Saturday, May 11, 2013

Recommendation... Knights of the Ruby Order by Kate Hill

Book 3 in the Knights Of The Ruby Order series

Sparrow, a former princess, never liked palace life. She's much happier working her farm with her best friend and former nanny, Shea-Ann. Only when Sparrow's gentle heart forces her to buy the hated pirate Lock the White, who is suffering unspeakable torture at the slave auction, does the real trouble start.

Rough, tough, and spiteful, Lock seems to despise Sparrow for saving his life. Only Lock knows the truth he doesn't want to admit. He's in love with the independent young farmer whose tender touches and mouth-watering curves are driving him toward the last thing he wants: redemption.


Now, I'm not normally one to advertise for EC, (incident long before I ever even thought about penning my first novel) but I can't leave this sitting there. If you haven't seen Kate Hill's Knights of the Ruby Order series, you really need to check them out. They're erotic, but not overly so. The hero and heroine really love each other almost from the first -- when they care to admit it -- and, well, they're just hot.

There is plenty of action (both sexual and non-sexual) and I fell in love with every single character I read about. (though, I have to admit to Lock being my favorite. :P)

So far, there are five books that I can find. I'm hoping there will be more... *hint hint Kate...*

Additionally, when ever I think of Blaze, this is the guy I see.

What?? Just saying!
(Paul Bettany for those who don't know him.)

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