Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Hump Day HUMP post -- Boss Lady by Shara and Marteeka

Boss Lady

by Shara and Marteeka

To Dom or not to Dom?

That was the question Victor found himself contemplating every second that he was in his boss' presence. There was something about Shelia Rivers that just screamed "Spank me!" and God help him, he wanted to answer that cry. When he finds that she clearly likes poking the tiger through the bars of its cage, Victor decides to show her that even when seemingly tamed by captivity…

Tigers. Bite. Back.


"I'm very serious about this. I will not have my company run into the ground because you don't get my products where they need to be when they need to be there."

"Anyone who says that's happening is a goddamned liar." Voice low and deadly, Victor rose from his chair slowly, deliberately. "Perhaps if you crawled up Diane's ass like you have mine, she'd get things moving better in production."

"I could just scratch your eyes out instead. Maybe then you'd learn some respect." Anger dripped from her every word, though she spoke quietly, almost matter-of-factly.

"You're welcome to try." This was getting out of hand quickly, but damned if he wasn’t having fun. Watching her get all pissy Her chest heaved, her nostrils flaring just a touch. Even with those lips pursed together they looked lush and eminently kissable.

For several moments, neither of them moved, staring each other down. Amazingly, Victor found himself harder than ever. There was just something about the little sexpot he couldn't resist. The more she fought him, the more she railed at him, the more he wanted to bend her over his knee, pull up her tight little skirt, paddle her ass until it glowed, then fuck her into oblivion. That image didn't help his condition even a little.

You're welcome to try...

Yeah. A confrontation was a long time coming. Just not the way she was probably expecting.

Victor moved around his desk quickly, grinning in satisfaction when she took a step back before catching herself, holding her ground.

“You wouldn’t dare...”

“Dare what?” he growled as he advanced. “Dare to pull up that conservative little skirt that is probably hiding wicked underwear? Dare pull you over my knee? Dare to spank that full, round ass of yours until you beg me to take you?”

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