Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Coming Soon... Illicit Sex

Illicit Sex

by Marteeka Karland

Past relationships have made Lyra more than a little wary of men. True, her jaunt into the arms of an alien was her idea, but somehow the reality of the deed is more than she bargained for. As a result, she does everything in her power to drive her newly acquired “sponsor” away. Unfortunately, during a battle with mercenaries bent on taking control of Lunar Colony 1, she is captured and subjected to mental tortures that nearly drive her insane.

Kil may not like the little witch his Chosen presents herself as, but he’s drawn to her like no other woman. When she’s taken from him, when he realizes exactly what species has her, Kil vows to himself he will get her back. No matter what. But winning her affections is only one obstacle.

Now Kil has to save his brother and protect LC1 from invasion while saving Lyra’s sanity, winning the trust of a woman who trusts no one.


After she’d fought like a seasoned warrior, protecting both herself and Gabrielle, Kil had been so angry with her he’d wanted to turn her over his knee and spank her until that pretty, pale ass glowed with his smacks. He was also so fucking hard he’d nearly spilled himself before they’d made it to their rooms.

She hadn’t been partial to being tossed over his shoulder as he’d carried her away from danger. In fact, she’d fought just as hard against him as she had the mercs. When he finally set her on her feet, she struck out at him, but he caught her wild, swinging arm. There was a moment when their gazes locked, and he recognized bloodlust in her eyes. Then she launched herself into his arms, fusing her mouth to his. Apparently, humans and Cluath had something in common after all. Kil could hardly keep his own lust for the woman in check. Once he knew she couldn’t contain her own passion either, he didn’t have to.

He’d barely gotten them inside before he returned her furious kiss. He slammed her against the wall, urging her leg over his hip as he fitted his cock against the apex of her thighs. They were fully dressed, the barrier of their clothing maddening Kil until he managed to tug off his own clothing. She removed hers even faster, pulling the last of his from his body in a frenzy.

Lyra was the one to shove him to the bed and straddle his face. Kil gladly tongued her sex, groaning as the flavor of her exploded on his tongue. She shrieked her pleasure, grinding down on him until the last shudder had faded. When he dragged her down his body, grasping her hips and pulling her effortlessly down the length of him, she settled over his cock with an eagerness that mirrored his own.

He fucked her hard and fast, driving up into her in a frenzy. The bouncing of her small breasts was enough to make his cock ache and pulse inside her. Lyra sat upright on him, holding herself above him on her bent knees, letting him pound into her to his heart’s content.

When he’d exploded inside her, he made sure she followed, finding her clit with his thumb and stroking until her cunt grasped his cock in ever-increasing spasms, milking him of every last drop of seed. In that moment, Kil knew he’d left a piece of his heart inside her along with his cum.

She collapsed over him then, breathing as hard as he was, stopping short of clutching his shoulders. Still, her fingers kneaded the muscles of his arms as if she couldn’t help herself.

Kil rolled them over so he lay on top of her, his fingers delving into all that lustrous hair, tilting her head to receive his kiss. After the initial urgency was relieved, he wanted to show her tender pleasure, show her he was capable of complete, thorough lovemaking.

But she shoved him off her, rolling off the bed and stalking to the bathroom. Not once did she look back. Didn’t even acknowledge him. Then Worr called him to help rescue his own Chosen.

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