Saturday, June 19, 2021

Books, Garden Goodness, Books, More Books, and a Give Away. :)


I just LOVE books!

Check out these wonderful books!

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Riding for Wren may be purchased HERE.

A collection of MC Club stories to support one of our own.

On April 22nd, 2021 author Wren McCabe was riding with her daughter and two-year-old granddaughter. At a four way stop it was their turn to go when a delivery truck blew through without stopping hitting their truck on the driver's side at Highway speed levels sending the pick-up they were in flying. Angels were around the granddaughter who was treated and released.

Wren and her daughter weren't as lucky. Her daughter was airlifted to a level one trauma center. Having a torn aorta repaired, a plate eventually was put in to stabilize her C1 and C2 fractures. Fractures along spine are now healing as well as her pelvis and nine ribs. Wren, taken to a local hospital with a broken femur, pelvis, hand and multiple ribs.

Wren is the primary daycare provider for her granddaughter. Her son-in-law has had to take off work to be with his wife. Both Wren and her daughter are still in rehab and the hospital.

Unable to write with months of inpatient care, followed by what will be years of rehab in both their future, this anthology is dedicated to help them.

All proceeds will to go to Wren and her family to help with bills donated by the authors in this anthology.

We included Wren's top selling full length novel, Roadkill.

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The first book in Black Reign MC will be hitting my retailers on June 25th. OR you can buy it directly from Changeling Press RIGHT NOW!

Do you blog about books? Want to be part of getting the word out? You can sign up for a BookBlitz for Rycks with XpressoTours!

Garden Update

So, you can see things are coming along quite nicely. Everything is a little late due to wonky weather this year, but we're still good. First is... well, I'm not sure. lol (this is my husband's department. I supervise.) I think it's beans. There are some pepper plants at the end of the row... somewhere. More beans (different variety) cucumbers, cantaloupe and watermelon.

Next is a big bunch of wild flowers. Hubbs planted them ALL together and what you're seeing are sunflowers. They're pretty much taking over. BUT if we get sunflower seeds... yeah. All good. :) 

Next one by the tractor is potatoes. You can also see the purple cabbage (other cabbage is already harvested and, God willing, we'll be making sour kraut this evening. There is also Onions and the very tail end of the strawberry bushes. (Which were TOTALLY AWESOME this year! I think we got close to twenty gallons off them this year. Hoping for the same next year!

Last is actually on the other side of the garden. Pics got out of order and I'm too lazy to try to fix them. lol There is corn (that struggled but is now doing better) and red potatoes. You might notice a little spot in the right lower corner of the garden where the potatoes stop. That spot has been picked because we've already been eating. :D New potatoes are THE BESTEST! The bit bare spot has corn planted. We stagger it so it comes up a few weeks later for ease of working in. You don't have to do so much at once. 

Anyway. My little slice of heaven.


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