Friday, July 26, 2013

A Start to the Vacation...

So, we get here. (Wilderness at the Smokies... again.) It's like 4pm when we get here to check in. First up, we have a ground floor -- as requested -- but not a room facing the pool. Bummer. All the way here, the sun is blaring, it's like 90 degrees, PERFECT water park weather. Right? Thirty minutes after we get here, it clouds up. Thirty minutes after that, it opens up and.. pair 'em up Noah one more time. So it's now 6:30. Raining. And I'm not in the sun. Anyone else see a fucking problem here?????

OH! And John? My lovely, attentive Cabana Boy from last time? Is working cabana's 1-3 tomorrow. I"m in 7. HEADDESK. Now I have to come up with another gimmick for tomorrows contest. Was going to be "Read A Book, Send A Cabana Boy To College," now I have no fucking idea.


More later. I'm going to sit on the porch and watch it rain...

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