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Outcasts 2: The Triad's Pet

Outcasts 2: The Triad's Pet

by Marteeka Karland

A feisty outcast...
Arryn's life has always been awkward. The daughter of a traitor and his pet, the only reason she is allowed to continue to live in the village is because of her exceptional talents in both healing and engineering. Even still, she knows how to pick her battles and lives a contented life.

A triad pledged to another...
Being taken as a pet is one thing, but to be taken by a trio of men who have pledged to be the promised of another woman is intolerable. Perhaps the impression Arryn made when she saved Storm's life was a strong one, but she certainly didn't sign up to be a pet. Dealing with her budding feelings for the three warriors is hard enough, but knowing she can never have them is enough to break her heart. Not that she'd ever let it show.

A village under siege...
When danger is deliberately brought into their midst, it's up to Arryn to direct her men. But how can a pet convince three stubborn warriors to trust in her unique abilities?


As always, the cool bath felt wonderful. I washed away the sweat I'd only been able to rinse, and my hair… I hadn't washed it thoroughly since before the whole thing started. I felt grimy and knew I smelled awful.
It took me a good thirty minutes before I was satisfied. Though I was now beyond exhausted, I felt a thousand times better. As the sun began its slow slide behind the mountain, I stood in the water next to the tiny pier and combed out my thick tresses, braiding them to work with later.
Gods, the cool water over my naked body felt delicious! I groaned as I sank down to my chin. The water wasn't deep, but it was enough I could sit on a nearby bolder and be in over my chest. It was where I headed now.
Not too far from the shore, I stretched out, leaning back against the rock above the water and stretching my legs out in front of me. My breasts bobbed in the water, peeking out only occasionally as the water flowed past. I soaked up the last rays of sun, turning my face up to the breeze and warmth.
I looked in the direction of the Triad compound. Situated on a slight hill to the north of the city, it was like a beacon to me. Was King Storm all right? Surely King Hildar would have come for me if he wasn't. Thinking about the kings brought on a wave of longing. Not for companionship, either. No. I couldn't help but focus on the lustful way Storm had looked at me in the mirror. Had that been merely because I was an available woman, or had he meant what he'd said? Had he thought me beautiful? I know I had certainly been taken with him.
All three of our kings were striking. Asher was probably the most physically flawless of the three, but they were all prime males. Any woman would be proud to have any of them. To have all of them? Well
Not for me. They $weren't for me.
Yet, my traitorous mind wandered into forbidden territory. As did my hand.
What if… what if they $did find me beautiful? Would they want to touch me? Make my body their own? Men in our village universally left me alone. I'd seen more than one look at me with lust-filled eyes, but I wasn't exactly what one would call a great catch. Naturally, I knew about sex, but had yet to experiment with anything other than self-pleasure -- which I was very good at. But to have a man touch me like that…
One hand cupped my breast while the other rubbed the length of my belly to settle over my mound. My clit was swollen and slick with my own lusts, needing the contact. I gave a lazy stroke, sighing in contentment as an exquisite pleasure rolled through me. What if that were Storm's finger petting me? What if Hildar were cupping and squeezing my breast? The mental image elicited a whimper from me.
I arched my back in offering to imaginary lovers, tweaking one nipple as I did. My fingers continued to stroke my clit under the water, the hot and cold sensations of my skin and the cool water an erotic stimulation.
Seconds later, my body clenched, my breath seized in my lungs. With a small cry, my orgasm rushed through me, over me, just like the flow of the water.
The wave started to settle when I opened my eyes, an uncanny sense directing my gaze south of my little haven. There, on the bank of the river a little way from my hut, stood King Asher. Tall and proud, he stood, legs slightly apart. He rubbed one hand over the front of his breeches as he watched… me.
As if someone had suddenly doused me in aphrodisia, lust hit me hard. A solid punch to the gut. I cried out as another, stronger orgasm overtook me. This one seemed to go on and on, never ending as I watched Asher take out the length of his cock and begin stroking himself.
He. Was. $Magnificent! Long and thick, his cock jerked before he took it in hand once again and stroked. I watched transfixed, my fingers still busy below the water. I had the mad urge to raise myself more fully onto the rock so he could see all of my body, see what he was stroking off to. Thankfully, I managed to control myself. In the back of my mind, I knew the euphoria of the situation wouldn't last, that I'd come crash-landing back to reality and the impact would destroy me if I embarrassed myself like that. Instead, I continued to watch, not moving but for my fingers still flicking my clit and plunging into my pussy beneath the water.
It wasn't long before Asher's movements became more insistent, frantic even. His lips pulled back from his teeth and I imagined I heard him growl. Then he tensed, threw back his head and groaned to the night. One white rope after another erupted from his cock, semen spilling onto the ground where he stood. I licked my lips, wanting to taste what he offered. Wanting to suck his cock into my mouth and clean him, readying him for another round, this time with me participating.
As I watched, he relaxed, his gaze finding mine. The heat I saw there pushed me over the edge once more, my pussy contracting around my fingers as the heel of my hand pressed and rubbed on my clit. I cried out, my gaze still locked with his. I couldn't seem to break away, even to preserve myself. I felt vulnerable. Stripped bare by his heated looks. I couldn't seem to look away, though. Couldn't disengage myself. Probably because I wanted to be with him, to feel what it would be like to have a man like him take me and teach me the pleasure to be found in his arms.
Asher tucked himself back into his pants and hesitated. For a moment, I thought he might approach me, but he didn't. Instead, he sketched me a small salute and turned to leave. Back to the compound with the rest of the Triad.

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