Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hump Day HUMP... Executive Decisions (book 3 One Night Only)

Sophie sat back limp -- still against Hawk’s chest -- and let the world slowly come back to her. Her ears rang and her vision was still narrowed as the last ebbs of her orgasm passed. As her hearing slowly returned to normal, she was aware of the male chuckling surrounding her.

“Absolutely beautiful.” Hawk’s deep voice made her insides rumble like the bass did when her radio was cranked up too loud. “I knew there was a passionate woman in there. She puts her whole heart into everything she does -- there was no way sex would be any different.”

When she finally decided to try to focus on something, Raven’s face was the first thing she saw. And he looked terrifyingly aroused.

“Wow.” There she was again. That bumbling adolescent with a crush. She could actually hear the points ticking off her I.Q. No, wait! That was her pounding heart. Either way, she should have been able to come up with something more intelligent to say than “wow.”

Like maybe, “Your tongue on my clit was absolutely wonderful.” Maybe not. How about, “Now, I wanna fuck your brains out. I’ve dreamed of it for years, and I’m getting your grandmother’s money’s worth tonight.”

Instead, she’d said “wow,” and for the life of her, she couldn’t form the words for anything else. She felt drowsy. Like she’d had too much to drink. She took a couple of long, deep breaths and felt better. She must have hyperventilated. Her head cleared, but she was getting mellow and sleepy. Could one get high on sex?

In any event, she didn’t think she could move. Fortunately, she didn’t have to worry about it very long. Raven moved to her side and scooped her up. She cried out when Hawk’s cock slipped out of her, leaving her feeling empty.

She clung to Raven because, though she knew this was one night only and they weren’t obligated beyond this one evening, she didn’t want this to be the end. She’d loved them most of her life. How could she possibly go back to the way things had been?

Before she could move too far into the uncertain future, Raven laid her back on the bed and covered her with his large body. “Don’t, Sophie.” He slid his fingers into her hair and forced her to look at him as he positioned himself at her moist entrance. “Don’t think past this moment.”

He sheathed himself with a condom and sank into her, this time with no pain. Sophie cried out in joy to feel the fullness of him moving within her, and knew she’d never feel this way about anyone else. She turned her head and saw Hawk. He watched her intently, and she was acutely aware of the bouncing of her breasts with each thrust Raven made.

“I need you, too,” she whispered. “I want you both inside me.”

Hawk frowned, as if the thought displeased him, then he said, “Open your mouth for me, little Sophie. Take me that way.”

She eagerly did as he asked, taking his cock when he moved next to her and laid the heavy member on her lips. She tasted herself on him, and her pussy contracted at the erotic taste. Raven lay more fully on top of her, kissing her neck and throat, licking a flaming path over flesh as he fucked her at his leisure.

Both men groaned and encouraged her, and she could only imagine what she looked like, lying there taking her pleasure as they took theirs. Hawk’s cock slid into her mouth about halfway before he pulled out only to gently move back inside. She sucked in on every stroke, her cheeks hollowing when he pulled out. He was long, and she couldn’t take more than half of him comfortably, but it was a delicious experience. She felt heady and very powerful.

Salty liquid leaked from the tip, and she moved her tongue to capture every drop as she sucked him. It wasn’t long before his moans became more urgent and his breathing erratic. He tried to pull away from her, but Sophie grabbed the base of his cock with her hand and refused to let him pull back.

“I’m going to come, Sophie. Let me out.” Hawk sounded almost desperate.
She narrowed her eyes and shook her head. She wanted his seed inside her the only way they’d allow it.

“Oh, fuck!” With those words, Hawk’s seed erupted inside her mouth. Spurt after spurt hit the back of her throat faster than she could swallow. Excess leaked from one corner of her mouth, and she continued to suck him and swallow. The salty fluid wasn’t unpleasant, and again she felt the power of being a woman with a man she’d pleased.

“Son of a bitch, Hawk. You came inside her.” Raven’s movements were rapid and hard now. He pounded into her with enough force to move her slowly but steadily up the bed. “I can’t fucking believe you came…” His voice trailed off, and he buried his face in her neck. His grunts increased in volume with every thrust, as did her own pleasure. She tilted her pelvis, bringing her clit more in contact with his pubic bone, and by the time he lifted his head to shout his release, her own orgasm washed over her a second time, and she screamed right along with him.
Sweat suffused her body again and she trembled, clinging to Raven desperately, not wanting to let him go. She reached out blindly until she felt Hawk’s leg, and she gripped it as tightly as she could manage. She didn’t want to let either of them go.


With that last thought, she closed her eyes, sighed, and promptly fell asleep.

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