Friday, July 5, 2013

Beautiful Trouble Publishing Greet and Eat

First of all, let me start off by saying, it's all in good fun until SOMEONE whips out the the Trident dildo. That's all I'm saying about that.

I began the morning by oversleeping. Crazy, I know. I'm always on time. I blame the alcohol the night before, but in my defense, I didn't have NEARLY as much as Shara and I actually remember stumbling to bed. Nuff said.

I learned to "beware the black vagina." I learned that Billy London sounds exceedingly sexy when she says "pussy."

I can't dance. Did I mention that?

There is a line. No one told me and my face was red. Then Shara pointed out that, "that's when I tell you to back the fuck off!" Then I remembered and the light came on. (However, I WOULD like to point out that erotica can be just as sensual as erotic romance... AND more fun to write. Just saying.)

Can someone PLEASE tell me how I always end up in a sex toy shop? I really need to figure that one out. What? It's a valid question!

Erotic romance really IS sexier if read by a male. Especially when his wife tells him TIME!!!

Oh! And just in case anyone needs this information? Jeanie Johnson... likes to fuck.

One thing is for sure. You throw that many liberated women into one room and sparks will fly. Fortunately, the Grand Hyatt is still standing. Though there is a bar tender who might  never be the same...

Look out Austin, TX... the girls are on the way...


  1. OMG, you know I'm LMAO...ATL will never be the same...but neither will we...y'all did me so proud...everyone bragged about the event...everyone added so much to it...panels of smart, liberated women with moxie...thanks for coming...and by coming, I mean attending...grin.

  2. Amazing! It was great to see you again and yeah. With breaking out the dildo... Always use wipes. Learned a LOT!