Wednesday, January 4, 2017

First Hump of the new year! Here's hoping 2017 will be much better than 2016!

Lying there with Tawni nestled against him felt more right than anything Sebastian had felt in a long time. True, Nicholas was with them and she was snuggled against him as tightly as she was against Sebastian, but it still felt like it was meant to be. Sebastian did everything he could to keep from hurting Tawni while still touching her. Giving up the contact with her smooth, soft skin was unacceptable unless she wished it. So far, she hadn’t done more than offer token protests. Mostly because Sebastian was sure she was embarrassed.
No one spoke while she cried silently. No one moved. It broke Sebastian’s heart to hear it, but he knew she needed to get it out. At length, she sniffled several times but stopped crying. Shortly after that, Tawni stilled. She hadn’t fallen asleep, but seemed to have calmed, resting in their arms. It felt so good, Sebastian began to drift, awash in Tawni’s sweet, honeyed scent. Just as Sebastian was about to fall sleep, Tawni spoke.
“Why this? Why are the two of you in this bed with me?”
“You want us gone?” Niko’s question had Sebastian wanting to rail in protest. He didn’t want to leave. Was the man nuts?
“I didn’t say that,” Tawni answered. “I just…don’t you think this is rather…intimate?”
“It is,” Niko agreed. “I suggest you get used to it, because you will be with one or more of us each night. The only reason Wyatt and Grayson aren’t here is because I need them keeping an eye out for your”—he cleared his throat before finishing—“Dom.”
“Are you going to hurt him?”
“In ways even he can’t imagine. But that will come later. Right now, I just want you to rest. Once Sebastian deems your injuries have healed sufficiently, we have plans for you.”
Sebastian felt her body quiver at Niko’s words. Hell, his own body stirred. He’d been in a state of semi-arousal for hours, but the mention of what would come later had him rock hard in an instant.
“Oh, God,” Tawni whispered, sweat erupting over her skin in a light sheen. It was nearly Sebastian’s undoing.
“I think she likes that idea, Niko. Care to elaborate so she knows exactly what she’s in for?”
“Oh, I think she knows,” Niko rumbled. “She’s got her thigh against one of the things I intend to use on her. I’m guessing her hip is mashed against something you plan to use. And there are two more team members who wouldn’t want to be left out.”
“Good point,” Sebastian mused, flexing his hips so he rubbed against Tawni, letting her feel his need for her. Even through his jeans, the heat of her skin seemed to burn him. “I wonder if she’s as turned on as we are?”
Sebastian let his hand slid back to her hip, caressing the silky flesh there. His hand wandered up her side to just below her breast and back, never straying into forbidden territory, yet staking his claim all the same. Niko rubbed his face against her forehead, skimming his lips over her skin until she turned her face up to his.
“Do you want me to kiss you, Tawni?” Niko’s voice was a seductive, husky whisper against Tawni’s lips. So this was how it would be. Sebastian could live with this. Surprisingly, he was relieved at the way Niko had taken over this situation. It couldn’t be more perfect. If Tawni was willing, she’d have four strong, capable men ready and able to protect and love her.
When Tawni nodded her head, Niko shook his. “Oh, no. You have to say it. Tell me what you want.”
There was a beat of silence. Sebastian could hear her swallow. There was no doubt she realized as well as Sebastian did the significance of this moment. If she did this, it would change the relationship of the entire team.
“Yes, Nicholas. I want you to kiss me.” When he moved to close the gap, she stayed him with a hand on his chest, her head moving away from him slightly. “But understand something. I’ll never beg for anything again.” Her voice shook, as did her body, her breaths coming in short pants. “I’m done begging for things I want or don’t want.”
“No one asked you to beg, sweet. Never. I just want you to go into this with your eyes open. I never want to push you into anything. This is all your choice. All you have to do is tell me—tell us—what you want.”
“Then kiss me, Nicholas. I need it so much!”



  1. I *love* the title! And the snippet you posted is such a tease. The book sounds astoundingly hot!