiencing. He adds another finger and I groan loudly. I’m not sure if it’s in agony or ecstasy.

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