Saturday, April 6, 2013

Hump Day HUMP! Executive Decisions (Collection) Hidden Agenda

Excerpt from Hidden Agenda in the Executive Decisions collection!

Aurora turned her head to give those wonderful lips in her dream better access to her throat. If she hadn’t known for absolute certainty she’d gone to bed alone, she’d swear she was in bed with one or the other of those two pesky, sexy werewolves. Since this was a dream, however, she didn’t question it. She just let it happen.

He was warm against her, and his skin was coarse with the dusting of hair on his chest. Large, callused hands lightly traced her shoulder and face.

“Mmmmmm.” She stretched as she enjoyed the sweet pleasure of being touched by another human. This had to be the most vivid dream she’d ever had. Given her intense orgasm to the sounds of Storm and Jason fucking like rabbits, she wasn’t surprised her dreams had gone all erotic.

“Mmmmm, indeed.” The deep, masculine voice sent shivers down her belly straight to her cunt, and gooseflesh broke out all over her skin. She opened her eyes lazily, not really wanting to wake up, but wanting to see Jason lying next to her.

She peeked through her lashes, and shut them tightly again. It seemed her dream was there in the flesh. Aurora scrubbed her fists over her eyes to wipe the sleep away before opening them again.

He was still there.

Frantically, she looked around her. She was in his bed. Fully clothed, but still in his bed.


Aurora scrambled to sit up, but Jason held her gently, yet firmly flat on her back at his side. “What the hell are you doing, and how the hell did I get here? I distinctly remember being on the couch and I didn’t drink anything.” His deep, sexy chuckle seemed to turn her insides to mush. Heat suffused her, and she knew her face had to be beet red.

God, he looked damned good. His hair was tousled and wild after the night. He was bare-chested, and all that muscle and hair-dusted skin seemed to beckon her to touch. If she did, she knew she’d never be able to stop.

“Relax, Aurora. We’re just giving you breakfast in bed.”

“But I don’t want breakfast in bed. I want to check the phones and call Darius to get us out of here.”

Jason shrugged lazily. “Why? He always knows what’s going on. If he wanted us out, we definitely wouldn’t be here.”

“That’s just nuts. How could he possibly know we got stranded here and that your date left?”

“Call it good business. Trust me. He knows. Maybe not about the stranded part, but he knows the woman who left that note isn’t here with us, and if he wanted us back home, we’d be on our way right now.”

“He’s got a point.” Aurora jumped and whipped her head around. Storm stood leaning against the doorframe holding a tray of whole and sliced fruit and also not wearing a shirt.

She tried to concentrate on the food. She was more of a biscuits and gravy woman herself, but the sight of food when she’d had very little the day before set her stomach rumbling. To her great embarrassment, both men chuckled.

“Well, I’m used to getting my three squares, and I missed at least two yesterday.” Aurora tried to push Jason away, but she only succeeded in pushing herself up into a sitting position. Jason mimicked her movements, but kept his hold on her.

“I think we can take care of that.” Storm sat on the edge of the bed and sat the tray across her lap. The small bed tray indeed bore an assortment of different fruit and some kind of milky white dipping sauce. When Aurora reached for one, Jason gently diverted her.

“Uh uh. You just sit back and relax.” Storm’s face was as serious as she’d ever seen him. Jason’s, too. It was obvious she wasn’t going to win an argument here. If she wanted to eat, and she really did, she was going to have to do whatever they wanted.

She crossed her arms over her chest and huffed. “Fine. But make it snappy. And make sure I get a lot of whatever that sauce is. I love fruit dip.”

Storm didn’t bat an eyelash. “We know,” he said, and picked up a wonderfully plump, red strawberry. He dipped it in the sauce twice, half covering the berry in the thick, creamy stuff, and held it to her lips. Somehow, Aurora knew this wouldn’t be an innocent breakfast or peace offering. They were setting her up for something naughty. Gingerly, she opened her mouth to receive the offering. Sweet and tangy flavor exploded on her tongue, and she couldn’t help but close her eyes and moan a little.

Jason took a morsel for himself before offering her another bite, this time a peeled orange slice. The taste was an eye-watering contrast of sweet and sour, but still delicious.

She found herself going from one to the other of them for tasty bits until a bit of dip smudged her chin. She started to wipe the sticky stuff away, but again, Jason stayed her hand. When she looked at him questioningly, he didn’t waste words. He simply dipped his head and licked her chin clean, then snuck his cream-coated tongue inside her mouth when she gasped in surprise.

Aurora trembled, unable to stop the nervous tremors at the suddenly erotic turn. She’d known it was coming, thought knowing was enough to prepare her, but the reality of it was far beyond her caliber of sexual encounters. This was “it.” There was nothing to stop them from playing her body like a finely tuned Stradivarius violin except her, and she was in no state of mind to do that. Her body was working too much against her.

Head spinning, she turned helplessly to Storm, who held a bit of apple, coated in fruit dip, out to her. His expression was intensely sexy, as if she were the sole focus of his attention. As if no other woman in the world were as important as she was. She opened her mouth automatically, but instead of offering it to her, he put half the slice in his own mouth, leaving the other half sticking out. Slowly, he lowered himself to her until the bit of apple touched her lips.

What could she do? She closed her mouth around the juicy fruit and grazed his lips with hers when she did so. He bit the apple in two and took her mouth gently in a wet, sticky kiss. Knowing she’d never fight something she wanted so much -- especially when it turned out to be even better than she’d ever imagined -- she surrendered.

Both men seemed to know the moment she made that decision. The fruit was taken away, and she was left with masculine lips and tongues. Everywhere she moved, one man or the other -- sometimes both -- kissed her. They urged her to scoot down and lay back in the bed. She complied with little resistance.

Storm settled his face into the soft part of her neck, and she giggled when his morning stubble tickled. Her giggles soon turned to sighs as both men found bared skin with their lips and tongues.

Jason settled on her midriff and pulled her shirt higher. He delved into her navel and licked a trail lower to her pant line. Aurora inhaled sharply, and her belly twitched at the unaccustomed contact. She was wound tight with contained energy. Every touch seemed to fill her with more, and she needed a release.

God! What would it feel like to actually have one of them bring her to orgasm? She wasn’t altogether sure she’d survive. But what a way to go!

She was enjoying the lovely sensations when Storm unbuttoned her jeans and slid them down her hips, panties and all. Aurora lifted her hips automatically, though she was a little nervous about this. If she went through with it, their relationship would be changed forever. Then again, she’d never again be able to look at or talk to these men without thinking of the last few hours.

In actuality, their relationship had changed the moment they’d kissed on that plane. Jason slid her shirt over her head and unfastened her bra. It had taken them all of about fifteen seconds to get her completely naked.

She closed her eyes tightly, holding her breath, waiting for them to touch her. When nothing happened, she opened her eyes again to find them staring at her body. Looking her over as if memorizing every square inch of her skin.
That broke the spell nicely.

“What are you doing?” Again, she tried to sit up, this time to pull the covers with her and cover herself.

“Stop it.” Jason batted her hands away gently while Storm pushed her back down on the bed. “Let us look at you for a moment.”

“But --”

“Hush.” Storm’s voice was quiet, and she got the feeling he wasn’t really paying her words any attention. He was too busy devouring her with his eyes. As was Jason.

Aurora had never been more self-conscious in her life. She’d always taken pride in her creamy skin, but over the years, extra pounds -- no matter how much she fought them with diet and exercise -- had moved in on her rear, thighs, and belly. Such close scrutiny by two such perfect men was, in a word…

Wait. Scratch that. There was no way “one word” could describe the level of uncomfortable she felt. To make it worse, that God-awful blush that had plagued her fair skin all her life started to creep up her throat to her face. The rest of her body probably looked like she had some sort of contagious disease.

“She blushes prettily.”

“She’ll never be able to keep anything from us, that’s for sure.”

“Stop it!” Aurora pushed at them, but they merely brushed her hands aside and -- for the love of God! -- started sniffing her. Suddenly, all the sweat and grime of the last twenty-four hours without the benefit of a shower came rushing back at her. Especially when Jason’s nose found its way into her armpit.

Immediately, she twisted out of his way and shoved his shaggy head away. “That’s just…”

“Necessary,” Storm interrupted and dipped his head back to her belly. His hair tickled erotically as he continued from her navel to the thatch of hair at her pubic area. Jason tried to nose his way back against her side, and she tried to push him away again. Neither man was distracted, and Aurora was not only more embarrassed than she’d ever been, but she was totally freaked out.

“That’s enough! What the hell are you guys trying to do?” She scrambled up and finally managed to pull the sheet over her body, distancing herself from them a little.

Storm rolled his eyes, and Jason gave him a stern look.

“Hello,” Storm said, as though it were perfectly obvious what they were doing. “We’re sniffing. Getting your scent. Do you mind? It’s part of it.”

“Part of what? Do you realize I’ve not had a bath or even used a wet washcloth to wash in more than a day?” She knew her voice was increasing in pitch in her agitation, and that it was an annoying sound, but she couldn’t seem to take that deep breath she’d need to calm herself. “I stink! Get away from me.”

Jason reached over her and smacked the back of Storm’s head. “Would you shut the fuck up?”


“Believe me, Aurora. You do not stink.” Jason lunged toward her and found her mouth with his. His tongue snaked out and slipped inside her, and she almost forgot her agitation. “We waited for this on purpose. You see, if you’ve not bathed, you’ve not used soaps and artificial scents to mask your own, intoxicating scent.”

Had she been angry with them? Yes. Yes, she’d been angry with them. Pretty words weren’t going to change that. But… they were very pretty…

“Yeah,” Storm said, pulling the sheet away from her. She reluctantly let go, and he spread her legs. Before going any farther, he looked up at her, all traces of playing, teasing, or anything else lighthearted erased from his face. “What he said. Besides, this way, no matter where you go or how far you try to run, after this we’ll always be able to find you.”

Oh, dear God! Storm bent to lick the fluid leaking from her cunt. How in the world had she gone from hot to cold to even hotter in three point four seconds? These men were seriously screwing up her nervous system.

The pleasure she got from Storm’s tongue on the hot flesh between her legs was almost indescribable. It had been so long since she’d engaged in oral sex, she’d forgotten how good it felt. Then again, she was pretty sure nothing she’d ever experienced quite compared to this. If he concentrated on her clit, she’d definitely lose all grip on self-control and come embarrassingly fast.

Storm’s ministrations were so wonderful, she almost lost track of what Jason was doing. That is until he moved to the underside of one breast. He licked and nibbled until he reached its ripe peak, then he took her nipple into his mouth.

That was it. Screw professionalism. Screw fighting an obviously losing battle. Jason was right. Darius was nothing if not intelligent, and she had no doubt he knew the depth of her affection for these two men. If he was willing to put her in this position, then she absolutely would not feel bad when they spontaneously combusted.

Giving herself the mental “OK,” she grabbed Storm’s head and pulled him deeper between her thighs. Immediately, he grabbed the insides of her legs and parted them even wider. When he latched on to her clit unexpectedly and sucked it hard, she knew why he was holding her legs. She wanted to close them around his head and keep him there forever. Aurora clutched Jason and held him to her chest as she tangled her fingers in Storm’s hair. There was no way either of these men was going to get away from her until she was well and truly done with them. Which might be a very long time indeed.


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